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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

bb15-judd-gm-boothSlow going in the Big Brother house this Sunday afternoon.  It’s typically a dull day barring any random storms that sweep through, and that’s because it’s right between two events.  Saturday is the veto, Monday is the veto meeting, so Sunday people generally sit around waiting to see what happens.  There has been little talk of what will happen tomorrow, but most know McCrae should use the PoV on himself and Spencer will go up.

Scrolling through the comments, I see some mention of the diamond power of veto.  To clear up the rumor, she does not have any special power right now.  I can’t guarantee that will remain throughout the week, but as of this second, Amanda is walking out the door this Thursday.   I am not even sure there will be a Pandora’s Box this year, and if there is, it will probably just be a luxury one and not a game changing decision.

Tonight on the CBS episode of Big Brother, you’ll see the nominations which I’m pretty excited to see. This is going to be the first time in weeks that the people nominated are genuinely surprised at the results.  Amanda said she was shocked to see Elissa’s key come out of the box, so I am dying to see that reaction.


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You can still sign up to the live feeds, but right now there is not much going on.  If and when Hurricane Amanda hits the house, you’ll want the feeds, but right now people are just laying around the house doing nothing.


3:00pm – The photobooth is open and the houseguests are doing their weekly pictures.

3:18pm – Judd said he is trying to plant the seed in Amanda’s head to try to get McCrae to use the veto on her.  This is so they can get McCrae out of the house this week.  If that works then McCrae certainly deserves to walk out of the house, and Judd deserves at least the $50k second place prize (though probably 1st place).

3:35pm – GinaMarie talking to McCrae up in the HoH room.  She’s explaining how they need to split up the power duo.  McCrae’s response is the typical McCrae response… ‘yea… yea…. yea….. yea…. ‘  I am just waiting for the ‘I don’t know’s to start.

3:40pm – McCrae mentions how he was thinking of using the PoV on Amanda, and GM actually said it’s generally a stupid move.  I don’t think Judd will be thrilled to hear that.   He said he won’t use it unless he had the votes anyway, but I have a feeling it will be pretty easy to convince him he has the votes.  McCrae may do a dumb move tomorrow…

4:10pm – Amanda and McCrae whispering in the kitchen about the veto situation.  It was cut-in mid conversation so I didn’t get much. I do think Amanda and McCrae are going to get completely fooled by the Exterminators alliance and end up possibly doing something real stupid like keeping Amanda.

6:00pm – Just finished watching the episode on CBS.  One thing to note, the show depicts both Amanda and Elissa in the worst possible light each.  Amanda, while definitely bitchy, isn’t 24/7 bitch mode, just like Elissa doesn’t look like a space shot all day.  On the feeds, both are ‘normal’ probably 98% of the day.  Right now for example, Amanda, GM and Elissa are sitting around the pool talking about normal stuff.

6:45pm – The house is sitting around chatting about Candice.  They are pretending to be Candice as OTEV and then talking about how funny she really was, etc.

7:07pm – Amanda comes out to interrupt a casual conversation to suggest Elissa be the renom tomorrow.  The house is humoring her but Amanda is still likely going home.

Amanda resorts to begging Judd to help her convince GM to put up Elissa and get her out.

7:23pm – Amanda is off to lay down after a begging session, but Judd doesn’t think it’s smart for him to push things to GM right now.

After Judd left, Spencer had a real talk with McCrae basically telling him he should be prepared for Amanda to go and he looks forward to playing with him without her around.

8:16pm – Spencer and Andy keep talking about production, and after a few messages, production comes on “Spencer, You’ve got to be kidding me”.  I love that recording

8:25pm – I’m off to watch Breaking Bad.  I’m not sure if the house will actually talk to GM about putting Elissa up, but even if they do, I don’t think Amanda has a chance

10:00pm – GM and Spencer are in the hammock talking game.   He basically told her that if the house goes up to tell her they want Elissa up, ignore them.  If McCrae uses PoV on Amanda, he will be in jury faster than you can say moron.


