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Big Brother 16 – And The Feeds Are Live!


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So, about 5 minutes into turning on the live feeds, and we had Joey streaking around the house with Hayden. She stripped down to her thong and some pasties over her nips, and Hayden in the buff with a hat over his weewee, and there they went.  That’s certainly an interesting way to start the summer feeds!


I am going to try and stay up as long as I can, but I don’t think it will be that long, I am already tired.

  • 1:20am – Right now we know that Paola and Donny are nominated.  Not sure yet if they are final nominations or not.
  • 1:30am – Things calmed down for now. Most houseguests sitting around the kitchen. A bunch of conversations happening at once. This is when the house still likes each other.
  • 1:45am – Frankie was chatting in the living room and kind of let it slip how it’s weird everyone is watching him for a change.  I am willing to bet he already let it slip about his sister.  In fact, the house likely knew about 35 hours in.  I don’t think Frankie can keep that secret long.
  • 1:55am – Not much going on.  Getting real tired now. Need to pop open a coke.
  • 2:04am – Zach and Frankie form yet another side alliance.
  • 2:15am – Well, I am off to bed, I can’t hang quite yet.  I will check out what happened overnight tomorrow morning.  Cya then!


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    Self-proclaim flaming feminist liberal, what does that say about America’s BB viewers?

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    Looking forward to another season. Thanks to stevebeans for doing this!

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    What happens if the two HOHs nominate the same person? Love Donny! Watching BB After Dark and am already confused. How did they already get to the have not?

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