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Amanda Zuckerman

I recently purchased a house, and during my process I met with a few real estate agents to see who was the best fit for me.  The learning experience of agents was almost as big as the learning experience of buying a house.  I had some try to steal me (and commission) from others, some rude, some nice, and some who probably have no business selling anything.

That brings me to Amanda Zuckerman, who is a real estate agent from Florida. She is 28, and has admitted she will bring ‘shock value’ to the game, mostly by her mouth.  I assume she thinks we’re going to be shocked if she is blunt, but she does realize how many blunt people have come and gone in the world of Big Brother?  It will probably take a lot to shock us at this point. That said, it’s always nice that she’s willing to try.

Back to my original point about the real estate agent career and how it relates to Big Brother.  One thing I did learn that a successful agent is patient, aggressive, and pushy (usually in a good way).  They’ll also tell you what you want to hear, and most have chameleon-like personalities where they can adapt to any environment.  I have a feeling this will backfire in the end because she’ll remain fiercely loyal to an alliance, then try to flip as the ship is sinking.  Her agent skills won’t help her, and she’ll be gone… unless she is able to dominate her own alliance.

To summarize, I can see Amanda fairly deep in the game, and very involved in the outcome of each vote. If her alliance doesn’t sink, she’ll be in it at the end as a possible winner.  Then again, she could chose a weak alliance and be out first.


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  1. I feel sorry for Amanda, she clearly is a NOT a very kind person, she is a bully, and very nasty towards others! A TRUE narcissistic sociopath.

  2. Amanda ism the biggest bitch i have ever seen. if not for the CBS ratings she would have beensent packing a long time ago. i truly believe the show is telling the contestants how to vote. Mccrae needs to wake uo and see that he is being used by Amanda and as soon as she has no further use for him she will dump him like the bitch she is. Julie Chen is really disappointing to allow this crap to go should have been stopped before it started. nothing but lying cheating racism etc going on. how people will stoop so low for money.

  3. I think you are a person that thinks you are the best ,but actually you are one that isactually one of the peoplpelple that think they arereat , when you are actually ar


  5. Amanda – the person America loves to dislike. You should have played the game much more respectfully. Of course you sucked at the competitions. ha ha..

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