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Big Brother 15 – Veto Ceremony Results


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First off, how do I keep missing little things like this?  I missed the nomination ceremony, and now I miss the veto.  I feel like I’ve been watching the feeds all day, but space out for a few minutes, come back and apparently the veto meeting was done and over with.  Can stress make you just lose track of time like that?

Anyway, like I mentioned, the veto meeting took place, Jessie obviously used it on herself and Spencer was the re-nom.  Simply taking herself off the block wasn’t good enough because Jessie has been on a mission all day to find out why she was on the block to begin with.  She was sitting outside grilling Amanda and Aaryn about it for a solid 30+ minutes while they tried to explain GM’s reasoning.

I can understand Jessie being confused simply because GM’s reasoning was pretty stupid, like keeping a deal that she didn’t actually make, or not putting someone up because they didn’t put her up a month ago, but hey that’s GM for you.  The nominations were pretty terrible, the replacement was nearly as bad and Candice will be going home this week probably because she had a better pageant career than GinaMarie.  Really, that’s probably more of a reason than anything actually said so far.

Much like Amanda’s obsession with Howard despite better targets, GM and Aaryn have had it out for Candice for a long time now, and back to back weeks those girls will get their way.  Meanwhile, Andy is cruising through the game, Helen is running stuff, and Elissa is off the radar.  I’m not saying I want anyone specifically to go up, but I usually try to think what’s best for the HoH each week, and GM’s nominations were flat out awful.   She keeps saying she’ll at least go home with her pride, and hopefully that’s true because that’s the only thing she is going home with.

Back to Jessie, during the conversation, Amanda apparently took it as Jessie having a power trip, and it doesn’t hurt that GM has been reinforcing that theory herself.  GM has serious HoHitis but seems furious that Jessie had a little power in the game the brief period she did.  Her and Aaryn won’t even admit that Jessie won the competition, they keep saying Judd gave it to her.  He did, but she won.  Jeremy gave Aaryn the HoH, yet she continues to talk about her times as HoH.

Sorry, going off on a little rant.  I think it just annoys me how bad Jessie is being bashed behind her back when compared to the rest of the house, she’s a really nice person.    I’ll be updating this thread in a bit, need to figure out why my cast bar is gone up top…

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  1. Comments (7)

    Of the last 3 weeks,the evictions have been couple related.First Jeremy the Kaitlin, last wk Howard and now soon to be Candice.I find it a bit odd everyone is so “fearful” of going after the main couple of McManda!As they are clearly the more powerful couple of the trios listed.It seems the HGs don’t have the balls/brains to fight for themselves to win $500K,but only to fight to push McManda closer to the big pay day!As for theory of certain HGs wanting to be on BB in hopes of joining the “in crowd” of past popular BB HGs,that’s an insult to every viewer who has dreamt of playing the game.I agree certain HGs have definitely earned some level of popularity,however the reason(s) for them being popular-are nothing remotely close to what I would want to be known for! Racist bigots mainly. Very disappointing season all around. If this type of casting is what BB has left to offer us, I’d rather BB be done !!Not exactly going out while on top for sure!

    • Comments (1273)

      I’d take that one even further. David went home, partially due to his showmance with Aaryn, and because we aren’t even sure he knew he was playing BB to begin with. Then the world came to an end when GM’s true love Nick, was ripped prematurely from her arm, in the form of being evicted. Next Jeremy, for so many reasons, that honestly now seem to be getting in with the wrong girls and being influenced in the worst ways possible.
      Then, the house got off track. The whole point in breaking up showmances is to get out one of the two, leaving the second player weeker. So instead of then going after McRae or Amanda, they went after Kaitlin, who was already away from Jeremy and pretty much on the outs with the other girls. Next, Howard, again, instead of McDemanda, and now on to Candice. This house makes my brain hurt.

  2. Comments (764)

    Don’t forget Aaryn also won an HOH by rolling a ball, having it boink off a few bumpers and falling dumbass lucky into the slot with the highest number! Now that took skill! :-/

    • Comments (150)

      What an easy game to fix. Especially if the ball was magnetized to land in 36.

      • Comments (9)

        Ummmmm that theory doesn’t really make sense. She still had to time it up for the ball to drop in that slot.

      • Comments (150)

        It was a spinning roulette wheel that stayed in one spot and spins round. The ball drops and bounces around the wheel until it falls in one spot. Why didn’t they use the moving buckets. That exercise would take skill and luck. Roulette is the easiest game to fix. Google roulette and game fixing and you will see what I am trying to tell you.

      • Comments (155)

        That makes zero sense.

      • Comments (150)

        Carny’s love people like you. Roulette can be fixed with magnets or a remote control button that stops the table. I have a friend who used to set up gambling nights for churches and schools and he shoed me how it’s done. It doesn’t have to make “zero sense” to be true.

  3. Comments (622)

    I like Jessie. Would like to see her and Elissa in the final 3.

    • Comments (150)

      You mean the Jessie that assumed Amanda had money because she is Jewish? The only two people who has not had a nasty remark about any religion or color or sex are Elissa and Helen. Even Andy sits around and laughs at Amanda’s and Spencer’s racist comments and jokes.

