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Big Brother 16 – What We Know So Far

Christine Brecht

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Episode 1 is in the books, the summer is officially underway!  I cannot believe it.  It is always a surreal feeling watching the first episode and learning more about the people I’ve been trying to analyze for the past week.  Here are some notes from the top of my head:

  • First, it sounds like the twist will be both HoH’s will select two nominees. I’d think all 6 of them would then compete (like the PoV) and the winner is the final HoH of the week.  This way, the temp HoH’s will have to choose their nominees based on someone they can beat rather than someone they want to send home.
  • Donnie is clearly more Forrest Gump than Duck Dynasty. I love him already, I hope he sticks around for awhile.
  • The only thing that comes to my mind when Nicole speaks is Fargo.
  • What in the world was up with the random crunches?  I am still trying to wrap my head around that nonsense.
  • Amber falling from the endurance competition was the worst throwing of a challenge I’ve ever seen, not counting when someone drops after deals are made.
  • Paola is the early favorite for the most annoying houseguest of the year.  POW POW

Ok, I also forgot to mention that Frankie won HoH, at least for now.  Tomorrow night the remaining 8 houseguests will enter the house and do it all over again (although it’s already been recorded. I’ll pretend it’s live)

Julie also announced details on Team America.  We will be voting on a 3 person alliance who will do secret things for us depending on what we choose.  We all know Frankie is likely in (thanks to the million mentions of his sister), but that can also be a curse for him. I remember America’s player was not really a fun time for him (Eric?) and ruined his game.

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  1. Profile photo of yearbooks
    Comments (316)

    At first I didn’t think I would like Frankie. However, he isn’t as bad as I thought. I’ll give him a chance.

  2. Profile photo of Samantha
    Comments (10)

    I am on team donnie as well early going. Wasn’t one house guest I disliked as of yet. I have a tolerance for club girls. (we grow out of it i swear!!!!)

  3. Profile photo of Megsta
    Comments (50)

    When I read “Paola is the early favourite” I just about fell over but then saw “for the most annoying house guest of the year” … Yup!! She is extremely annoying, way too over the top/try hard. I hope she doesn’t last long……

    I actually like Donnie so far too! Same with Joey! Though I don’t think this girls alliance is going to last…. we’ll see.

    Good episode, wish it had been two hours rather than one! Haha

  4. Profile photo of You
    Comments (54)

    Havent watched the episode or the feeds, waiting on my gf. From the preview interviews i liked donnie

  5. Profile photo of Kate
    Comments (124)

    Compared to last years’ cast, these people are 100 percent more personable. This could end up being a really good season if the next 8 are just as good.

  6. Profile photo of Painter1
    Comments (193)

    Finally got that password out of the way excited for a new season.Lets get er ROLLING!!!!!!

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