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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Night Live Episode Update

Hey everyone! Follow along for live episode updates tonight! I will be writing key points that are happening in tonight’s episode.

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  • Austin is hooked on Liz but she doesn’t like him only as a friend.
  • He kissed her but she was disgusted and tried to be nice.
  • Vanessa, Clay, Becky, Shelli, Johnny Mac, and Liz are playing in the Veto competition.
  • Clay won the power of veto.
  • Becky is having a meltdown she’s very scared for Thursday.
  • Vanessa is telling Liz about her plan to backdoor Austin.
  • Vanessa is telling Austin off about what he did.
  • Austin is pleading Vanessa not to put him up.
  • Austin went running to Shelli and Clay and now their on his side.
  • The winners of the battle of the block competition James, Liz, and Vanessa got their Outback Steakhouse dinner and they got to bring a guest obviously Liz picked Austin, Vanessa picked Becky, and James picked Clay.
  • Clay and Shelli are telling Vanessa not to put Austin up.
  • The veto meeting is here and obviously Clay saved himself and Vanessa put up Jason as a replacement nominee.

Check back for more updates.


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