      • Comments (1273)

        What has Judd said?

      • Comments (150)

        Mr. Xanax barely opens his lips when he speaks, so I miss most of what he says, but he sits and laughs at Spencers’ homophobia and foul remarks about women.

      • Comments (1)

        Helen has laughed in some videos I have seen…

      • Comments (150)

        Helen too? I give up. Maybe there is still a chance they get Legionnaires Disease from the central air?

      • Comments (622)

        I doubt Jessie said that with any malicious intent. She’s an airhead, but a loveable one.

    • Comments (18)

      I would like to see Jessie, Judd and McCray final three

  4. Comments (20)

    I like Jessie too. I didn’t at first-thought she was stuck-up(I am the prettist girl in the house). But she is one of my favs now. I really, really, really hope they get Amanda’s butt out of there this week! I would LOVE to see that happen! I use to like her, but no more! Who does she think she is????

    • Comments (1394)

      Aaryn announced to Judd in the HOH bedroom that he is now HER boyfriend, not Jessie’s. She said she will dress in sexy workout clothes next to him and hopes that Jessie self evicts. I knew that horrible, obnoxious girl was up to something.
      I have never seen a season with so many just plain poor excuses for human beings – what the hell what CBS thinking?? GM, Amanda, and Aaryn make me embarrassed to be a female…

  5. Comments (45)

    After candice leaves this week and spencer next week. Whose next …………. Jesse, but what happens if jesse win HOH. Chaos and drama would occur.

    • Comments (1273)

      That would be awesome!!! I would love to see Jessie pull out a win and turn that house on it’s head. Or, Judd even, just to see what he’d do. Heck, Spence would be funny as well.

    • Comments (302)

      I would love to see Jessie win HOH … at some time or another she’s been treated poorly by most everyone in the house. The butt kissing that would go on would be monumental. I would really like to see it when there was an even split with Jessie determining which group proceeds with power.

      • Comments (160)

        I want Jessie to win HoH next week… or, I hate to say this, Spencer. I think they’ll be the most willing to turn the house around. I just hate it when BB15 becomes a one sided house rule. It gets boring. I want to see action, like cliques actually dueling it out.

    • Comments (487)

      Since this Thursday is Double Eviction, I pray that Jessie wins the second HOH and she puts Amanda and McCrae up for eviction. And their is no third nominee. Amanda will be gone.

  6. Comments (2)

    Amanda and Andy are my picks to go home. It is hard to understand how the house guest don’t see what a negative force she is. Amanda has become a screaming witch and Andy is beyond two-faced and the ultimate floater who hasn’t done a thing in the house except gossip like a housewife over the back fence. I detest them both as well as the treatment Amanda is giving Jessie, who doesn’t deserve it.

  7. Comments (2)

    Why does everyone hate the only person of intelligence in the house? Amanda is the only reason this season is interesting. She is great. Why are there Amanda haters? Time to get Ellissa out of the house, after, Candice, Spencer,then Elliss.

    • Comments (651)

      Amanda has no game play. She has McCrea whispering in her ear. Get her mad though and she won’t even listen to him. Get Demanda out and let’s see McCrea come from behind his shield and then we may have a game.

    • Comments (18)

      A couple of weeks ago, I would have agreed with you. I thought Amanda was amusing, but as time goes on, her ego keeps getting bigger and she is turning into a bully. I do agree if she is ever evicted, the house will become much less interesting to watch.

      • Comments (651)

        Really? With Demanda gone. McCrea will have to scramble. Would Andy remain a lap dog with the power shift. The other side doesn’t trust him so he will have to figure out what to do. Jessie would have as much or more influence as Helen and Aaryn and GM would have to kiss even more butt but I bet one of them would go up every week. This could be a real game

      • Comments (77)

        I agree Jackie. The house would be more interesting. I would love to see what McCrea could do on his own. Would love to see Jessie have a chance to play. To me she is the only one that has had the guts to speak up to the whole group and let them know what is going on. I also think it would be hilarious to watch Aaryn and GM having to scramble. It could make for great entertainment.

      • Comments (233)

        Two of the funniest things so far: When Jessie snapped at Amanda about wearing underwear in front of everyone. Then she ended up kind of tongue tied and said in frustration, ‘FU Amanda’. I laughed and laughed. Go Jessie!

      • Comments (1273)

        Amanda is horrible. The things that have come out of her mouth are right there if not worse then Aaryn and GM. That’s why people have turned on her. Sadly I liked her at first, I’m rarely that off on the players, but she is not a good person.

      • Comments (1273)

        I love the constant 3 thumbs down crew on here. Oddly, I never see any of them have an argument against what I say. I guess either Amanda has 3 fans, or I have my own fans! lol

      • Comments (764)

        They love me too Christina! lol

      • Comments (357)

        I would like to refer to them as the diabolical 3. Yep, they hit me up all the time. Nothing else to do but dislike your posts. They probably don’t even read what you posted. Old saying from my Mom. “Don’t worry about them when they are talking about you. It’s when they stop talking about you that you should worry”! And the fact that they dislike your posts does not define or take away what you said. Why? because they NEVER reply afterwards, they just click the button. Anonymous Gangsters! Keep doing what you do!

