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Helen Kim

Helen Kim

Big Brother 15
Helen Kim
Chicago, Illinois
Political Consultant

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In every season of Big Brother, it’s typically dominated by the 20-30 something, aspiring actor and model crowd.  The casting of the show always likes to throw in a few older, mature players to try and balance out the dormitory environment that happens every year.  This season, that person is 37 year old Helen Kim from Chicago.  I don’t quite have my finger on her yet, but I don’t really get the superfan vibe even though the older ones typically are.  I get the vibe that she’s just looking for something to do, and appearing on a show would be a good idea.

I’m sure Helen is familiar with the game, but I am getting a bit Shelly-vibe with Helen, and she’ll probably be around just as long.  The cast generally keeps the older players around for quite awhile simply because they need someone to keep them in line, and keep the place clean.  It sounds bad, but they’ve even admitted it in many seasons.  Because of this, Helen has a chance to sneak into the final 5 or so, and possibly end up in the final 2.  It’s unlikely, but very possible.

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  1. DylanTeems says:

    I like Helen especially after last Thursday episode. Go HELEN!!

    • Filmgirl15 says:

      Love her intellect & lack of drama. Way to represent a Asian woman well. I hope it’s you and Aaryn in the end & racism is really called out with the jury. Let it be known known that thoughts said out loud has consequences. Thank you Candace, Helen & Howard for continuing to play the game well & holding their heads high. This is how you represent people of color, while some of the others: Aaryn, Ginamarie, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Yes you Amanda & Spencer show your true form. Next best would be Howard & Helen in the end for playing but staying classy. I lean upwards Helen bc she’s playing fiercely & doing her thing but not outright lying or backstabbing.

      Side note. Next year new rules like the UK. You bully or say harmful, hateful racist or discriminatory remarks, you’re out if here & called out for it. Replay the video in your exit for the HGs & the world to see. Then you answer for it. And Julie, you’d better be for real. But that’s if the world is as it should be.

      You can’t eliminate all discrimination, but you can teach others by showung that there’s repercussions. We’re living in the 21st century now ya’ll. Let’s get along & if you feel this way, be tolerant or at least intelligent enough to keep your ignorant mouth shut! In the long run, I hope this will be a real education for us all & it’s good we’re talking about this prevalent issue.

  2. MissKatie says:

    You go girl!!!

  3. Sadie says:

    Hope ur booted out real soon!!! Ur game sucks- all u do is get the others to do ur dirty work & ur always complaining!!! Go home!!!!!!

  4. RJ says:

    Helen is probably the smartest player on BB15, other than Nick but he is gone. She laid back and then when the time was right, after Nick’s departure, she has came out of the closet so to speak and has taken over the game. She is tough, calculating,personable and manipulative, all the attributes she need to win this game and I would bet on her for the winner of BB15. Case in point, she is setting up Aaron to be her pawn, like Andy and will get Amanda out soon and then Candice, McRae and so on.

  5. Marpar says:

    Im over Helen!

    • Courtney says:

      I totally agree. I really hope the houseguests realize that they need to take out her and McCranda. But I’d honestly rather see one of them win than GinaMarie or Aaryn. That would sicken me.

  6. Sadie says:

    I hope u go home Helen!!!! I can’t stand looking at you & hearing your irritating voice!!! I hope you win absolutely nothing!!!!

  7. Marpar says:

    Master manipulator=great big brother player. Whether I like her or not I think she will win because she knows how to work everyone in the house.

  8. Charlene says:

    Does anyone else think Helen is just a Bully ??

  9. Mr. Stacy W. says:

    Helen I think you are great! Just a few moves earlier would have been perfect. Wishing you great success from Tennessee.

  10. Bill says:

    The game isn’t as interesting or as good without Helen. I wish she was still in the game. I was pulling for her to win. Her game had flaws, but overall she played well.

  11. ML says:

    Helen played a great game. I wished she was still in the game. Strong Competitor and had style.

  12. Lilly says:

    Helen and Elissa were the best in that season. But look who won, Andy the Rat. Someone with a disgusting mind, who said horrible things.

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