10:15pm – Amanda is in the HoH room trying to convince GM to put up Elissa, but it’s actually funny listening to Amanda.  The house really has her fooled right now.  Amanda is absolutely convinced that GM is working with Elissa, Spencer and Judd.  She keeps saying things about Andy being livid while putting on a happy face.  She has been pretty keen on some things this game, so it’s almost shocking to see her so clueless about Andy.

Honestly I’m not really too sure what to think about this move.  Obviously splitting up McCrae and Amanda is a good move, but I can’t figure out if it’s a good move for GM or not.   GM is clearly the Britney of her alliance and will likely finish in 4th place, but I don’t really know if she has a chance to finish higher.   The biggest blunder was Amanda, McCrae and GM not voting out Andy last week.  That was probably a $500k decision for one of those 4.

10:35pm – GinaMarie keeps saying how she’s on her own and that’s why she’s splitting up McCrae and Amanda.  Amanda counters by saying she’s been offering to work with her, so she wouldn’t be alone.  I’m really shocked Amanda hasn’t figured out that GM is actually in a secret alliance.

10:45pm – So GinaMarie basically took a verbal beating from Amanda but kept her cool throughout the whole thing.  It’s sad because I think GM is at the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance and is just hurting her potential jury votes.  She is the meat shield for that alliance.

11:10pm – Most of the cast, including Elissa and Amanda, are outside basically chatting about Amanda’s game.  She is pretty much accepting her defeat, so a lot of secrets and truths are coming out.  It’s a pretty interesting conversation and good to see people chatting friendly and normal.

(keep checking back for updates)

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  1. Comments (10)

    OK you all hating on Amanda she is playing the game just like evel dick just because she’s a girl u don’t like her when Evel dick was being a dick you liked him so just shut up she is a nice person

    • Comments (160)

      SHE is not playing like Evil Dick,I don’t recall Dick crying every time he didn’t get his way.The MAJOR difference is that Dick OWNED the role of Bully and he never doubted himself unlike Amanda who Bullies/doubts/cries/and just plain freaks out on what people think of her.

    • Comments (207)

      tim smith i never liked Evil Dick! Cause he was evil! But at least he got off his ass and out of bed to play the game. He was at it all the time. Not just harassing people .He put 100%into all parts of the game. So please dont compare the two.

    • Comments (453)

      Sorry, Evel Dick didn’t walk around in skimpy underwear with his tallywhacker hanging out for all of the viewers to see.

    • Comments (7)

      No, Amanda is far from being a nice person. It is possible that she has a borderline personality disorder that keeps her from admitting that sometimes she is just ugly to the people around her. Her lies are as real to her as truth is to normal people. She needs help. Especially after she leaves the house and goes back to reality. The reception she receives when she leaves the BB house is going to shock her.

      • Comments (1)

        Borderline personality disorder fits… Narcissistic tendencies.
        She needs more than meds. Talk therapy and introspect required.

      • Comments (1407)

        I don’t know what Adderall and Xanax are for but ole Mandy proves that they sure don’t mix.

      • Comments (407)

        They don’t mix well or apparently fix the problem!

      • Comments (293)

        I don’t know what happened to my original comment, but I’ll try again. Adderall and Xanax are useful drugs when used correctly and for the right reasons, such as for ADHD or depression. However, people have been known to convince doctors they need them for the correct and right reasons, but they actually use them to lose weight. As is true of most drugs, they have dangerous side effects. I’m just saying.

    • Comments (1407)

      If you think she’s a nice person, I’d hate to see YOUR psych evaluation.

  2. Comments (12)

    If nothing else it shows real people. If we like them or not these people can no longer pretend to be respectable and loving. Look at the jobs some of them have. They have now showed there true colors.