      • Comments (1273)

        LOL, very true. I’m feeling extra love from them now, I’m up to 11! I believe that is a personal record, from any season lol

      • Comments (233)

        Yes, it’s a season of some very twisted cast members with some twisted troll friends.

      • Comments (150)

        Amanda is a living Salvador Dali painting.

    • Comments (18)

      As a grandfather of an autistic child, I was offended by Amanda’s making fun of autistic people. Go to the following site and watch 2:23 of the video.:

      • Comments (407)

        Mike, not only has Amanda made fun of autism, she has repeatedly used the term retard or retarded. To me she is a worthless piece of trash.

      • Comments (357)

        This is the first time that I watched this video. I am appalled and disheartened that in the year of 2013, we still have simple minded ppl who believe that it is OK to speak this way about others. How nice would it be if Julie played this clip at Amanda’s Eviction? Amanda has managed to make fun of or comments about every single minority (no wait she forgot native Americans) and most (if not all) mentally challenged people. Yes Amanda…you are an MVP (Most Vile Person). Somehow I have a feeling that her advice to the “mean girls”, will mean MUCH more to her when she exits the house. She is old enough and what I thought mature enough to know better. Can’t blame your parents for this because she has her own mind and she exercises the will to insult and laugh about it. What a class act she is! SHAME on you CBS for not calling her out like you so giddily did with Aaryn!

      • Comments (1273)

        That’s a great idea. I think they should do it to Amanda, Aaryn and GM. Then top it off with a short clip of some of the reactions to what they’ve said to houseguets, like Jessie upset, or Candice crying to Howard with Howard trying to calm her while he’s hurting too. Maybe then they might actually see what they are like and how badly words can hurt. I doubt it, but you never know.

      • Comments (357)

        Expect the unexpected Christina! (0-:

      • Comments (1273)

        unfortunately I rarely get what i want. but a girl can dream 🙂

      • Comments (2)

        Wow! I was still on the fence on liking or disliking Amanda. She was funny and great in the beginning of the season…. but after watching that video I am decided. I 100% dislike her now. It is astonishing the things that come out of her mouth. Racism aside, the way she jokes about killing people, the filthy language that constantly spills out of her mouth and her utter lack of any kind of kindness towards others is just appalling! It is sad that people today still think it is funny and okay to speak like this!

      • Comments (357)

        I agree Mindy, put racism aside and focus on the other things coming out of her potty mouth? I am also 100% decided that she is the new version of a true MVP (Most Vile Person). Would love to see how many homes she sells after this show finishes!

    • Comments (9)

      I agree. Amanda is the only one in the DR that can say anything remotely funny.

      • Comments (357)

        Her bigotry towards anything not Anglo prevents me from seeing anything she says as funny anymore!

      • Comments (1273)

        She’s funny in the DR because she’s been edited, so that only the funny part remains. I liked her at first, I liked that she was quick witted and sharp tounged, but she’s simply taken it way to far, way to many times for it to be just the house bringing it out of her.

    • Comments (160)

      I use to think Amanda had the best game play until these few weeks that she’s been on the block and been acting cray cray. She’s been on the attack mode. Being on the attack brings attention and attention = target.

      I really do hope McCrae and her split up soon (not in a romantic sense but game play sense).

  8. Comments (592)

    This is truly the Big Brother Season of “Evil” trumping over what is “Good.”….Very sad, indeed.

    • Comments (1273)

      interesting comparison there. does anyone else remember last year when the houseguests talked multiple times about a season of good vs. evil? of course they were saying with repeat HG’s, but it’s kind of odd how this house is that way. just saying…

    • Comments (150)

      Who will win? Snidely Whiplash or Boris Badanov. Stay tuned to see if Rocky comes to the rescue.

  9. Comments (1)

    They need to get Helen out…GM really blew it on her nominations.

  10. Comments (126)

    These HG’s have no strategy or plan but to emotionally react on personalities, does this reflect the dumb-down process of our school system, they are being played by Amanda because to rub two brain cells together requires more effort than their more important appetite for food, drink, fun and for some sex and pampering.

    If it wasn’t for their need for this money, they would just all float and bob in this BB fish bowl, not unlike the aquarium in the HOH room, probably put there to reflect who they really are, at least the fish don’t complain and whine.

    If Spencer is evicted, the sheep will be sheer one at a time. America has been giving red flag warning about this power couple McAmanda, but they just don’t get it, they can’t figure it out that it’s no longer someone in the house. At this point who really deserves ½ million?

    • Comments (160)

      I think they only ones that aren’t reading the red flags are GM and Aaryn. The rest are either hiding behind McCranda in hopes for making it to final 4; or they’re too scared in case of being verbally attacked.

