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Big Brother 16 Cast Member – Amber Borzotra


Ahh, I have my hash browns from Dunkin Donuts in me, time to resume profiles!

Big Brother 16 wouldn’t be complete without the model who pretends she’s going to do whatever it takes to win. Amber is 26 years old and is looking for a career boost this summer.. err, I mean she’s looking to win Big Brother.  She seems like a nice girl, but I can already tell she’s just there to be famous and not win. Don’t expect too much from her in competitions and soak in any bikini shots you can because I don’t think she’ll be around long.

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Jeff asked her in an interview if she’d rather lose and be liked or win and be hated. When she chose lose and be liked, she may as well keep her bags packed. This is Big Brother, the more hated you are, the more popular you become! Keep that most liked crap for beauty pageants.

Check out Ambers bio to like/dislike and see more photos and info when I get it.


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    As long as she has a voice that doesn’t grate my nerves, I’ll be watching lots of this one.

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