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Big Brother 17 – Time To Frame Jeff


I am up nice and early on this Sunday morning, so it’s a good time to recap the week in Big Brother, and where we are moving forward.

Despite what Da’Vonne said to Julie Chen, the house really does want Audrey out. By ‘the house’, I mean one side of the house. The other side wants to keep her in as a shield, which is smart. The problem is that one side of the house thinks both sides of the house are on the same page – they’re not.

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With Vanessa eventually winning HoH this week after putting up John and James who both potentially threw the competition (they speculate James threw it to save Meg – and it wouldn’t shock me if true). The plan was going ok as Vanessa could have said she wanted to backdoor Audrey, but John threw a wrinkle in that plan by also winning the PoV. Vanessa was hoping one of the 3 playing who weren’t part of it would have won, and she even said she threw her part to Audrey for that reason.  This was because those three were unlikely to use the veto, and James goes home with nobody the wiser.

Well, John won, this means it was time for Vanessa to use plan B, the replacement nom.  She could put up Audrey, but Audrey would likely go home. So, she spent the night trying to figure out a way to  get Jeff on the block without looking like she’s working with Audrey. After some very long discussions with Steve, Clay and Austin, they came up with a plan. Make Jeff look bad.

Tune in to the live feeds around 4:30am to see the beginning of the confrontation where Austin starts getting upset at Jeff for tossing his name out there as a potential target. Normally Austin wouldn’t care, as he knows he’s a target, but this was the perfect time to start exposing all the things Jeff has said.. like how he wants to work with Austin, then target him.

Keep in mind, this is all just so Vanessa can put Jeff on the block without anyone being upset that Audrey isn’t the replacement nom. You have to give her credit, it’s very easy to get blood on your hands. It’s pretty hard to slice someones throat in the game, yet come off as completely innocent about it. I think it’s a pretty good strategy, especially this early, and it will certainly bump Vanessa up in my ranks quite a bit.

Today should be a pretty slow day.  There will be more Gronk parties like last night’s cold shower party:


And apparently they made togas (11:40pm) and also had a backyard limbo… (2:45am)



On the bright side. At least it’s a Gronk party and not an Aaron Hernandez party.

Too soon?  I’m a Pats fan, I can joke about that scumbag

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  1. Comments (43)

    I’m a Bears fan. But even though, not too soon. He let money & power clog his decision making.

  2. Profile photo of g8trgirl
    Comments (283)

    Gator fan here. He was a good boy once. Became a thug later on. Not too soon. Lol

  3. Comments (8)

    Steelers fan. . . ride and die! ?

  4. Profile photo of damamma
    Comments (372)

    Green Bay all the way

    • Profile photo of AIO_7
      Comments (755)

      Me too.

      Too soon for a Mark Chmura joke?

    • Profile photo of damamma
      Comments (372)

      Brett Farve is even a better joke, retire, unretire, dick pic yourself into late night comedy jokes and have half of Wisconsin ashamed of his stupidity.He was a great quarterback, then he turned into a major jerk.

    • Profile photo of Connie Sue
      Comments (198)

      I agree GREEN BAY ALL THE WAY. I agree about Brett Farve though. I really like Aaron Rogers he is much better than Farve.

    • Profile photo of damamma
      Comments (372)

      Aaron is the best WI ever had, classy man with a rocket arm ….at his peak Farve was a god here …till the unretiiring , playing for minnesota, and then the GB superbowl ring dick pic… SO many of his fans …mostly women , turned on him… including me

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