  11. Comments (5)

    I think I could have dealt with anyone but the 2 mean girls being the HOH ‘s that got Howard and Candice out. Really CBS
    Has done a lowsy job of casting this year. Judd and Amanda need to take their psych meds every 8 hours snd they drink on top of that. Andy Woukd have been better working for TMZ or the Enquier as much information as he relays. Just all around
    Bad season.

  12. Comments (48)

    I can get over Candice leaving this week as long as Amanda gets caught in the double eviction. That could be called an even payback. If Candice leaves at least satisfy the viewers by getting rid of Amanda or Aaryn or Helen or Andy in that order.

    If Amanda leaves, the whole house will finally have to play for themselves instead of being told what to do and how to vote.

    If Aaryn leaves, we don’t have to see this ugly girl any longer and maybe Jessie can get a break.

    If Helen leaves then Elissa can play her game without interference and Helen can stop telling her half-truths leading people to believe lies about others.

    If Andy leaves we just get rid of a little worm that only knows how to run around gossiping. He is pitiful. Since he lacks the knowledge of how to play the game he attaches to stronger players feeding them gossip from others. That is the only play he knows. (pitiful)

    • Comments (155)

      Elissa can play her game? What game, she’s done nothing in the house. She’s a floater….which is better than the over-emotional drama queen that her sister was/is.

    • Comments (407)

      Sisterofmine that’s a new name for Andy. He’s been called a rat, ferret, mole and now worm. The sad thing is all of the names fit him. He’s a part-time SPEECH professor at the College Of DuPage and all he can say is “OH FER SHER” every time someone makes a comment. Hey Andy, try saying “for sure” once in a while.

      • Comments (1)

        My parents call Andy ‘Flamingo’ because he looks like one… Add that to your list.

      • Comments (407)

        I like that too. I also call him Howdy Doody and could come up with a few more but I will be nice.

      • Comments (2)

        I think Andy looks like an elf with his little pointed ears all he needs is a little green outfit kind of like tinker bell but with red hair lol!!!

      • Comments (316)

        …sounds no better than some of the houseguests mocking other people.

      • Comments (651)

        He may look like an elf but he plays like a little, yappy, rat dog.

      • Comments (9)

        Making fun of a ginger is racist. You people all hate amanda for making fun of every one and look at you. I’d rather be call fa@@ity Andy than an elf.

    • Comments (39)

      Elissa has no game other than CBS giving her the most power for the first 3 weeks. If there was any rigging in the game it was towards Eliasa.

      • Comments (357)

        I agree to some point, but CLEARLY the real rigging is for Amanda. Elissa is the diversion to this truth!

      • Comments (1273)

        actualy CBS didn’t give her the power, we did. sure, maybe they put the MVP into play, hoping that it would give her a shot to stay in the house, but america voted for it.

  13. Comments (316)

    I’m thinking about picking new favorites to root for. JESSIE and JUDD final two woot woot!! LOL

  14. Comments (68)

    Amanda is making racial comments again! Ughhhh…..she just doesn’t know when to quit! Those broads (Aaryn GM & Amanda) are making so many enemies on the outside that they are going to need bodyguards to go to the bathroom! Just sad!!!

  15. Comments (11)

    Season sucks give Dan the money he has better gameplay than them all combined

    Amanda and McCrae need to play by themselves because right now them and Helen are running the house if they are alone there nothing

    We need Jessie, Spence, Candice, GM, or Arron to win HOH so the put up McCrae and Amanda with Helen as replacement nom

    The only people that have the guts to do that is Jessie or Spence if they do win HOH I’d like to see McCrae Helen Elissa and to pull a rabbit out of that hat and manipulate that

    NOW is the time to get Amanda out not when she is in jury which she won’t if she isn’t out this week she’s in final 2 that will make up for being fired for having a ego the size of texes

    I’d love to see Jessie Spencer or another underdog to win. CBS better do BB Allstars 2 to make up for the worst season since S9

    • Comments (9)

      Ahahahaha Dan is by far the best BB player ever!!

      • Comments (77)

        I agree Mike. I wish BB could afford to bring him in the house every year, not to play but to be an instructor to anyone who comes and ask his advice about situations. If he was not playing then he would not be partial to any group. This could make for a lot of excitement. I would love it.

    • Comments (160)

      pleaaaaaasssseeee NO MORE ALLSTARS! I dislike ALLSTARS. I want fresh faces. I like the awkward game play.

  16. Comments (83)

    GM is the biggest nut job I think that has ever been in that house, she is giving New Jersey girls a bad rep.everything out of her mouth is crap that makes no sense, I just pray she don’t win this game, if she would, she probaly wound not get it anyway. This week is a double eviction, come on ppl smarten up and get rid of one of them loosers, preferably Aaryn, GM, or BIG Mouth Helen.

    • Barbara Mcpherson
      Comments (3)

      I agree she is crazy! I wonder if Nick has left the country yet. He should be afraid of what she is going to do when the game is over! Stalker for sure!

    • Comments (592)

      It going to be really sad when we see either Arryn, GM, Andy, or Amanda sitting as the F2 at the Finale of Big Brother 15…Yuck, Ugh, and Ack!

