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Big Brother 15 – Submit Your Application

Despite ratings dropping slightly this year, Big Brother 14 was certainly a solid season and that resulted in CBS renewing the show for Big Brother 15.  Sadly, that will take place next summer so we have that long wait (please give us a winter edition!), but Big Brother Canada will be starting up soon.  I’m not sure if they will have feeds, but if they do I may actually watch them and report to you on what goes on in the house.  Hopefully our friends north of the border will give us some entertainment.

While I won’t be applying, I encourage my readers to apply because I’m tired of watching the feeds and having them namedrop these other blogs.  Reality Blurred was mentioned like 100x, and that’s pretty much the un-official Survivor blog. I can’t blame them though, Andy is a good writer and even CBS people comment there from time to time.

With that rambling aside, it’s time to start casting for next summer….

Click here to begin the application process

Although to be fair, you have a better chance if you were a former contestant, a model or know someone (semi) famous.  Who knows, one of the 2-3 slots per season set aside for real fans could be yours!

I’d like to apply but I think I’d enjoy blogging about the show than being blogged about.  I could only imagine reading some of the comments about me when I got home.. yikes.  I’d probably join Danielle in the mental hospital.

Follow me on twitter or facebook for updates on Big Brother 15, or Big Brother Canada if I can get access to their feeds.

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  1. Stan says:


    I’m in Canada and best I can tell you is prelimes will be running through October at minimum including where I live. Other shows like Idol in this country tend to run after the current US season. I’m strictly guessing but I doubt it starts before the new year. They gave us BBAD free up here to try and get us more hooked. Not really needed.
    It could also run after sweeps and thus perhaps late may but unlikely. Best guess March, April May sort of run.

    I will certainly keep you updated

  2. YB says:

    I’m going to submit an application, so exciting!

    (BTW,Jeff said he was moving bk home. Does that mean Jeff and Jordan are over?)

  3. joejoe says:

    It’s about time he realizes a body with no brains = boring dumb fu**!

  4. Tracey says:

    Hey Steve,

    BB Canada is airing on February 27th, on the Slice Network. I am not sure if anyone in the US is picking it up. Will you have someone on the feeds for it?