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Big Brother 16 Predictions and Live Show


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Ugh, such a busy week (for me, not the house, that’s for sure).  As much as I like vacation, it’s wearing me out. I’m hoping tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance challenge so I can have a reason to sit in front of the computer and watch the feeds.  I love those competitions  (please Big Brother, please!)

This is going to be a combo post of my eviction prediction and the live thread, so I won’t ramble too much.


If it is indeed an endurance challenge and you want to see it play out live, you can sign up to the feeds for free here.  If it’s not an endurance challenge, I’m going to cry because it’s my favorite part of the summer.

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  • This is easy.  Christine and Nicole were talking about shaking things up by voting for Caleb to make the house wonder who the mystery votes were. This is something that should happen every week and I’m so very disappointed nobody has done it yet this season.  Week 1 would have been a perfect time to be a secret vote for Joey.
  • Votes:
    Everyone – Devin
    Christine – Devin or maybe Caleb if she’s brave
    Nicole – Devin or maybe Caleb if brave
  • Devin should be eliminated 11-0 or 9-2. 

Live Updates:

All times in pst

  • 5:30pm – Typing this blog post out  🙂  30 minutes until the live show!!!
  • 6:00pm – Julie Chen – “One is obsessed with power, the other is obsessed with a girl”
  • 6:10pm – Showing highlights of the week. Cody talking with Donny about Caleb’s game.
  • 6:15pm – Some talk about sending Caleb out, but it’s all talk.
  • 6:17pm – Commercial break, and we return to see Jeff talking to Donny’s family.
  • 6:24pm – The Donny’s family segment is a must watch. Jeff was great. Donny’s family was amazing.
  • 6:26pm – Julie announces that the next havenots will be determined by their little tracking wristbands. (she told us, not the house)
  • 6:30pm – Caleb talks about how much of a beast mode Cowboy he is.  Devin mentions Caleb’s final 2 pact and how it’s basically stupid to keep him (it is).

Votes Incoming:

  • Amber – Devin
  • Brittany – Devin
  • Christine – Devin
  • Cody – Devin
  • Hayden – Devin
  • Jocasta – Devin
  • Nicole – Devin
  • Victoria – Devin
  • Zach – Devin
  • Frankie – Devin
  • Donny – Devin

Devin voted out 11-0

HoH competition…

Teams: (the winning team are the HoH’s)
They were randomly selected

They need 12 eggs to win. I will keep this updated on the egg count when the feeds return. 

Victoria – Christine
Caleb – Nicole
Brittany – Jocasta
Amber – Zach – 1
Donny – Hayden
Cody – Frankie – 1

Each team has to work together to move the eggs through chicken wire. This is not an endurance but it will likely run past the 10pm mark.  Crank up the feeds here.


Check back for more updates!!


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  1. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (1259)

    Dumb production note Liked how in the past during the opening credits the eliminated house guest were in black & white No biggie just a thing
    Let the show ho on

  2. Profile photo of DanDaMan
    Comments (1288)

    SB, your read on Nicole and Hayden may need updating.

    • Profile photo of stevebeans
      Comments (385)

      I stick by it. Definite friend zone. They may hook up out of loneliness, but no chance it lasts after the show.

      • Profile photo of DanDaMan
        Comments (1288)

        Hayden – Another one, get the hint. How many ways can Nicole reject you?

        I am not saying the are even a showmance, but she is not rejecting him. They are just enjoying each others company and in no way compare to Caleb’s fatal attraction

      • Profile photo of QueenBrat
        Comments (110)

        I agree, she may not kiss him like he asks, but she seemed pretty happy to be cuddling and they hang out. That is far from rejection. Amber ignores Caleb when he talks, not the same with Nicole and Hayden.

  3. Profile photo of Rita
    Comments (672)

    Jocasta can go home now.

    Caleb constantly “doing things for Amber” to win her love is tainted when he constantly tells everyone what he did. Nothing worse than someone reminding you about all the things they did for you. She didn’t ask him for the blankets yet she should feel like she owes him a favor for giving them. What a nut job.

  4. Profile photo of DanDaMan
    Comments (1288)

    Very disappointing Nicole chickened out on the vote fixing plan.

  5. Profile photo of Rita
    Comments (672)

    Caleb is going to be impossible to live with now.

  6. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (1259)

    When will people understand some times it’s better to vote against the house just to put doubt in people’s head about other Paranoia is a great tool look last year with Americas vote changeling things up

  7. Comments (58)

    Oh well Devin knew he was going… Now lets see if Caleb wakes up and leaves Amber alone…OR I think there’s gonna be beef between Him and Cody.. I kinda think Cody is kinda egg’n it on at this point.

    • Profile photo of danmtruth
      Comments (1259)

      Is Amber smart enough to play one against the other to keep her self safe ? Interesting who will be HoH and the nominees

    • Comments (692)

      I almost hope that cody does egg it on. let’s see Caleb explode and then explain how God gets the glory in that. why do some players act like such jerksand then stand up and thank God and give him all the glory 4 what he has done for them in the house.

      • Profile photo of jill
        Comments (274)

        I completely agree. It is so crazy and twisted.

      • Comments (383)

        Yeah, Jocasta saying “praise god!” when Donny saved her just rubbed me the wrong way. God doesn’t give a crap who wins BB. And all that crying about how she gives all the time and FINALLY someone gives back to her??? seriously??? I’m not a Christian but I can imagine that a true Christian would be offended by her comments.

      • Profile photo of ArSaphire
        Comments (58)

        I agree…To be honest Jacosta irritates the crap out of me…She REALLY needs to go.. I think Donny may break out and surprise everybody.

  8. Comments (2)

    This is a boring big brother now that devin is gine I can tell u top five Derek cody Zach Frankie christian so there your top five top three zach de rreck cody cody and derreck it kind of unfair to have someone like derreck in house someone who trained in reading people and stuff its not even worth wwtching caleb and jocasta on block jocasta will throw it donny and Victoria will win caleb goes home cause of this team america twist a real twist would of been no backdooring every player should be given chance for pove instead of backdooring I wont be watching this year

  9. Profile photo of QueenBrat
    Comments (110)

    Why doesn’t Nicole have to wear the entire frog suit?

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