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Big Brother 16 Cast Member – Donny Thompson

Christine Brecht

I am going to put it out there right now. There will be a drinking game this season… each time a houseguest refers to Donny as “Duck Dynasty”, you take a shot.  Enjoy being drunk all summer.

With that said, Donny is clearly the southern “Judd” of the season, except a bit older.  He is 42 years old and is quite aware of his position in the house as one of the ‘older guys’. Big Brother has been a majority of hot young people with chiseled bodies, but one thing Donny has going for him is the past two winners were not in that category.  Sure, one was a genius and the other was also quite smart, but older people tend to make it fairly deep into the game for the simple fact of being older. Only a moron would push to get Donny out one of the first weeks, so I expect to see quite a bit of him this summer.

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Here is the video of his interview.

Check out Donny’s profile page to like/dislike/share.  There will be more info added to that page soon!



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    I like him.

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    I’m with Rita. I like him, too. I think under all that beard you have a good looking dude. Ever wonder if people grow out a beard like that just to throw people off? Yeah, I like him. Hope he aligns with the cop.

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