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Big Brother 17 – After Show


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This week on the program, the Big Brother After Show had Big Brother 16’s winner, Derrick on via skype. Well, sort of. There was a lot of difficulty with sound, but they did the best they could on both sides. Some notable things is that Derrick thinks Steve is a strong contender right now (I agree), and that he’d probably have paired up with James because he’s easily controllable and loyal (I agree, again).

Check out the video here:

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    I really enjoy listening to an intelligent, articulate player like Derrick and his take on the game. I’d love to see a season of players compete who are on his level and not recruited.

    Too bad the interviewers on this seem so poorly prepared.

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    Steve, I agree with you and Derrick. I believe that unless they take out Vanessa or Steve, they will be the Final 2. And if that happens, then everyone just basically handed the money over to her and deservedly so. As much as I hate to admit it, she seems to be the ONLY one actually playing the game. Love her, hate her or indifferent, she will have earned it.

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