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Big Brother 16 – Twisted Twists Of All Twists!

With June only days away, CBS is starting to give us new commercials about Big Brother 16 including the latest tonight.  This season, they’re promising twist after twist after twisted twists.  I’m not exactly sure what to think about this, but I know one thing… the more twists, the more conspiracy theories will be out there!

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Look, if I know one thing about Big Brother, it’s that the fans love to think production is manipulating the game in favor of certain players.  Every season it’s the same thing, and you know what?  Every season I am still not completely convinced they’re not doing that. There have certainly been quite a few challenges that show up at the right time which were almost hand made for players like Rachel, Frank, Ian, etc.

Regardless of the theories, I am ready for some twists this year. Bring them on! The last few season have been pretty weak from the teams to the paired players / golden key junk.  Let’s not forget the lounge with the machines they put in where we wait all year for something big to happen… then nothing.

Do you have any theories on twists this year?  Let’s hear them…

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  1. Comments (24)

    i enjoyed the DNA season of twist so i hope we have some good ones would like to see more of pandora’s box too! Either way i just hope it’s better than last year!

  2. Comments (676)

    Just signed up for the live feeds. I told myself I wasn’t going to do it but I couldn’t help myself.

    No “thumbs up/down” option this year? I won’t miss the “down” but I liked giving the thumbs up to comment I agreed with.

  3. Comments (316)

    I would like to see either all old players or all new players. I don’t like when they are mixed together.

    As for twists, how about putting a spy in the house who is not in it for the money?!

  4. Comments (123)

    I been Loving all the Rumors so far…the strongest one is the Blood vs Water…it looks that one might come out true, with Vets coming in with Loved ones…CBS is trying to avoid another BB15, the only way is to bring in Vets they can trust, lol… 🙂

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