  3. Comments (274)

    Just checking to see what happened tonight and darn it I miss the good episodes! Amanda da, dun dun, Amanda da, dun dun…
    She’s creepy and she’s kooky 
    Psycho and demonic
    Mysterious and spooky 
    Extremely loose and woozy
    A meany and she knows it
    She’s all together icky
    Her boyfriend is so stinky 
    The McCranda’s fake family
    She tries to sell houses but ruined it with her bum
    Because people come to see ’em 
    They really are a scree-um 
    The McCranda’s fake family 
    So watch her get a witches shawl on 
    A broomstick she can crawl on 
    We’re gonna pray Thursday she’s gone 
    The McCranda’s fake family

  4. Comments (60)

    1/2way through today’s episode….Amanda has never looked more psychotic than ever….if her and mcNasty do try to make a go out of it after BB …I hope they use birth control..

  5. Comments (143)

    Frankly I don’t care if he uses it, it might be better, she won’t make it past a week at this point and mccrae has a better chance of winning on a double eviction night than amanda ever would. I want Elissa to win, and her odds are better with mccrae going first as amanda is unlikely to win.

  6. Comments (1076)

    I miss Big Papi.

    • Comments (622)

      I am back from the dead! Sorry, was visiting family over the weekend. Just caught up watching Sunday’s show online and WOW Amanda has got some serious mental issues. If I found myself behaving like that on BB, I’d just self-evict.

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey Big Papi. Amanda has changed her Mantra from , “this doesn’t make sense”, to “I deserve to be here”. Her sense of self worth is blown way out of proportion compared to that of a healthy person.

      • Comments (622)

        She is in denial, isn’t she? I feel sorry for those in the jury house! Watch the smiles leave their faces when they see who it is.

  7. Comments (60)

    The look on Amanda’s face…like Master Card>>>>>> PRICELESS

    • Comments (622)

      Adios, you skanky bitch! I hope CBS has a real public audience, not a controlled one like they allegedly did with Howard. I want to hear the boos and jeers. Then off to the jury house to have her nervous breakdown.

      • Comments (1076)

        You could see the tears welling up in her eyes as the reality of her being nominated was sinking in.

      • Comments (622)

        Jeez….if losing at a game gets her like this, I can only imagine how she reacts if she shows a house to a couple and they decide not to buy.

      • Comments (120)




      • Comments (407)

        Big Papi, I believe since they had a live audience for Aaryn, they will do the same for Amanda. Aaryn seemed to ignore the boos and laughter, but I believe Amanda will have a different reaction. She will probably use that middle finger.

      • Comments (293)

        Aaryn couldn’t tell whether she was been booed or cheered. She was utterly confused.

      • Comments (293)

        I mean *being*–spelling police–being booed or cheered.

      • Comments (622)

        I would love to see her piss off the wrong woman and getting her ass kicked. She knows they can’t touch her on the show.

  8. Comments (1162)

    Amanda and McCrae are going up to see GM in the HOH Rm and find
    out her decision.

    GM wants E warned just in case Amanda’s goes nuts.

    • Comments (609)

      OK, get the security team on standby in case they’re needed in a hurry. Amanda seems to be losing it mentally/emotionally more & more each day.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda is ticked off that Judd and Elissa have been talking to
        each other.
        Asking/Screaming at them – questioning what they could be talking about
        for over an hour?
        She is sure they are at Team and doesn’t like it.
        Awww –

      • Comments (622)

        I am so sick of Amanda thinking she has to control everybody. She creates tension whenever she enters the room. Maybe stinky boy will do more than lay in bed all day now.

      • Comments (1076)

        But Papi, “she deserves to be there”. LOL.

      • Comments (622)


  9. Comments (12)

    Wouldn’t it be THE BIGGEST “expect the unexpected” blindside if CBS planted Amanda to see how people react to her tirades?? Or that most the players are actors similar to the Joe Schmo show. Except viewers were clued in for Joe Schmo. I know CBS didn’t do this but I see Amanda’s dual personas and think “is she really this delusional?” Or is this a blindside on America? I just cannot fathom why CBS hasn’t been more vocal about obvious blatant racist, homophobic, sexist, etc comments. JUS SAYIN. 😉

    • Comments (293)

      America would not be amused. Such a tactic would be the end of Big Brother, unless the plan is for this to be the last season. The network has disclaimers such as the views of the house guests do not reflect those of CBS, etc.

