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Big Brother 16 – Devin’s Make Or Break Day


I took the night off last night to finish season 1 of Game of Thrones.  Wow, great show. I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it.  Anyway, I picked a decent time to do it because it was generally slow in the house. Jocasta was indeed sick, and the house speculated on the botb competition making her dehydrated, but you can pretty much chalk her up as a loss in the PoV competition today. Not like it really matters because there is only one thing the house is hoping for today, and that is for Devin’s chip to remain in the bag at the PoV drawing.

If Devin is not picked to play in the veto, there is about a 95.7% chance he will replace someone on the block and be voted out this week. There is almost no saving him at this point, but then again I thought Brittany was a sure thing around the same time last week. Big Brother is a strange game, and a week is a long time in that house. The only possibility I can see Devin remaining in the house (if he doesn’t win PoV) is just the fact that he has almost no allies. That said, being a complete beast pretty much cancels that out because there is always the threat of him winning the next HoH and picking someone off.  I am fairly confident in saying the only thing that can save Devin this week is a small lottery and then beating 5 other people in a competition.  Not an easy task.

In other news, Nicole’s nominees lost the botb competition (like expected), and now the HoH is not only stripped of their title, but this week they get a special parting gift…


A week of wearing a frog suit!  Including during the live eviction show.

I’ll start a new thread reporting who gets picked for the veto, live feed updates and veto results. Check back in a little while!

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  1. Dan says:

    Cutest frog on the lily pad!

    • AIO_7 says:

      She is cute, but she needs to quit picking at, and touching, her face all the time. That will only make her acne worse.

  2. DKSunflower63 says:

    Last night in the beehive room, Britt and Cody were discussing game and mentioned something about Frankie’s medical condition. I back-tracked a couple of times on the live feeds and it’s clear as day. They even said something about him being replaced. Has there been chatter about this on other feeds? Just curious. This could crimp Team America—again!

  3. Me says:

    They’re picking players for the veto competition.

  4. mouse says:

    Brittany wants Caleb gone. If she wins POV, she won’t use it.

  5. shelter says:

    Nicole’s costume fits her personality, yucky slime.

  6. sleepy says:

    looks like devin in pov

  7. Michele says:

    What’s going on with preacher lady and now Frankie being sick? Who’s got what??

  8. jimbo says:

    I disagree about the advantage you have in challenges about being “big.” So, hitting a polo ball down a ramp, and hanging planets on a stick matter if you are big?! BB knows the fact that they have bodybuilders vs. moms and old men with beards, so they don’t make it THAT much of an advantage, if at all. Devin is weak because he is alone and hated while Caleb is just as physical and liked by many. Not taking the perfect chance to remove a strong player will haunt many who vote to keep Caleb around. Keep the weak/power-less — vote out the strong. Keeping Zach and Caleb instead of Pao and Devin is just so dumb, in two consecutive weeks. ESPECIALLY, when Caleb and Zach were both teed up for booting out.