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Big Brother 16 – Early Bird Feeds Available!

I made my post about Big Brother 16 being right around the corner on Tuesday, but something wasn’t sitting right. My bloggy sense (my version of spidey sense) was tingling and knew I would have some more news to share with you soon. Sure enough, a day later I received the e-mail about the live feed early bird sale starting!

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If you purchase any time between now and the beginning of the Big Brother 16 season, you can save 20% on the feeds! I’m no math expert, but if you sign up now, a complete summer of the live feeds will run you about 25 cents a day. Yes, 24 hours of live coverage inside the Big Brother house for about 5% the cost of your vanilla spice frappachino. The best part?  If you sign up by clicking through this link, you help support this website and the countless hours I will be staring at the feeds giving you updates wherever you are.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your live feed season pass here!

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    Plus the Live Feeds this year will have lots of extra features which will be so much fun…the cost will be $25.99…$23.99 + $2 tax…and we will have new material starting June 4th on the Live Feeds Videos section plus all the HG’s Interviews 1 week before the Premiere… 🙂

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