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Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Begin Tonight!

bb17-cameraDon’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post begging you to sign up to the live feeds. I already made my case here (if you want to read it). This is a reminder that the live feeds will begin tonight, so if you’re a member, be sure to tune in!  They will likely begin shortly after midnight est (after west coast episode), and we’ll be off and running from there.

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Now, if you haven’t picked up the feeds yet, get them here.  If you have no intention of buying them, this is your reminder that I will have update threads going (hopefully) multiple times daily. I slept nice and late today, so I plan to be up watching the feeds trying to figure out what has happened in the house over the past week. Who is nominated, if they had the BotB yet, if they had their first ‘twist’ yet, etc, etc.

Remember, this cast entered the house last week (last night, nor tonight will be live on CBS), so a good portion of the competitions have likely already happened. If you are not getting the feeds, be sure to either visit this site like every hour, or follow me through one of these options below:

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Big Brother may have ‘officially’ started last night, but this site will begin the massive amount of updates beginning tonight!

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    Hope the BotB does not kill the big moves like last year. All that did was let the two HOH’s team up kept the big moves out and let Derrick run the house….better be some great twists coming, fingers crossed.

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