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Big Brother 16 House Pictures


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All images via The Hollywood Reporter

In addition to revealing the big HoH twist for Big Brother 16, house pictures have also been revealed. I have to be honest, I like looking at the house photos, but the thing excites me the most about this is just how freakin close we are to the season beginning!  The house pictures are just a tease until we can actually see people in the house, but it’s still fun to look at regardless.

The theme this year is clearly an outdoorsy-tree thing, but one thing I’m a little disappointed on are the bedrooms. They will be sleeping on typical beds instead of like nets or something crazy… although there is always the have not room for that.

Also, before I forget, get the live feeds!  The show begins in a week,  you don’t want to miss out on saving 20%!

Here are the rest of the house images…

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    The house looks super cool!!

  2. Profile photo of JulieD
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    I like the urban treehouse! I saw a pic of the HOH room too, birds nest bed. You think the 2 HOH’s will share the room?

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