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Big Brother 16 Cast Member – Frankie Grande

Christine Brecht

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For those of you who thought it was completely unfair to put the sister of a super popular former Big Brother player in the house during a season where America can influence the game, here is your chance to re-live that for Big Brother 16!

If Frankie’s last name looks familiar, it’s not just a coincidence.  He is indeed the brother of singer/actor Ariana Grande. You know, the girl who was on some kid show but broke out when she became a singer.  The girl who has 16 million twitter and 11 million instagram followers. I’m sure that will have no impact on any votes America will have this season (and there will be some).

Look, I don’t want to bash the guy because he has a super famous sister, but let’s just hope America’s votes will stick to the foods for have-nots or which player needs to wear a banana suit. For all we know – unlike Elissa – Frankie could be a really entertaining person and fun to watch in the house. I don’t want him to be hated simply because he gets special treatment… so let’s not make that happen, ok Big Brother?

Here is a link to Frankie’s Bio

Speaking of Ariana, when did the girl who played a super annoying person end up looking like this?


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    Comments (19)

    Love the hair, but his sister looks super hungry. I feel like he’s gonna play super dirty, super quick.

  2. Profile photo of Big Papi
    Comments (622)

    I’d rather see more of Ariana.

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