    • Comments (143)

      It would not be a total surpise, many previous players like Mike Boogie were actors, more like borderline extra type actors before coming on BB. Most of them have agents and many are trained or coached how to get on the show. You cannot just show up and get on for being interesting, if you notice most have similar mannerism during the screening process and give similar answers which are inconsistent with their true personalities.

      • Comments (12)

        wonder why the jury house clips r way less, the hgs support Amanda’s comments by virtue of silence, DR conversations are shown less on TV. it’s the conspirator in me 😉 I just need an explanation besides STUPIDITY.

    • Comments (622)

      That would be a true “Jump the Shark” moment.

  10. Comments (14)

    I hope GM gets up and slaps that puss of Amanda I soooo can’t stand that bitch who wouldn’t want to bring ellisa to the end nobody likes her so who ever brings her gonna win can you imagine what Amanda friends are thinking of her LOSER

    • Comments (622)

      GM slapped her right to the nomination chair. I only wish she didn’t stutter like she was scared when she explained her nominations. Step up and tell her that the whole house is sick of the McCranda show.

  11. Comments (2)

    Go gm keeping your cool with Amanda Geez. When is there going to be a commercial.

  12. Comments (30)

    Whoa! Amanda just left the HOH rm pissed cause GM won’t listen to her….hahaha……and Mc is listening to GM explain saying ” yeah” a thousand times!!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      Amanda was screaming and cursing at GM.

      After in the BY, it suddenly hits Amanda that perhaps Andy, Spencer
      and Judd want Amanda to go home.
      *Time for all of the fellas to go inside to get some chocolate milk.
      : )

      • Comments (30)

        LOVE the….I gotta get some chocolate milk……line!!!! Spence is gettin’ lots of use for quick exits on that!

      • Comments (622)

        ^&$%^& I hate that nasty bitch Amanda! Can Thursday get here any quicker? (borrowing a quote from Breakfast Club) I think Amanda and Omarosa should get together and go bowling sometime.

    • Comments (60)

      I don’t think his vocabulary goes past ” yeah yeah”

  13. mccrae all the way
    Comments (10)

    I hope mccrae uses the veto on himself not Amanda because he would at least get that bitch elissa out of the house if elissa wins big brother then big brother is fixed for her to win because her sister is a producer on big brother

  14. Comments (1)

    This is f$cking ridiculous.
    Ananda made ‘racial comments’ she obviously didn’t mean [it’s called shock humor; ever watch ‘Family Guy?’], and you are COMPLETELY preoccupied with hating her. You feel you need to hate somebody you don’t personally know in an EXTREMELY screwed up environment that is NOTHING like the real world? Ok, that’s your prerogative. But I really hope that you realize that you all look like complete morons because you are trying to ‘fight’ hatred with hatred.
    You guys hate a person because you think she hates other people? Oh, yeah. That TOTALLY makes so much sense. And because people like Andy or McCrae don’t ‘speak up,’ you try to make them personally responsible for the words and actions of others?
    It doesn’t work like that. We are absolutely NOT responsible for the actions of others. I really do not approve of or agree with neo-nazis, but the MOST I can do is potentially shut them up; I CAN’T EVER change their minds, and it doesn’t matter if they stop saying what they feel because they’re still going to feel it. The people in that house KNOW this.

