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Big Brother 16 Cast Member – Jocasta Odom

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I have a feeling Jocasta is going to be a very interesting person on Big Brother 16. She will likely either be really liked or really despised for the simple reason of being a minister. Ok, that’s not the reason, but based on her bio, she is willing to swear on the bible to win and already said she’s going to use her ‘symbol’ (cross) to help her. Look, I’m not a religious guy, but I do know one thing, a lot of people take that very serious. If she is running around using her faith as a tool, that is going to ruffle feathers.. it has to.

From a blogging perspective, I hope Jocasta remains in the house quite awhile and becomes a very polarizing figure. Is that selfish of me?  Yea, probably, but just like inside the Big Brother house, the Big Brother blogging game is rough competition. Trying to be more entertaining than the million other BB blogs is tough work. I almost think it would be easier to compete IN the house than out of it.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  Jocasta is an early favorite of mine and if her personality is half as good as it is in her interview videos, I’m a fan.

Check out Jocasta’s Bio here

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