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Big Brother 16 – Tension Is Brewin’


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What a week this is turning out to be, as you can see from the excitement on Zach’s face.

Last night around 2:00am, the boys sat Caleb down and told him that Amber is going after him should she stay in the house. She is upset he is ‘ruining her game’ and wants him out. While she is upset at being linked to Caleb throughout the season, I wouldn’t exactly say she’s going to go after him. They’re stirring the pot to get him against her prior to the eviction on Thursday.  The mistake – telling him on Tuesday night.

Caleb sat there stunned for a few minutes, surprised *HE* was ruining her game (he pretty much is). Then, he got up and stormed out the door with most of the guys in a panic that Caleb was just going to blow everything up.  The only one who seemed to be enjoying all of this was Zach (as pictured above).  Luckily for the guys, Amber was outside watching people play pool, so Caleb was able to calm himself down as he walked around the house for a bit.  He went back up in the HoH room appearing to be done with Amber. That is, until they talk again and she sucks him right back in.

The problem with telling him this soon is that Caleb is clearly going to talk with Amber at some point today. She’s likely going to deny him being a target and say they’re making it up. This is going to make Caleb’s head spin once again and who knows where that will take him. I will say one thing about him, I am starting to feel real bad.  Sure, he likes her way more than he should and it’s kind of on a creepy level, but to watch the guys toy with that… well, it IS Big Brother after all. Maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad.

I’m sure there will be stuff going on, so I’m going to wrap this up and start a live feed thread in about an hour or two when they start waking up.  My luck is that the action will happen once again at 2am, but here is to hoping they get an early start today!

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  1. Comments (68)

    I think ever since the brigade had that moment when they told everything to Britney and it made great tv, every alliance wants that moment to have in their highlight reel.

    Last year Andy did that to McCrae when he said everything about the exterminators. This year i think the detonators want to have that moment too.

    • Comments (64)

      Sadly, I think only the Hitmen will truly get that moment, unless Frankie stays passed Derrick and Cody.

      If the Detonators get their moment, the only one who’ll be surprised is poor meathead Cowboy. Maybe Victoria too because she is in the clouds somewhere.

  2. Comments (64)

    Does Amber know about the Detonators? If so, she should blow that up.

    Does Amber know that Caleb is being used against her? If so, she should blow that up.

    She should blow up Defrody (Derrick,Frankie,Cody).

    Dangit, I want someone to do SOMETHING.

    Her best bet is to probably convince Christine in a last ditch effort. It would help Christine’s game too. It would be nice to see the boys get blindsided for once. Its so predictable.

    • Comments (68)

      I never understood when people decide not to blow things up when they know they are going to leave.

      I mean, if i knew i was out the door and i knew about certain alliances or deals, i would reveal to everybody including the goldfish.

    • Profile photo of stevebeans
      Comments (379)

      She doesn’t know about the detonators. I’m sure she’ll find out about Caleb being used against her.

      • Profile photo of Jannie
        Comments (1394)

        She is a pretty smart girl – seems she doesn’t really believe what Frankie is telling her. But because she is still not sure if she is going home, she won’t blow anything up. Here’s hoping that Caleb will be the one to tell her that she is going home and then she lets loose with everything that she knows.
        I also heard Derrick say last night that he thinks Nicole is shady and needs to go – wouldn’t it be great to see her leave next?? BB Superfan my a$$…she has done nothing but run to the boys, tattle, and do whatever they tell her to do.

  3. Comments (332)

    Well, anger in the house is usually met with resistance, so she will go out anyway if she goes off crazy. And she is going out because Jacosta is seen as a good vote on the other alliance side for numbers. And the guys have pretty much let it be known Amber was working with them.

  4. Comments (332)

    I am somewhat surprised we have not seen a big spiritual talk between Jacosta and Caleb. He appears to be reading the bible a lot or is that the only book in the house? I am disturbed by Caleb, he is an odd duck and emotional time bomb. The guys really should not light that fire much, And the question is why did they not send him out before Amber? Unless they think he will act all crazy and be a target to keep them safe.

  5. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (929)

    Johnny you are wright as is BBLove time foe Amber to blow things up from her eviction chair Chalange these people to think as it stands the vote is going to be 7 Donny, Zach,Derrick,Christinia , Victoria , Nicole, Hayden and 1 vote poor Caleb So why not lay it out to watch them squirm

    • Comments (332)

      And it is getting exciting as how loyal really are these seven people? Are they to the alliance, each other or alone? Now Hayden must be, he used the veto on Victora (who?) and WHY? And Zach plays alone even tho he is in an alliance. And Derrick has a final two with everyone in the house. So truly who can they trust in the bunch but Donny, he is straight up.