    You make Elissa out to be this can-do-no-wrong perfect person, but where was SHE when people said these racial remarks? SILENT. All she did was get Aaryn out of the house and spout disapproving comments out in the diary room.
    And speaking of Elissa, I feel as if I’m watching a different show than all of you. You guys practically are WORSHIPPING a woman who is a yoga instructor who had f$cking cosmetic surgery and breast implants and hair extensions! Yogis are supposed to accept their OWN bodies, just like they teach their students to do. Any serious yoga practitioner would recognize her as a disgrace to the practice and a phony. She is entitled and thinks she deserves all kinds of special treatment and allowances because she has a kid, which is something ANY fertile woman can do. And she’s got no social game.
    She’s been a target the whole time? Gee, I wonder why. She’s also a class-est (people who hate and discriminate based on sociopath-economic status), just like you who spout crap about McCrae because he’s a pizza boy.
    Elissa is the LEAST deserving player to win; even Spencer deserves it more, as he can at LEAST tell a convincing lie and keep his emotions in check.

    Either way, open your freaking eyes.
    I’m so sick of these self-righteous commenters spamming EVERY blog with this Amanda (and apparently now McCrae) hating bullsh$t! You guys are JUST as bad as you make Amanda out to be, and I hope you realize that.

    And by the way, you have no way of knowing if McCrae smells, other than the hurtful crap coming out of Elissa’s mouth. I’d find it hard to believe that he smells, seeing as I’ve watched him take showers with Amanda everyday. But Elissa is SUCH a SWEETHEART, right?

    • Comments (293)

      Koala, if you’re tired of “self-righteous commenters spamming EVERY blog. . . ,” you need only to stop reading them. Is that hard?

    • Comments (207)

      Who are you to talk koala? You are hating on someone who has npt been racist! At least we dont like people who are racists and bullies! I think hate is a strong word but its a word we usewhen we get angry at dumb asses! And where would our children be or this world for that matter if we all kept our mouths shut and didnt say anything about wrong doing?

    • Comments (453)

      You can dislike a person by hating their actions towards others and not have to personally know them, ie politicians.

      • Comments (1076)

        You don’t have to be a chicken to know a bad egg. I have seen McCrae play with his feet and then stick his hands in a bag of chips. That’s enough for me!

    • Comments (30)

      Go write a book….geez…….nobody got time fo that!!

    • Comments (1162)

      “…you have no way of knowing if McCrae smells …………”

      Andy, Spencer and Judd have all commented more than once about McCrae’s smell and lack
      of personal hygiene.

      When 3 guys talk about how badly another guy smells …….HE SMELLS!!!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Dear Mr. Koala, While you are defending the indefensible you are also making subjective assumptions. How do you know if Amanda means those horrible remarks that seem to easily flow right from her brain to her lips? So let me try to understand you. When GM refers to Howard and says “I don’t date out of my species” we are supposed to think what? I was appalled. Am I reacting in an improper manner? I am very sensitive to hurtful words and language and that doesn’t make me self-righteous, it make me allergic to bigotry. Your arguments are specious at best and your facts are made up so please sit back, relax and have a nice day, or not.

    • Comments (1407)

      koala: You guys hate a person because you think she hates other people?” …You mean sort of like “Hitler”?

      “And because people like Andy or McCrae don’t ‘speak up’, you try to make them personally responsible for the words and actions of others?” …You mean like when they condone and encourage?

      “I really do not approve of or agree with neo-nazis, but the MOST I can do is potentially shut them up”….Problem is not only did they not try to ‘potentially’ shut her up, most of the time they edged her on.

      “You guys practically are WORSHIPPING a woman who is a yoga instructor who had f$cking cosmetic surgery and breast implants and hair extentions!”…..I believe yoga is suppose to be about peace, tranquility and exercise, I don’t think the yoga manual has a cosmetic clause in it.

      “she’s got no social game”….The only thing we agree on so far.

      “She’s also a class-ess (people who hate and discriminate based on sociopath-economic status)”…..Sociopath-economic or Socio-economic? Not the same thing.

      “even Spencer deserves it more, as he can at LEAST tell a convincing lie and keep his emotions in check”….Yep, you can buy a lot of kiddie porn with $5000k.

