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Big Brother 16 – Rent-A-Player Live Thread


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The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!  It’s eviction return night, when an evicted houseguest has a chance to re-enter the house competing with 3 other formerly evicted houseguests.  You can also call it the rent-a-player night because let’s be real, that’s all these people will be. They were voted out for a reason, and that won’t change just because they were given a vacation for a few weeks.  Make no mistake, whoever returns tonight will be back in the jury as soon as they’re eligible, but the fun part is the mayhem they can cause while they’re back in the house.

Tonight I expect Zach to be joining Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta in a competition where they slide whatever into the center of the board for the highest score.  You can see the diagram in my last post. As I mentioned in that post, this competition sadly increases the luck factor and decreases skill. This means the worst possible scenario can actually happen, and that is Jocasta winning.  Nothing against her personally, but she’s terrible and will contribute absolutely nothing to the game should she return.

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With that said, it’s time to get ready for some Big Brother and let’s hope it’s a fun night!  Updates shortly..

  • 6:00pm – Doing the standard highlights of the week
  • Zach is wearing a bow tie, Jocasta will be jealous
  • Now showing highlights from Mon-Wed. Zach needs 3 votes, so he goes to bed
  • Donny promises Zach his vote this week.
  • Highlights of the neighborhood watch.  Donny said Cody and Caleb were both really into it.
  • Big Brother gives Team America a ‘Mission Accomplished’.. well deserved this week
  • Victoria destroyed Zach’s pink hat which is actually hers. He took it from on week 1 and wore it since.
  • 6:15pm – Still more highlights of the week. Donny working Christine as he tried to work everyone all week.  He told Christine she is basically playing for 5th place, which is true.  Will she do anything about it?  Doubtful.
  • Commercial break.  Live battle to get back in the house is right around the corner.
  • Back. Julie is showing highlights from the battle of the block competition. She didn’t show Christine handing bones off though.
  • She did ask Christine why the competition was so difficult for her
  • Then tells them that was the final BoB competition
  • Speeches:
  • Cody – Julie you look stunning, shoutouts, I love you house, memories blah blah
  • Zach – Shoutouts, to you fruitloops, I say I hate all of you. That’s not true, I strongly dislike most of you but only hate one.  Then he gives his twitter a shoutout.


Derrick – Zach
Christine – Zach
Donny – Zach
Caleb – Zach
Victoria – Zach

  • Commercial Break
  • Back – Zach stands up and throws fruit loops all over the houseguests when evicted.
  • Julie showed Zach some clips about his goodbye messages.  Victoria showed him the cut up hat.
  • Time for the re-enter competition….  But first, jury clip.
  • Nicole, Hayden, blah blah .. ok, time for the competition…
  • First, Julie tells the houseguests.  The four are allowed to re-enter the house.  Nicole asks why there is cereal all over the floor
  • Commercial Break
  • Finally back and ready for the comp… enough teasing.

The person with the most discs on the center of the spinning turntable is the winner after a certain amount of time.

Round 1 – Everyone has a disc
Round 2 – Everyone has 2 discs
Round 3 – Nicole lost a disc
Round 4 – Jocasta in lead
Round 5 – Jocasta still in lead by 1
Round 6 – Nicole, Zach, Jocasta tied for 1st
Round 7 – Nicole won and is back in the game!!!

The HoH competition is coming up later.  Nicole has to win otherwise she’ll be right back out the door


I will be starting a live feed thread shortly.  Still taking a moment of relief knowing Jocasta didn’t win. It was close.  Man, I hate rooting against her, but I root for entertainment!  Jocasta is simply not that.

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  1. Comments (191)

    Jocasta doesn’t have a chance

  2. Profile photo of Jannie
    Comments (1394)

    What a horrible buy back competition!
    Not much skill needed, just dumb luck.
    If Jocasta wins and gets back in all hell will break loose here.

  3. Profile photo of marie2
    Comments (609)

    oh man! A carnival type game, now?! Well, then, go Hayden & Nicole & Zach! Get back in there & stir the pot!

  4. Comments (383)

    When Donny is talking to Christine while looking at the memory wall.. who belched? Was it him or Christine?

  5. Profile photo of juaelz
    Comments (487)

    BB Production ignored the renom rule. So why have the rule if its not going to be enforced. Looks like I’ll be writing a letter to CBS.

  6. Comments (1)


  7. Comments (722)

    2 things set me off already…
    1. Donny not voting for Zach. He promised…
    2. Julie ignantly asking Christine about the comp she threw. Julie acted like she didnt know what Christine did. Do you really think were that stupid?!

    Return comp! Lets get it on!

  8. Comments (383)

    What the hell, Donny???? Why did you vote Zach out?
    I guess he must have figured out everyone ELSE was voting him out and didn’t want to put a bigger target on himself by not going along with the house.

  9. Comments (5)

    They know a jury member is returning… christine just said see you zack in 10 mins.. someone else said they are probably are already out there

    • Comments (5)

      Also as julie called the house guests back… you heard them say when you hear the doorbell act surprised

      • Comments (722)

        I heard that too…

      • Profile photo of juaelz
        Comments (487)

        such BS. I am so aggravated right now. they should not have been given any warning that this was coming!

      • Comments (722)

        It really is bs.
        Shows how “real” reality tv is.