    • Comments (150)

      How ironic that you say don’t instead of doesn’t and them instead of those. People in glass houses…….

    • Comments (160)

      At least she knows she’s not the brightest crayon in the box.

      I highly doubt that she’ll leave this competition with all her dignity, especially when she goes back to work only to find out she doesn’t have one due to her behaviour in the house. **apologies for the run on sentence*

  17. Comments (316)

    There They’re Their, that is the question…

  18. Comments (5)

    Every time I think that a plan is being set in motion to evict Amanda sombody goes running off to either get Helen’s approval or the go tell McManda. Is there anyway we can evict them all? None of these people deserve to win.

  19. Comments (140)

    Spencer made child porn jokes tonight on live feed… there are some things that shouldn’t be joked about, and child porn is one of them. Just disgusting!

    • Comments (609)

      What is up with the vulgar sexual talk from Spencer, GM, Aaryn, Amanda? Just makes them even more disgusting IMHO.

    • Comments (195)

      How in the world do you get 5 down votes for that statement. Now that is really disgusting and really scary that some people think it is ok to joke about child pornography. So sad.

      • Comments (1273)

        because we have a few brainiac’s on here that look for certain people’s posts and hit thumbs down. we have a usual 3, that no matter what is posted, me and a few others know that we’ll have at least three. plus notice, most of the time they don’t comment on the post, they just have nothing better to do. I got an 11 down earlier, personally i think it’s a compliment that people come on and look at my posts, just to hit thumbs down.

    • Comments (9)

      Half the people are wanting him to win. He is so gross. The only good thing was he had to talk into a blow horn. He is a blow hard woman hating pig.

  20. Comments (592)

    Candice will most likely be evicted this Thursday, because she knows that Helen, Andy, Judd, Aaryn, GM, and Spencer Elissa, & Jesse to a lesser extent are being controlled by McCrae, and Amanda. Therefore Candice knows her staying in the House is a lost cause.

    Candice has not campaigned to stay in the house at all, and has sleep all today, 8/5. I believe she really wants to go home now that Howard is gone, and she is playing alone in the house. Some of it is due to Candice’s lack of knowledge as to how you play BB, and her not playing the social game well. Candice could have had a strong bond between herself & Jesse, and also with Elissa, & Spencer. Imho, Candice, & Howard were good contestants for Big Brother, but they really didn’t know how to play the game. 🙁

    • Comments (592)

      Should be: *slept all today 8/5.*

    • Comments (609)

      Maybe they would have had a better game if they had not been subject to the constant barrage of racist verbiage and stuff like Candice’s mattress flipped… not sure about Howie, but Candice probably has been thru hell with it & maybe she just gave up because of the stress and harrassment.

      • Comments (592)

        True Marie, Candice & Howard were subjected to a lot of derogatory comments, which has been horrific for her…But when offers of an alliance were available, i.e. Jesse, Spencer, & Elissa…Candice did not forage ahead with them.

        Remember Spencer told Candice in the Bathroom that he was fighting for Howard to stay in the house. But then Helen tells her some lie about Spencer, which she believed. Then Candy calls a House meeting and calls Spencer on the carpet, when she could have confronted Spencer one on one, in private.

        Candice has always knew that Jesse was on her own in the house, and that she was someone who also liked Howard…That could have been an Alliance also.

        And I believe Candice really could have pulled Elissa away from the Mom Monster, Helen. So basically I am saying if she knew the game better, Candice & Howard could have had Jesse, Spencer, & Elissa.

      • Comments (357)

        I agree Marie2….sometimes you just gotta give up to keep your sanity. And based on the Amanda clip I just watched? I don’t blame her!

      • Comments (160)

        CBS should provide some sort of counselling to the poor girl.

      • Comments (651)

        Candice should be fine. She has handle herself well with these horrible people. She has a job as a Pediatric Speech Therapist and I can’t see anyone having a problem with Candice being around their child. Amanda, GM or Aaryn–I wouldn’t let near a child.

      • Comments (357)

        I think that Candice will be in for a shock when she leaves and watches all of this. Alot of things were said behind her back, so she has no clue how bad it really was in that Vile House!

  21. Comments (1273)

    Is it just me or are you guys just dying laughing everytime you see Amanda’s tanarexic face? I can’t wait to see her try to look normal! She passed oompa loompa a few sessions ago.
    Please oh Please let whoever is running that booth set it on the highest setting possible, for the highest dose possible for the rest of her hours! I am loving seeing her brought down a few pegs!!!

    • Comments (764)

      I still think it would have been better if they had used green spray!

    • Comments (407)

      I love it. I hope it’s permanent and doesn’t wash off easy. McCrae can now sing: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Had a wife and couldn’t keep her, He put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he kept her very well!!

    • Comments (150)

      Amanda and McCrae slept through most of BBAD. When Rip Van Winkle and Sleeping Beauty finally got up they went into the kitchen. When Amanda turned and the camera caught her full on I actually gasped. Now that’s entertainment!

  22. Comments (1162)

    Aaryn doesn’t want her family to be embarrassed by anything she did on BB and she
    doesn’t want to catch any grief from her agent.

