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Paulie Calafiore



Paulie Calafiore

Age: 27
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Current city: Howell, NJ
Occupation: DJ
Three adjectives that describe you: Driven, passionate, and quick-witted.

Favorite activities: I love various martial arts, exercise, and instruments. I like Krav Maga the most on the martial arts side and playing the guitar on the instrument side.

My life’s motto is… A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Random Notes:

  • Another TV show look-alike. First, we had Dexter’s sister, and now we have the dude from Hawaii Five-O, Scott Caan (or as I remember him as the douchebag in Entourage)
  • If you didn’t recognize the last name, he is the brother of Cody