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Big Brother 16 Casting Update – All Star Season?


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When it comes to casting rumors on Big Brother, the old adage typically holds true – Where there is smoke, there is fire. I don’t think I’ve been surprised on any casting twist the past few seasons, mostly due to the leaks that happen around this time.

I am calling it now… this season on Big Brother 16, there will be returning players, and possibly a lot of them (note: this is 100% speculation and nowhere near confirmed). Every year, CBS loves to throw out little breadcrumbs when it comes to the cast, and it never takes very long for the Big Brother community to pick up on them.

CBS has decided to put the entire Big Brother All-Stars season on their website for people to watch.  Either that is just the biggest coincidence of coincidences, CBS is trolling us real hard, or they are warming people up for returning members. Seeing as the general consensus is that viewers would want new houseguests, this makes quite a bit of sense from a marketing point of view. I’m going to be honest, Big Brother All-Stars was one of the best Big Brother seasons to date. CBS knows how incredible a pure All-Star season can be, and I believe (and I’m not alone) they want to remind viewers just how epic it can be.

The clues are just adding up, but the most recent one combined with Big Brother not having an All-Star season in 8 years makes me think that not only are we overdue, but it will likely happen this season.

I know people are going to be upset about this, and sure, newbies do have their moments, but this is one of the best games in the world for returning players to play. My biggest complaint in recent years is that they were playing with/against newbies which is completely unfair.  I always said either all or nothing, and I think we are going to get that this year.

What are your thoughts on a potential all-star season?

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    Comments (10)

    So excited!! Pretty sure I signed up for feeds through you! Love the site!!!

  2. Profile photo of Lostie
    Comments (120)

    Well, we will know for sure on Thurs 6/19 when CBS reveals the BB16 Cast and dont forget to watch the BB House Tour on ET on Wed 6/18…also on Wed, Julie on the The Talk will reveal the “TWIST” of BB16…this should be a Fun week… 🙂

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