    Say What???????
    Aaryn’s World = Delusion.

    • Comments (407)

      Wow MM! Is she in for a rude awakening because she no longer has an agent…she has been fired! I can’t wait for her eviction (soon I hope) because if you google Julie Chen, it says Julie is going to confront Aaryn about the racist remarks she has made. I wonder if she will tell her she no longer has a job?. Aaryn’s mother has hired a publicist to handle her exit. Can’t wait for this one.

      • Comments (160)

        Sadly, despite all this, Aaryn will not learn her lesson. She’ll just learn how to put up a front.

      • Comments (1273)

        which is what she’s already doing in the house. she waits until her and GM are alone, and they start talking crap. it’s like they are busting at the seems waiting to be out of earshot to make the racist remarks.

  23. Comments (45)

    On Howard twitter he said Amanda parents were getting death threats

    • Comments (1162)

      That is awful.

      Did Amanda’s father say anything about her bigoted, racist and hateful

    • Comments (160)

      I know this sounds awful, but it’s really hard for me to sympathize with her parents. We’re all a product of our up bringing. Yes, there are many exception to the rule but I feel like your parent/guardians hold so much responsibility in how you become a functioning human being. I do not condone death threats but at the same time it’s really difficult for me to feel sorry for them.

    • Comments (651)

      Amanda’s real estate sites have been pulled down. Don’t know if it’s Prudential that has had enough of the bad publicity or if so many people were contacting them with negative comments.
      I also heard Amanda’s parents neighbors are not happy with them either.

    • Comments (1273)

      JR – I heard that Howard actually doesn’t have a twitter, and that they ones that were “his” have been pulled down due to being fake.
      That being said, if there is any truth to it, that is so wrong. It’s not as bad a Shelley getting death threats for getting Jeff out (how pettey is that, I love Jeff, but would never threaten the woman). However, no one should be getting death threats for anything they say. On the flip side, are they threats like wanting someone to poke her eyes out with a pair of tweasers? or wanting to slit someone’s neck so they can’t scream while being raped? Now, I am certainly not saying it’s ok, or that two wrongs make a right, but, when is it decided that it’s a legit threat, or when it’s someone giving it right back?
      It’s wrong for Amanda to make them, and it’s wrong for people to make them to her, but to her family is wrong on so many more levels.

  24. Comments (166)

    I know that everyone who comes on big brother hopes to get recognized by Hollywood or modeling agencies or to land that big commercial endorsement…but these few HG are only going to get noticed for this:

    Andy-Rat traps
    GM-Contestant on “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader”
    Amanda-Imodium AD (Since she has extreme diarrhea of the mouth)
    McCrae-Mens body wash,deodorant, & ATHLETES FOOT!!

  25. Comments (3)

    I have been a fan since the beginning of this show. Some seasons are better than others. This season it seems like most of them have no game play. Half of them are not even big brother fans they just want to be famous. They are afraid to shake things up. We need a season of the ultimate Big Brother fans.
    And I also would like to say I don’t think they should be punished for what they say on the show.(like getting fired) because people will not want to be one the show if they can have their life destroyed for a few comments. Big Brother is the only reality show that has live feeds 24/7 so there is no hiding or editing out offensive stuff like other shows can.

    • Comments (160)

      … for a FEW comments? Really?

      So we’ll just brush aside the racist, misogynistic and homophobic comments aside? What is this teaching people?

    • Comments (357)

      WOW! I think it’s way more than a few comments (pretty much everyday) and the fact that we ALL believe that BB production told the HGs to tone it down and they haven’t? Is not lost on America. Also, I don’t believe that America wants to constantly be reminded that racism is “alive and well” on a daily basis. This is game is supposed to be challenging and entertaining for the viewers. There is nothing entertaining about watching this HGs down talk people on a daily basis. No disrespect, but I could NEVER condone this type of behavior on other seasons and if that means BB needs to further screen contestants. Than so be it! 13 years into a new millennium and we still have people who think its OK to say a “few” comments? I’m pretty sure there are thousands of other contestants who would NEVER conduct themselves in this manner. I doubt that CBS will will have a shortage of applicants because of this. Also, if a person doesn’t try out for BB because they are afraid of being called out as a bigot? Then maybe it’s for the best that they don’t! Unbelievable!

    • Comments (1273)

      I could see that being a legit argument, if they didn’t know going in that everything they do and say for the stay in the BB house was going to be recorded. They should be smart enough to shut their mouths, or better yet, know right from wrong before going in. For example, ask yourself if you are a racist? If so, can you hide it? If not, don’t go on a reality show called BIG BROTHER.

  26. Comments (68)

    Just saw Amanda’s tan job on BBAD! Lololololol……she looks horrible! Lololololololololol

    • Comments (1)

      The way this season’s going, there should be a new twist. America should nominate and evict until the final three. Lots of HG’s to hate this season.