      • Comments (64)

        You are so right! Derrick and Cody (the Hitmen) were already talking about axing Christine. They claimed they caught Christine in a lie about Frankie…I couldn’t follow the conversation in BBAD. But it goes to show, that Christine is so far up these boys’ cracks, she missed a golden opportunity to venture out on her own with the other is the house. Now she’ll be another casualty if all of this chatter continues about her among the boys.

  6. Comments (162)

    I would love to see Caleb blow up Frankie. Maybe that will bring some excitement into the house.

    • Comments (332)

      It is interesting how Frankie is not truly playing the floater gay player as past ones have. And he has aligned himself with all the guy players. He is being the go between and then the cook and bottle washer. But how many friends does he have but Zach? And he has kept things centered on himself and not been on the block.

  7. Comments (22)

    I’m all about playing the game but what they are doing to Caleb is wrong. If he wins HOH next week he can send Frankie home and he can ” go kill himself” jkjkjk

    • Comments (332)

      Why would he blame Frankie, he can’t vote and blames himself for her being on there. Caleb will have to take it out on the seven that vote Amber out.

  8. Profile photo of RAYSAY
    Comments (174)

    Agree, this was premature, should of been done 2am Thursday morning. But then less tension and drama would be missing today, and isn’t that what we all like. 🙂

    Caleb, has a golden opportunity to man-up follow the ‘Cowboy Code’ and dump that philly out of his mind. The one who will gladly stab you in the back just because you are fool in love. You have been campaigning for the nemesis, who has really ruined her own game by covertly plotting a ‘gal alliance’ not knowing that one of the gals is in alliance with the guys, you are targeting and then deny bald-face. So you are ruining your own game Amber, just like Caleb is ruining his.

  9. Profile photo of NR84
    Comments (76)

    Off Topic just a persomal observaton, I wish someone had told Cody that snorting and swallowing his snot, is not lady like. I find that as irrating as HG’s chewing with their mouths open .

  10. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (929)

    Amber might not know the name but she must know that her and Caleb have been frozen out

    • Comments (64)

      She feels it. She is walking around defeated. She should pull a Dan Gheesling and have a funeral type speech.

      Or give the type of speech denouncing Caleb and portraying him as beast-mode cowboy who should be feared because of his athleticism and erratic behavior. “WE ARE NOT A POWER COUPLE”. “HE IS BAD FOR ME AND THE HOUSE”

      How do people get frozen out? The house is small. Speak up until the very end if your back is in a corner. Even if you have to go to each person and do some sly maneuvering.

  11. Comments (64)

    Is Christine married? I remember seeing her in a wedding photos? She seems mighty cozy with Cody, stroking his arm in bed. It may be harmless but its the appearance of impropriety that does more harm most times. My husband would not like that. Just saying.

    • Comments (162)

      I believe she is married and it doesn’t look to good that she is always stroking his arm or following him around the way she does. She thinks she is so pretty that’s why she wants Amber out she is jealous of her.

      • Profile photo of NR84
        Comments (76)

        She is as delusional as Caleb

      • Profile photo of Jannie
        Comments (1394)

        OMG…go to the top of this page and click on her picture to get her bio. Then go down to her “Vine” videos for her BB audition. The husband looks just as kooky and she is close up to the camera looking extra crazy. I can’t go back and look again, but everyone should see them once, even for just 5 seconds.

      • Comments (162)

        yes, gross she is a weird one

  12. Profile photo of mouse
    Comments (843)

    Caleb is as easy to manipulate as Victoria!

  13. Profile photo of mouse
    Comments (843)

    If Hayden, Cody, Caleb, Donny, and Nicole would band together and keep Jocasta, they would be in power next week. The trick would be keeping Nicole from blabbing to Christine. Wishful thinking.

  14. Profile photo of jill
    Comments (274)

    Zach, what is up with the ‘stache buddy? Kinda creepy lol

  15. Comments (64)

    I literally laughed out loud when Zach was saying that Caleb would self-evict if Amber gets evicted. For my television enjoyment, it would be quite amusing.

  16. Comments (43)

    Did CBC take down the rewards of earning 10,00o points to get a free month of Big Bro Live feeds?

  17. Comments (43)

    sorry CBS

    • Profile photo of DanDaMan
      Comments (1288)

      They are currently “sold out”, those ratfarkers. My longer reply is awaiting moderation in reply to your above comment. I copied and pasted the email CBS support sent me.

  18. Comments (15)

    Zach looked like he had a black eye on After Dark. Did I miss something?

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