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Big Brother 18 Cast Member – Bridgette Dunning


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Bridgette is a 24 year old traveling nurse, and I see floater written all over her. She seems very nice, very friendly, but can’t seem to tell a lie. She will also not try to hook up with anyone, and plans to win it all yet still be loved. ¬†Good luck with that.

I see her more like a Nicole, without the hooking up, and without being a super fan. So, I guess not a whole lot like Nicole. I guess what I do see is her being super friendly with everyone and probably floating along deep into the game until they decide to cut her loose. Who knows, maybe she’ll end up final 3 or 2 because of her friendliness. The fact that she’s a traveling nurse is a major bonus for her floating ability, because she likely runs into many different personalities from not only patients, but other ER staff.

Note – She is not going in with the specific goal of a floater, but I certainly don’t see her forming any major alliances or slashing throats. She’ll be a number, and she’ll either get lucky and the strong group will pick her, or not and she’ll be floating on a raft with a hole in it.

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