  27. Comments (1)

    Am I the only one who finds it ironic how she was being negative to people for her skin color and now we’re making fun if her for looking like an Oompa Loompa on its worst day? Then again if I compare her to an Oompa Loompa I would be hurting no one’s feelings besides the Oompas…

  28. Comments (357)

    I love Candice and I hate to see that she is the next to go. I am however crossing my fingers that this will put an end to the racist remarks in the house. I cringe every time GM, Amanda, and Aryan open their mouths. I’m ready to see some real game play!

    • Comments (651)

      I’m thinking they’ll become even worse. Helen is the only one left to attack do to her race. And they want her out so she’ll get a taste of what Howard and Candice went through. They’ve been saying racist things about Helen but behind her back. Now they’ll be free to say it to her face.

      HATE THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (357)

        Helen knew what was going on in that house. She heard the rumors of racial slurs, but chose to step aside b/c she did not think it pertained to her. To each it’s own I say. When she leaves this house, she will realize that Howard actually cared enough about her and her ethnicity to protect her as well. Hope that “pill” isn’t too big for her to swallow!

  29. Comments (1162)

    IF Candice is evicted this week, CBS had better have a REAL Live Audience and not an
    audience made up of CBS employees…….reported to have been in Howard’s Exit Show.

    Also, IMO, Amanda leaving this week is the only way the other HGs can begin playing
    the Big Brother Game.

    So far the entire season has been Big Bullies & Bigots with the disgusting haters enabled by CBS.
    BB chastises the HGs whenever they talk about “production,” but are silent whenever the HGs
    go off on one of their bigoted/racist rants.

    • Comments (651)

      If they make Candice go to eviction wearing the clown suit I’m done with BB. And like they didn’t know Amanda and Aaryn were going to make racist statements about her tanning–Aaryn says she looks like an immigrant but Amanda thinks she looks like a slave. Amanda is Jewish but doesn’t seem to remember that the Jews were slaves for thousands of years. But the really bad thing is BB had to know this was coming.

      • Comments (316)

        Stop whining! If you don’t want to watch don’t watch.

      • Comments (407)

        Jackie, I don’t remember how long Candice has to wear the clown outfit, but GM has already had the cone removed, so I think it would be totally unfair for Candice to continue wearing the suit. On Big Brother 15 Because You’re Addicted, they have pictures of Amanda getting sprayed that are really gross. In one of them, GM is actually rubbing her face on Amanda’s leg, because she wanted to be tan!!

    • Comments (357)

      I was thinking the same thing Miswest Middle. I get sooo tired of hearing, “You cannot talk about production”! But not once have I heard production say, “This is not a subject you can talk about”! SMH, it’s disgusting!

  30. Comments (19)

    I am not sure how it works, but didn’t Julie mention Double Eviction this week? So, how does that work?
    Will two of three on the block go home or will they nominate a new three and turn around and vote? Just curious, this is the first season I have actually got to watch and follow everyday in past seasons I just caught bits and pieces and never really got into the game. Just wondering……..

  31. Comments (49)

    So….here’s my Expect the Unexpected thought for this Thursday. They have the first eviction and are told it’s a double eviction night. While they are out in the backyard doing the HOH the production staff removes the eviction couch and replaces it with the good old two chairs. When they come back in, much like the change in table size, it takes a few seconds to register. Then Julie announces that the MVP twist is out of play and only two houseguests are going up. That could cause even more paranoia as they will begin to confirm the suspicions that America has been the MVP the past few weeks and then they will begin to realize that Amanda is not a big fan favorite. Then just to mess with them even further, during an outdoor lockdown or competition, they bring the couch back and let them think………

  32. Comments (135)

    I may have missed this somewhere, but will the HGs ever be told that America is the MVP?

  33. Comments (9)

    Everyone hates Amanda because she’s a woman in power. Evil dick was the most disgusting player and everyone loved him. Dr. Will same thing. Will and Boogie used woman in the house and mocked them in the DR. It’s a game. We need a villain or this is going to be as boring as Helen’s season.

    • Comments (357)

      I disagree, Evil dick stood for exactly what his name is, but this season is borderline harrassment and definitely discrimination. This “GAME” is not a game. It is “PERSONAL”. And some HGs are personally attacking others in the house in order to get to the final 2. For anybody to think that this game is like any previous BB season? Has either NEVER watched BB or is just Insane! The proof is in the pudding. If America viewed this season as gameplay, “WE” would not see as much outrage as we see on sites like this. Most of all, Julie Chen (who has been host since season 1), would not be making comments about how the words coming out of some HGs mouths has hurt her as well. So, my vote is for boring instead of inflicting emotional wounds on ppl that may affect them outside of the BB house. Lastly, for those of you who haven’t watched this season from day one? Go back to the beginning of Stevebeans blogs and read the posts by people who were hurt by the words of some HGs. Now tell me, is it still a game?

    • Comments (357)

      Probably not until the finale.