      “I’m so sick of these self-righteous commenters spamming EVERY blog with this Amanda (and apparently now McCrae) hating bullsh$t!”….Yet you “spammed” your way here.

      “you have no way of knowing if McCrae smells, other than the hurtful crap coming out of Elissa’s mouth.”….Nope, no way at all, other than Judd, Spencer and even Amanda herself telling him that he smells and her saying that he hardly ever showers more than once or sometimes twice a week.

      “But Elissa is SUCH a SWEETHEART, right?”…Nope, just not a devil like Amanda.

      Now, with that being said, maybe if BB is to much for you, you should just stick to The Amazing Race…Oh, and lay off the eucalyptus, it tends to make you kind of edgy 🙂

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda talked about wanting her and McStinky to go on the Amazing Race. Can you imagine? Let’s hope CBS/AR have more sense than BB casting.

      • Comments (1076)

        The first wrong turn McCrae made Amanda would kill him. I never thought before how she would react travelling. OMG! Travelling the world under those conditions test the mettle of the best of people. Can you imagine Amanda.

      • Comments (1076)

        My mind is reeling from this. What a TV show it would be, but no McCrae. We could call it “The Ugly American”. Every week Amanda could travel to another country complaining about everything and insulting the people. Then each week we could see her running out of the country when people started stoning her, or setting her on fire, or tossing her off a cliff. or poisoning her, etc. OOOOOhhhhh the possibilities are endless. Let’s call Moonves and pitch this immediately. Who wouldn’t want to see Amanda being chased out of a different country every week?

      • Comments (609)

        But first they would have to get out of bed!

    • Comments (46)

      @ Koala, it occurred to me that you might be the publicist that Amanda’s mother has supposedly hired. If you don’t like how people feel about Amanda, McCrae and Andy, then step on-–get the fXXX off this blog! It’s America, baby–it’s called the First Amendment!

    • Comments (160)

      TY Amandas cousin,now back to the show.

  15. Comments (30)

    ****** to Koala******

  16. Comments (207)

    Is it me or did he just write a book on hating haters? You are the one who does not make sense. You sound like you agree with there actions.You also act like we should not say nothing. Just sit back and watch. Well if we dont tell them how we feel about their actions then they will think their actions are ok. Everyone chooses a side. This is a game but there are lines tbat shouldnt be crossed while you are playing. Ginamarie,Aaryn,and Amanda has crossed them. The rest i dont like! So since you have an opinion leave the rest of us to ours!.

    • Comments (1076)

      Do you mean it is our responsibility to react when you refer to yourself or others as hillbilly? I just want to know if what you say applies to you also or just others. LOL.

  17. Comments (6)

    I really dislike Andy and from reading some of the comments that seems to be a popular opinion but I’m just wondering if other “great players” like Dan were liked during their season or only towards the end? I didn’t really follow big brother until this year although I’ve now watched seasons 6, 7, 10 and 14. I liked Janelle right away in season 6 but normally I think I just have HGs I think are okay and HGs I don’t like. I’m wondering if the audience really liked Dan (or insert another acclaimed HG) during his season or if he was like Andy and people liked him better towards the end.

    • Comments (302)

      Without a doubt Andy is the biggest Ratfink in Big Brother history and judging by post on every site I’ve seen he is not very well liked. Dan drew mixed reaction by his creative & sometimes cutthroat game play but had many fans. Andy will not leave the house with that luxury.

      • Comments (293)

        Andy is actually playing the game correctly (most of the time). Getting away with lying and having secret and double alliances are as important as is winning competitions (at the right time).
        His biggest mistake was misusing his HOH. He had the power to get rid of Amanda and/or McCrae and failed to use it.
        His biggest asset is that he keeps “America” wondering. He could be the villain America loves to hate. Amanda is just plain “hated.”
        His biggest failure is that he did not endear himself to America because of his crying and whining.

