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Big Brother 17 Power Rankings Week 1

I am going to be doing some weekly power rankings to show where I feel people are in the house.  This isn’t represent the order I think they’ll be eliminated in (although in some cases it may), but just how strong of a game they’re playing.  I did this rank prior to last night’s Audrey exposure, so she’d probably rank a bit lower next week.

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Won the first HoH, playing decent social game
Doing well flying under the radar, despite intelligence making him a threat
She is playing a pretty strong social game so far
Decent social game, good competitor
Middle of the pack type
Playing too hard, too fast, but in decent shape
Rockstar dentist kind of in the middle of things
Right now, he's just kind of there for Shelli to drool over
If Clay leaves, she may have a meltdown
Still has TAR target on back
Still has TAR target as well
She has had issues with Audrey, could hurt her game
Had a major meltdown, and kind of floating
Has a lot of work to do if Jace leaves
Lumped herself with Jace and Austin
Jace is in bad shape this week, as the house is pretty much set on evicting him

What are your thoughts on the list?  How would your ranking go?

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    ??? not bad Steve but no telling what these dopes will do. If BB Canaduh proved anything, its that players should cry lots ??? … its a typical ploy the weaklings use to disarm the house, but dont always work unless youre a fem or femboi.Bruno you b*tch lol … even though aUdreys becoming unpleasant, Ill bet when the sob story hits the fan, every bleeding heart with push shove and bully anyone out of the way to lift him up above all others to win the game so we can celebrate diversity lmao

  2. Comments (120)

    Not bad, although I would put Audrey as 5, Da’Vonne as 6 (even though she and Audrey have fought Da’Vonne isn’t as much of a target as Audrey is) then I would place Becky after Da’Vonne then the rest as you have it.

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    This early it’s hard to judge. As I said in another post I feel bad for Austin . Others are using his size as a reasons for others to fear him . His social game took a hit from his “bromance” with Jace
    Keep up the good job

  4. Comments (622)

    People shouldn’t put down Audrey for being transgender. They should respect Audrey’s choice.

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