    • Comments (195)

      I do not ever remember evil dick threatening someones life by slicing their throat so they can not scream while performing anal sex on them

    • Comments (1273)

      Please do not compare Amanda to a strong powerful woman, and not to E.D. either. Sure, Dick ran the house on threats, of eviction, bullying, that he would get them out of the house, and just didn’t give a crap what anyone in there thought, and certainly didn’t cry when he didn’t get his way, he played harder and won comps.
      Amanda, she is running the house on threats, physical threats of violence, rape and murderous dreams, on bullying, bullying people based on their color, and more, and pretends to care about people. Then goes around crying that people are mean to her, and she’s not getting her way. Amanda can’t win crap, crys when she’s not demeaning others, and fools around with a boy she barely knows. They are not the same, not even close.

  34. Comments (316)

    Maybe they should have brought another diabolical genius into the house.

  35. Comments (9)

    Dr. Will said Howie was a retard. Bros before hoes. Said Erica’s biological clock was ticking. This game can’t be played old school because of America’s MVP. Amanda is not a racist she said she’s had sex with Puerto Ricans and has a black cousin. She’s obviously having sex with a pizza delivery guy. How nice is she for that. Her game play is on a female dr. Will level. People just can’t stand that’s its a woman in control. Get rid of the MVP and let them play old school.

    • Comments (1273)

      Bull. She’s nice to be fooling around with the pizza boy? She’s not all that, and her job does not place her above anyone. And with her vile mouth, she’s below most of them, right there with Aaryn and GM.
      And she’s not racist because she CLAIMS to have a black cousin (which means nothing at all about her being a racist) and for having sex with a Puerto Rican? Maybe she’s just a slut, and she can’t keep her legs closed, and in your words was “nice” to have sex with him.
      Give me a break. These are horrible reasons for comparing her to Dr. Will. Yes, Dr. Will should not have called anyone a “retard”, and sure, he shouldn’t have called Erica, well, older. But you can’t honestly think that what he said, comes close to the amount of things out of Amanda’s mouth.

  36. Comments (9)

    It’s reality tv people. If you want true reality they should put a 350 lb Walmart cart driving lady in there. How awesome would that be. Can you image the fat jokes we would be hearing. Notice there are no older people in the house any more. People want to see shallow beautiful people we can love to hate. Here you go America. The house is not reality only about 5% of the American public is attractive. Most look like the honey boo boo family. Haha

    • Comments (622)

      Well, I would not lump a good portion of the houseguests as attractive. A few are meh and a few others flat out creep me out. But yeah, the younger and more immature the better the drama!

      • Comments (9)

        I was of course referring to the women. The men are not attractive at all in my opinion. Howard was good looking. Not my type. The Cherokee warrior was unattractive as soon as he spoke.

    • Comments (195)

      Pamela I don’t know how old you are but what some of these houseguests have said is downright racist and hurtful in the day and age we are in is not acceptable. Yes you have the odd times houseguests say things like her biological clock but oh my goodness that does not even closely compare to what has come out of the mouths of these houseguests this year. There is absolutely NO comparison. There have been direct beyond hurtful threatening comments and it is not a game then when you are personally attacking people at that level.

      • Comments (1273)

        Sambella, the only thing that makes any sence at all with Pamela’s posts is she’s a troll or just trying to get a rise out of people. If I didn’t know better…. hmmmm, I’d say I might have an idea of another screen name that “Pamela” has gone by. I could be wrong, but I’m 99% sure “Pamela” is trying to piss everyone off.

      • Comments (9)

        I make sense you on the other hand can’t spell sense.

      • Comments (1273)

        Yep, a typo is something to just put me down about. See, the funny thing is, I don’t care.

      • Comments (9)

        What does my age have to do with this? im only talking about amanda. Aayron is the one who says the really mean stuff. Amanda is joking. Andy is not offended he is laughing with her. Being told your old and your biological clock is ticking would be every up setting. Being used and mocked in the DR as boogie and Will did to women in their season. It was all funny cause it was two men. Just sayin’ I’m sure they were humiliated when they went home.

      • Comments (1)

        Actually, Aaryn claims she is joking as well, doesn’t make it true. They are still claiming things that hurt and sting. What if someone called you a fat old hag who should choke on cum because you hurt my feelings. Is that past a game level and joking? Or is it still something an asshole would say. Amanda has made death threats and racial remarks…totally a joke. And responding to the post that you referred to Amanda as a non racist because she claimed to have slept with Puerto Ricans and has a cousin that is black, she is still a racist bitch who claimed Helen would taste like some type of Chinese food that I forgot. I remember she was with Aaryn, who after that comment, said she’d taste like soy sauce. I could have a gay brother and still be homophobic.

      • Comments (1273)

        BTW Pamela, you can’t spell Aaron. Oh wait, could that have been a typo. Guess you’re not perfect either.

      • Comments (1273)

        shoot, I meant Aaryn. Oh well, I was still closer than you were.

    • Comments (1)

      There are a lot of skinny, attractive Americans where I live. Both female and male.and not everyone is obese, that’s just stereotypical. I do agree this is for entertainment, but there were probably applicants that did not have the perfect body and were older that 30, but they cannot control who gets put in the house. They allow the spoiled, rich, and ignorant kids enter the competition, dispute the fact they do not deserve to even compete for half a million dollars.

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