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Big Brother 16 – Early Live Feed Content Available Now!


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Here we go, the feeds are on!  Well, sort of.  The feeds will be airing all type of content leading up to the premiere of Big Brother 16, so not only do you save 20% by signing up early, but you get access to this content!


Click here to sign up to the live feeds

There will be on-demand interviews with former houseguests, casting directors and more.  In addition, there will also be live chats with some former contestants, but that will remain a surprise for now.  Note to Big Brother, if you want to make my June, make one of those live chats be with Aaryn. There would be nothing more entertaining this pre-season than Aaryn trying to clear up the mess she made for herself last season.

Also, I hate spamming facebook and twitter every day begging for live feed sales, so I’ll just do a brief beg here. If you sign up by clicking through a link of your favorite big brother site (hint: me! Click Here), you will help support the endless summer of watching the live feeds, and also help pay the expensive server costs. Honestly, there are quite a few really solid Big Brother bloggers out there (Big Brother NetworkHamsterwatch, IHBB to name a few), so if you sign up through them that’s cool too. They are friends of mine, so I will be happy if you support them if you choose.

PS – Someone mentioned the thumbs up in the comments.  They will indeed be back for the start of the season.

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    I checked out the live feed site. They have/had two episodes from the past seasons on there and I’m left wondering if there is some reason for these specific episodes. One was from the DNA season with the twins and the other is AllStars with Doctor Will and Mike Boogey (yuck). Is this a hint for this season?

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    Hija Steve…u want me to make ur June?…check out this recent interview with Aaryn by Liza from BB Canada…it’s very interesting listening to Aaryn now expalining everything and the way she’s talking now will surprise you also… 🙂


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