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Big Brother 16 – Lazy Sunday Live Feeds

derrick-hangingout It’s a slow weekend in the Big Brother house so far, but maybe that’s a good thing. My girlfriend is on vacation this week, so I have a feeling I’ll probably be blogging less than usual. I’ll still try to keep you as informed as possible, but summer only lasts for like 4 weeks up in New England, so I try to take advantage of it when it’s here. Enough about me, the house has been generally boring, but that’s to be expected. I’m not really sure things will pick up, either. Devin has pretty much accepted his fate, although I’m sure he’ll try to have Donny not use the veto.  When players accept their fate, the week ends up crawling except for the 1-2 times they enter the denial or bargaining stage and cause a scene. So, without further babbling, here are the feeds.  You can watch along here

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  • 3:05pm – Amber, Caleb, Derrick and Victoria are sitting around the HoH room chatting about general stuff.  Just as I type that, the photo booth opens so that will keep them busy for a little while.
  • 3:46pm – Christine and Victoria are outside talking about Amber.  Amber told Christine she’s her only girl friend left in the house.
  • Christine: Donny has been so weird recently. What’s happening?  (more proof he should not use the veto) He’s trying to all extra nice to me now. It’s like ‘Donny, you wanted me gone’
    Christine – Donny is my target next week if I get HoH
  • 5:15pm – Not much going on in the house. Caleb and Frankie getting some sun. I am going to watch BB on CBS! Follow twitter here

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  1. Comments (1)

    Devin will stay in the game…anyone takes him to final 2 will win for sure…

  2. Comments (8)

    I agree Wayne

  3. Profile photo of jill
    Comments (274)

    Yeah Donny needs somehow to see keeping Devin actually is best. Even if Devin doesn’t help him out there will be other bigger targets and fighting with Devin in to keep heat off Donny. Production! *cough cough*

  4. Profile photo of mello_one
    Comments (592)

    I find it so curious that what Derrick accused Devin of doing, being controlling…He is also doing…hmmm?! Derrick is one of my least favorite HG in the house.

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