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Judd Daughtery

Judd Daughtery joins Big Brother 15 as the Joe of the group, except he’s not a professional chef.  Acknowledging he is not the most physical presence in the house, he is going to rely on strategy than strength (*cough* floater).  Judd is going to have a huge uphill battle all season if that’s his plan, and will likely be kept around as a number for a little while until he’s thrown away.  He could surprise us and be another Dan, but something is telling me he’s going to be a quiet one.



  1. He seems like such a nice, kind and sweet guy. It is very refreshing to see.

  2. Way to go Judd I hope you win Big Brothers this year I am from Chatttanooga
    Tennessee its nice to see a fellow Tennessean in the Big Brothers house this

  3. I am so sorry that you lost and went to the jury house a big mistake what
    they did to you I hope you will come back to the house with the new twist
    then give them h-ll for getting you out of the house.

  4. Welcome back in the house.

  5. I hope you don’t leave the house Wednesday I am rooting for you I am hoping
    that Gina Marie have to go because she will not be able to compete because of her
    being hurt.

  6. Time for Judd to Win a Competition. Previously appeared to be a Floater before returning to the BB15 house.

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