      • Comments (6)

        I see. I thought he didn’t really need to get rid of Mcranda since he knew other people wanted them out and that would get the target off his back. Yeah I think one of the reasons I dislike him is he seems whiny and something about him just irks me.

      • Comments (1076)

        If Andy was handsome he could get away with more. LOL.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy would need more than a handsome face.
        At the minimum:
        Voice Change –
        Total overhaul of his mannerisms –
        Muscled Body –

        Even with attractive physical attributes –
        His Rat-like Personality would still be disgusting.

      • Comments (60)

        I agree!, Andy is a rat!,

  18. mccrae all the way
    Comments (10)

    OK it says that elissa sister is a producer so is Ian terry

  19. Comments (3)

    Its said Amanda some how some way got the diamond veto chip during the balloon thing…… if that is true……


    • Comments (1162)

      It’s only a Rumor.
      Did you see the show last night?
      Before the Break The Balloon Comp began, the HGs were told there
      was ONE PRIZE – $10,000 – and Spencer won it.
      IMO, if there had been a Diamond Veto Chip inside of a balloon, the HGs
      may not have been told exactly that but they would have been told….. there is
      a $10,000 Prize and a Most Coveted EVER Chip – something like that.

  20. Comments (2)

    What would have been even more entertaining’ both Spence and Judd go to people in the house an tell that there is Two golden eggs that were ummm, laid in the house and if you find the “golden egg” you get a really cool prize. Grin

    • Comments (1162)

      Great Idea for getting them to pick up the dirty piles of clothing, dishes, etc. –
      searching for the Golden Eggs – and clean up the BBH.
      However, the suggestion would have to come from Production and not Spencer & Judd.

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey, I heard a rumor that Amanda has been hired to be Mike & Molly’s baby when the fall season begins and that her agent is Janelle.

  21. Comments (2)

    GM and Ellisa only chance right now is that they can win comps and JUdd, spencer and MC can’t, GM and Elissa need to backdoor Andy then start on the exterminators. Try to pull JUdd in with them. Get the rest out

    • Comments (1162)

      X 1,000
      Amanda is Evicted This Week – Cheers & Waves of Applause Across the Country
      McCrae is Evicted Next Week – Every BB Fan Hosts Celebratory Pizza Parties
      Andy’s Eviction Follow’s McCrae’s – The Day Becomes a National Holiday Titled: Tears Of Joy Day!

  22. Comments (1076)

    Hey, I heard a rumor that they can’t have the POV ceremony today because Labor Day is a holiday and Spencer’s union forbids him to work on holidays without special compensation or an additional day off.

  23. Comments (4)


  24. Comments (453)

    Got bored waiting for new threads early this morning so read on jokers things Amanda said between 2 and 3 am. about where her and Mccrae have left their bodily fluids-DISGUSTING PIGS- BB is going to have to hire a hazmat team to come in and clean the whole BB house. Neither one deserves to receive the stipend.

    • Comments (6)

      I can’t understand them at all! They are beyond disgusting. I’m watching the feeds from last night right now and I can’t believe Amanda is so stupid. That black and white top she has on looks like jail attire!

  25. Comments (4)


  26. Comments (31)

    How about this? i would like Elissa to win so I think Spencer and Ginamarie should create an alliance.(this is just to circumvent the boy alliance they could get started)….then Spencer should win Hoh and put Rat Andy and Stinky McCrae on the block…..hopefully McCrae wins POV takes himself off the block. Judd would be the pawn replacement so that Rat Andy goes home. The next week Elissa wins Hoh and puts up McCrae again along with Judd. Judd wins POV and Ginamarie will be the fake pawn so McCrae goes home. Now we are left with GM, Judd, Spencer and Elissa. Next GM wins Hoh puts up Spencer and Judd.. .Judd saves himself again ….Elissa is the pawn so Spencer goes home. So we have Elissa, GM and Judd left. Judd gets evicted, GM and Elissa are left and Elissa wins the game!

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    I am assuming Amanda leaves this week.

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