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Big Brother 18 Pre-Season Power Rankings


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Big Brother likes to make work harder on me by not revealing the remaining houseguests we all know they’re going to ‘surprise’ everyone with, but I’ll do my best with what we have so far.

Before I begin, as far as those other four guests, nobody knows for certain who they are, but there is a lot of speculation. Most of the names floating around have been over the last few seasons, including James, Nicole, Da’Vonne, Frank, Jason, Franke, and more. I will tell you right off the bat, I think there is about a 0% chance Franke will be in there, as he’s hosting some web show. I think James is almost a guarantee return, especially since he was around to do a ‘Houseguest Hotseat’ interview with Jeff in the live feed section. Da’Vonne also had an interview up there, and they were both asked if they’d return to the house, and both said yes.

On the same note, Frankie, Ian, Rachel, Jeff, Britney and Janelle were also interviewed. I don’t expect any of them in the house this year, although that would be fun to see those guys return. I just think James and Da’Vonne are the most likely out of those two to return.

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On to what we actually do know, and that is the first 12 houseguests this season.

I have a feeling this has the makings to be a pretty weak cast, so I am really hoping the remaining 4 will do something to make things interesting. It is like they picked the cast out of magazines rather than auditions, so I expect a dramatic beginning, a long, bathing suit filled middle, and perhaps a strong finish when the vacationers are flushed out. As I pointed out in one of my profiles yesterday, I don’t expect any of the girls to win this year. This is not a sexist comment, rather than a comment on poor casting. I think I noted that there has only been 2 female winners since season six, and the second winner spent her first round in the house sleeping in bed before getting evicted. The second time she got fired up, especially when Brendan got booted.

Why do women have such trouble winning this show? Well, they didn’t early on. It was pretty split down the middle between genders until they started casting more aspiring models rather than players.  Most of those players try to keep up an image and spend more time working on their bodies and their tans before strategy. When that happens, the guys tend to bond more than the women do, and they end up just voting with loyalty to their buddy rather than their brains.  When the women do bond, like the sisterly bond of the twins last year, they greatly increase their chances to win. Rachel bonded with Porsche, Liz had her sister, and Vanessa was also pretty close to the twins.

When they don’t bond?  You get seasons 14, 15 & 16.  Looking at the top 5 from each season, you have:

BB14 – 3 males, 2 females (one of them being one of the biggest floaters in history – ‘Jenncity’)
BB15 – 4 males, 1 female
BB16 – 4 males, 1 female

Out of 15 people, that’s 11 male, and 4 female to finish in the top 5 during a 3 year span. If you add in BB12, that’s another 4/1 situation.  Big Brother 17 was the first time since Big Brother 13 that a female had a legitimate shot at winning.. and she was sitting in the jury for the final vote (Vanessa).

Needless to say, this show hasn’t been kind of female contestants over the past decade or so, and I blame that squarely on poor casting. Unfortunately, I am not sure Big Brother 18 will have different results.

Being brothers with Cody will help his reputation right away
I think he'll form a 'bromance' with Paulie and Paul
Being Vanessa's sister, she knows what to expect, but she's in for a wild ride
I think he'd be the first to go out of the 3-way 'bromance'
She will come off as non-threatening, and her smarts will get her deep
I think Bronte is in for a floater type of season
He'll form a small, tight alliance that will cause trouble but eventually be snuffed out
She will be one of the stronger players in the losing alliance that forms
He seems quite arrogant and won't quite fit in with the rest of the guys
He'll start very social but get on the nerves of everyone quick. He'll be bottom 3 regardless of who the mystery guests are
I think she's going to get back-stabbed by her alliance early
I am iffy on her. She could float along pretty far or be dispensable early

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  1. Comments (238)

    I read yesterday that the four guest were named. At the moment I only remember Ian and Vanessa from last year. It seemed reliable sources.

  2. Comments (1)

    I think Paulie will be evicted in the middle of the season. Tiffany all depends on how sweet she acts but I don’t see her making it to the end. Of course all this is without knowing the twist and the other four house guest. If Paul comes off strong and arrogant out of the gate I think he will go somewhere in the middle as well. I hope the best for Glenn if he can truly fit in like he told Big Jeff than he could go far. I like your assessment of Jozea but not seeing him go very far. Looking forward to the season and watching your post about the happenings.

  3. Profile photo of Connie Sue
    Comments (198)

    It is nice to see Glenn age 50 in the house but the next closest in age is 32. Why not a few more in there 50’s?

  4. Comments (77)

    I am seeing a lot of potential floaters this season… Hopefully the 4 they bring in will shake things up. It’s hard to pick faves or anything before actually seeing the season, but I am hoping Zakiyah will align herself with Paulie and Paul.

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