      • Profile photo of juaelz
        Comments (487)

        May next the idiots in BB Production will turn off the dang gone mikes.

      • Comments (722)

        Im so disappointed in tonight.. I dont know what to say..

      • Profile photo of dmc
        Comments (674)

        Like David Letterman once said:

        “You can’t have CBS without some BS !”

      • Comments (722)

        BOL! And total BS this is!!
        Im too invested in this show!!

      • Comments (383)

        Julie even said she had told them “just because you’re out of the house doesn’t mean you’re out of the game” (or something along those lines)… so yeah, they knew. Annoying how she says none of them had any idea it was going to happen.

      • Comments (722)

        I used to really like Julie. But her feigned ignorance of what happens in the house is annoying. And shes had wayyyy too many nose jobs/plastic surgery. It doesnt look natural anymore.

  10. Comments (383)

    Wow. Victoria is dressed like a hooker tonight. Love how seconds after Zach leaves she’s checking herself in the mirror.

    • Profile photo of juaelz
      Comments (487)

      Jenny Victoria thinks her attire is sexy. Why she would go out of her way to TRY and attract someone in the house when says she does’t like any of them is beyond me. And as for her hat stunt. It was unnecessary and mean. But that goes to her character. Not just in this game, but in the real world. I wonder if she is a friend or relative of Amanda Zuckerman.

      • Comments (383)

        oh, I know she thinks it’s attractive. And I’m sure she dressed up to impress all the boys out there watching the show. She really has a lot of growing up to do.

      • Comments (722)

        I think shes trying to attract a husband… and I dont mean Derrick!!

      • Comments (13)

        Exactly, like when Zach, throughout the entire season, decided to say and do the things he did.

        I guess you know Victoria in real life, right? Do you stalk her or something? Saying that’s how she acts in the real world seems like you “know” her. But then again, you wonder if she’s related to Amanda, so you don’t her.

        You don’t even know what’s going on in her mind, so to say that she thinks something is one way is stupid.

      • Comments (13)

        I’m talking about when Zach harassed people, played with people, and said the things he has about people in general

    • Comments (426)

      She is constantly looking at herself in the mirror. It doesn’t matter what is going on around her.

      • Comments (383)

        OOOH BB should cover all the mirrors for a week. I see Frankie and Victoria having a total meltdown. Nichole might have a little trouble because she’s at that age where most women are not comfortable with their looks, no matter how pretty they are. Christine doesn’t seem to spend much time looking in the mirror so she would probably be fine. Donny would be fine because he’s a genuine person. Caleb would be okay because he knows he’s the hottest man in the world. Cody would probably be fine because he knows he’s pretty. Derrick would probably freak out a little over not being able to check his facial hair constantly.

  11. Profile photo of juaelz
    Comments (487)

    BB Production must have given them a hint or two or three about the playback. It should have waited until next week. If I was BB Production I would have had the four play a game at the jury house and the winner ring the doorbell after the 5th evicted houseguest goes to meet Julie.

  12. Comments (372)

    Please let Hayden be the winner …PLEASE

  13. Profile photo of juaelz
    Comments (487)

    Nicole pulled it out!

  14. Comments (644)

    Nicole won!!! I like her but I hope she doesn’t still want to take Derrick to final two like she said in an interview when she was evicted. She’s a very nice person and I hope they’ll stop talking crap about her.

    • Profile photo of juaelz
      Comments (487)

      Derrick is going to latch on her and get in her ear as quickly as he can. Hopefully she plays her own game and goes after Cody and Christine. Donny or Nicole has to win HOH so that they can control the game.

      • Comments (722)

        Donny needs to get to her first.
        I know she feels like “fresh meat” and everyone is waiting for a chance to get her alone…

      • Comments (383)

        I hope she kicks Christine’s lying skanky ass out the door!

  15. Profile photo of me
    Comments (138)

    A decent looking female to look again.

  16. Profile photo of mello_one
    Comments (592)

    Gawd…I wanted Hayden or Zack to return to the House! But Nicole is alright, but the issue with her is that she “still” trust Cody & Derrick, & is EASILY persuaded!!!

    • Profile photo of juaelz
      Comments (487)

      Remember she has week with Hayden and tapes to view. After she made the comment about Derrick. I hope her and Donny pair up and go after Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine and Victoria in whatever order. That means they need to be BEASTS in all the comps HOH and POV to protect themselves from getting backdoored.

  17. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (929)

    Nichole don’t repeat your mistake! Don’t listen to Derrick! Listen to Donny If not your on the block with the whole house telling you don’t worry Donny is our Backdoor target Don’t help them

  18. Comments (75)

    So mad it wasn’t on TV where I live because of football!! Did they do the HOH?

  19. Comments (644)

    This is a video by Joey (the first one to get evicted!) She gives her opinions about all the HGs, but she forgot Zach (in another video she made after, she says she likes him).
    She practically likes everyone except Caleb and Christine. If you don’t like Christine, you have to watch this video. Christine is the first one she talks about, and then throughout the video she says more things about her, she doesn’t hold back at all:

  20. Comments (54)

    I’m so bummed that it’s not Zach going back in…I would have even been happy with Hayden….Nicole is a snore barley a couple notches up from jokeasta.

  21. Comments (1)

    I’m so sick of Derick and him talking game I wish they could see through him. I want him gone. I hope Donny gets favorite player.

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