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Big Brother 15 – Veto, MVP and More…

bb15-elissa-yogapantsFeeds went down this afternoon and players were picked for the veto competition, and the moment we’ve been waiting for also happened.  The MVP nomination was revealed, and that pick is: David.

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I mentioned it earlier, Elissa confessed to McCrae that she won the MVP, so it was her that made the secret selection today.  After the veto picking ceremony, McCrae went into the HoH room with Amanda and told her who the MVP was that week.  Not only did Elissa fail to keep her sister-secret safe, but she also ruined her sneak attack via MVP.   It’s not too surprising as Rachel isn’t exactly the most strategic player either.  Yes, she won, but relied heavily on her competition skills to do so.  Elissa appears she’ll have to do the same this season.


Once that dust settled, Jeremy went to the HoH room to chat with the group, and that’s when tension got pretty thick.  He confronted Elissa on the ‘famous sister’ thing, and then told her not to get her panties in a wad and go downstairs.  If you want to watch the conversation, flashback to 3:57pm.

Veto players are going to be the 3 nominees, HoH, Elissa and a yet to be named 6th person.

Crank up the feeds, join our chatroom ‘bigbrotherjunkies’ and watch along.

I will update this thread when a veto winner is revealed


9:00pm – The live feeds are back on, and it appears the veto competition was a messy one.  The houseguests were all covered in honey and washing up after what appeared to be a spelling sort of challenge.  Find the letters in some type of honey, spell certain words, etc.

The winner of the veto is…


This means nominations will likely remain the same, but stranger things have happened.

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  1. Comments (1273)

    I guess it should be a given that Elissa wouldn’t get a fair shake, due to being Rachel’s sister, but dang, are they even going to give her a chance to see if they like her before pushing her towards the door?
    If she’s near the competetor her sister is, she’d be a great team-mate for any of them. And I haven’t gotten to watch too much of the live feeds yet, but she doesn’t seem near as hard to handle as Rachel. If it was me, I’d try to team up with her. But again, I haven’t seen too much yet.

    • Comments (191)

      It’s never fair for the first one to go. People come in and it takes a couple of weeks before it becomes clear how everyone wants to play the game.

  2. Comments (10)

    Just wanted to thank you for all your updates today on twitter!!! kept me in the game and not so lost when I could finally turn the feeds on!!

  3. Comments (120)

    its funny, McCrae won the POV with the word “Delivery”, lol…the Pizza Boy….it seems he wants David Gone but wants to put Elissa on the Block so lets what happens..☺..

  4. Comments (231)

    Elissa should be given a chance. It seems as if most of the other girls just look at themselves in the mirror and talk about how pretty they are to everyone. Why are some of the girls constantly humping Andy? Also, BB after dark is constantly censoring words and making hard to follow the conversations.

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