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Big Brother 16 – Day 2 Recap


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Well that was an interesting 24 hours in the Big Brother 16 house.

When the feeds went live on Thursday night, the house was going crazy. People running from room to room, streaking, talking, and having fun.  The plan was still underway to  make Joey + 2 “Team America” and have them do stupid things that will likely expose their game (assuming they had one).

Fast forward a day, and you had a bunch of people sitting around whispering most of the afternoon about nearly the same topic… who will replace Donny on the block considering he won the PoV. The general consensus is that Joey will be popping a squat in Donny’s seat during the PoV ceremony, and it certainly isn’t as a pawn.  The house is scared because Joey ran around early on joking about the ‘all-girls’ alliance (which was short lived), that put a target on her back. You see, this is the 16th season of Big Brother, so whenever anyone says or does anything, people assume there is an ulterior motive (because there typically is).

Despite the fact that the all-girls alliance fizzled nearly as quickly as it formed, Joey joking that it existed made people wonder if she was so smart that she was being honest about it (not expecting anyone to believe her). Think Walter White confessing to his DEA brother-in-law that he had a stack of cash in duffel bags. In reality, Walter DID have a stack of cash in that bag, but Joey is no Heisenberg. She was merely joking, and that could cost her a spot in Big Brother 16.

Other than that, really not much happened in the house. They were finally let outside, Victoria cried about having extensions and Devin is still a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. I don’t sense a lot of drama in the forecast this week, but hopefully there will be a lot of campaigning and gameplay. I can’t imagine Joey going down without a fight, especially when she’s ‘motivated’ by the DR room (start conspiracy theories).

Heading out for a bit this afternoon while they sleep, I will start a live blog thread in a few hours.  Happy Saturday!

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    I Loved ur Breaking Bad shout-out…i just discovered BB and just finished watching the entire Series which was FAB…I Love IT !!!! so TY for that steve, lol… 🙂

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    That Joey sure is a fug.

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