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Big Brother 15 – Veto Ceremony Results


This is going to be a brief post because I already discussed in detail the current plan and how it is going down.  To summarize, McCrae and crew decided to utilize Elissa’s star power by keeping her around.  That said, they had to swap Candice and Elissa for nominations so the rest of the house didn’t think there was any big plan going down.  Right now, the power couples (Jeremy/Kaitlin, Dave/Aaryn) feel they have control of the house, but the other people don’t want that.  Couples are always a threat, as are strong players, so to kill two birds with one stone, Dave is the huge target right now.

If it goes to plan, this is probably the smartest move I’ve seen from newbies in quite a few seasons.  Typically new players, especially on their first vote, like to just play it safe or not think very far down the line. McCrae, Amanda and crew saw the looming threat of Jeremy a mile away and want to take care of it before it takes care of them.

This is also good news for Rachel fans as it gives Elissa more time in the house to make people forget they’re related and start giving Elissa a fair shake.

Heading out for dinner, will recap more of the night events later on

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  1. Patricia says:

    Ditto! Another terrible aspect of BBAD just happened and it was commercials — just like regular tv. This is horrible

  2. Patricia says:

    Just switched to the live feeds

  3. Taylor8686 says:

    O my god Jeremy is the biggest tool! He thinks he is literally king of the castle! I watch the live feeds a lot and he is by far the most annoying. Does anyone else feel like the girls are running the house? Literally BB went out and found probably the softest group of guys ever! Sad thing is every girl has their teeth into at least 1 guy in the house………..Spencer and Howard are the only guys that have a chance, they are laying low for now and trying to not be the center of attention

    • Christina says:

      I think some of the guys are just sitting back letting the girls go after each other, so they can look like they have clean hands. A few of them talked about it the other night. But they could all just be push overs, we’ll see.