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Big Brother 19 Live Eviction Thread!

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Good evening, everyone!  I spent my Thursday afternoon doing some errands so I have no clue right now if Christmas is back yet.  Can anyone confirm if she came back or not?  According to live feed chat she is not back, but I want to confirm.  (no, not evicted, just still not back yet)

Tonight on the show will be a pretty predictable eviction with Cody getting nearly unanimous votes to leave. There could be another hinky vote from Kevin or maybe a vote for Ramses from Jason. Of course, Jessica will also be voting for probably Ramses. Other than that it should be a clean sweep for Cody.  That’s too bad because, despite popular opinion that he’s a miserable human being who makes the house worse, I take the opposite position. He still is a bit miserable, but he has been the highlight of every CBS episode so far this season.  I crack up when he goes to the DR and doesn’t play along with their temptation things or anything else.  Plus, he was one of the few people who had the potential to stir things up because most of the rest appear to be content just making it to jury (I really hate that).

So that’s about it.  Let me toss out a quick plug for my wife’s skin care business because it’s Thursday night and that’s what I do (once a week, so no complaining). She loves the stuff and loves selling it because it’s 100% animal testing free, and priced pretty low.  I don’t know much about skin care because I was born with the best skin possible (hahaha), but she does and likes matching people with their best product more than anything else.  So follow her facebook page and show some love!  Again, I’m plugging this link once a week, so if anyone complains, pffffffffft  🙂

Also, we are going away for a few days this weekend but I will try my best to have the feeds covered.  If I can’t live blog and Amy is busy, I’ll do my best to do nightly recaps.  It’s only a few days, and you probably won’t even notice (maybe).


  • Note – The HoH competition will in fact be the endurance wall tonight so it could be a long one.
  • Finally got on my laptop after 10 minutes of loading (I need a new computer)
    • Julie announces that there will be a buyback next week.   This means Cameron!!!, Jillian, Cody, and next evicted houseguest will compete
  • Julie announces that Christmas will not return tonight but they will show her in the hospital room to cast a vote – WEIRD
  • Julie showing clips of Cody ‘stirring things up’ before he goes.  Hard to find a time he was out of the HN room
    • So far he comforted Jessica and tried to make amends with Christmas
    • Ok here is the stirring. He tells Christmas that Dom and Mark wanted to put Christmas up
    • Cody just says that she should work with Alex and Jess moving forward
  • Now they’re showing the clips from last night’s talk show. Pretty quick editing. Kudos CBS
    • Mostly highlights from the Cody time. Skipped over Alex and Ramses
    • Pretty much went over everything I posted about earlier.
  • Commercial break
    • Julie tells the house about Christmas’ surgery.
    • With that, time for Cody to be evicted
  • Speeches
    • Alex does a generic speech
    • Ramses has a generic speech
    • Cody does a shoutout to his kid and says ‘don’t be a beta’ then says he’ll miss Jess
  • Votes
    • Jessica – Ramses
    • Kevin – Ramses
    • Christmas – Ramses
    • (surprise vote – though Ramses need 6 votes)
  • Commercial
    • Raven – Cody
    • Dominique – Cody
    • Mark – Cody
    • Jason – Cody
    • Josh – Cody
    • Elana – Cody
    • Matt – Cody
    • Cody is evicted
  • Paul didn’t do what he said and hand Cody his bag. Shocker. All talk
  • On the way out, Cody asked Jessica to be his girlfriend
  • Cody makes fun of how the people in the house are like groupies (he’s right)
  • Julie tells him there is a second chance.  Cody says ‘you’re lying’.
  • Up next – Endurance competition which will carry over to LIVE FEEDS

Check back for my endurance competitionn thread!!!

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  1. Profile photo of Melinda Beans
    Comments (30)

    Steve uses Perfectly Posh too. Don’t let him fool you. 😉

    I am so bummed I have to miss tonight’s episode. Damn people wanting to hang out with me. Honestly, if (when) Cody leaves, I’m actually going to miss him. Yes, he’s weird, but at least he’s interesting and brings drama to the house. Now Jessica is going to wander around like a lost little puppy for awhile.

  2. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (1193)

    as I said in a previous post Thanks to the Dumbinotor show last night We went from an easy elimination to a Lincoln house divided Mark is scrambling to deny he knew what Cody was up too Me thinks tho protest to strongly
    Are we really to believe the 3 people Cody trust and wish well are Jessica, Jason, And Raven ?? Raven What,,,
    Josh and Cody still dont know how to have a conversation
    Can Ravan be any more pathetic It’s a cut foot not an amputation

    • Profile photo of Ann
      Comments (327)

      Didn’t she say she wished Christmas would stop talking about her foot?

    • Profile photo of Mell
      Comments (2361)

      It’s not even her foot…it’s her toe

    • Profile photo of Helen
      Comments (1866)

      Yeah she did it on purpose….no doubt that was well set up….Cody told Christmas the day he left it was mark and Dom….he pretty much old Paul the same last night….although Cody had it in his head from the gate,Paul because he didn’t like him and Christmas because he said he couldn’t control her,I think that indeed mark and Dom knew… least that Cody had the thought that is what he’d like to do….I could be way off base but if Cody stays both Dom and mark might be on a lot of people’s hit list,including codys. I also think that in some odd twisted way Paul actually earned codys respect (at least for awhile) ……..

    • Profile photo of ElaineB
      Comments (749)

      If Raven continues with the ‘health crisis’ HG routine, it may work in her favor. The other HGs won’t view her as a threat to get out, so she can ride coattails.

  3. Profile photo of strwar1
    Comments (17)

    I can’t wait to see Cody get evicted! Also I hope either Kevin win HOH!!

    • Profile photo of strwar1
      Comments (17)

      I meant I hope Kevineins HOH after all I think he can now win one after that money he took during the first big brother episode of this season.I don’t think he needs to throw it now does he?

      • Profile photo of Mell
        Comments (2361)

        I think the conversations this week will be centered around (depending on who wins) Xmas’ attitude, (if shes back) Doms shadyness, Ramses being smartand sneaky, wondering if Jessica needs to go yet, breaking up shomances and if Jason can be trusted. I don’t think Kevin has to worry yet.

      • Profile photo of AmberB
        Comments (523)

        Kevin has said multiple times he doesn’t want to win right now.

    • Profile photo of Mell
      Comments (2361)

      I don’t want Kevin to win, only because I don’t want him to be a target this early.

  4. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (1193)

    Kevin has no intention of winning HOH this early

  5. Profile photo of Shivani33
    Comments (933)

    Julie Chen, showed on some show called “The Insider” and said Christmas will vote, if necessary, from her hospital bed, “because every vote counts.”

  6. Profile photo of Mell
    Comments (2361)

    Did anyone catch the interview with Julie Chen? She said something about having to get a vote from Christmas if she couldn’t make it back into the house.

  7. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    Oops I forgot to capitalize DO NOT.

  8. Profile photo of Ann
    Comments (327)

    Here we go with this revenge shit.

  9. Profile photo of dmc
    Comments (756)

    Steve, we appreciate your dedication to the site, but don’t worry about us for the weekend.
    Take your time off – there’s plenty of posters here that keep everyone up to date.

  10. Profile photo of Cyn
    Comments (611)

    I foresee Alex winning this comp! Christmas and someone else nom’d for eviction.

  11. Profile photo of Mell
    Comments (2361)

    I’m torn on the Christmas issue. On one hand, multiple trips outside the house could be a reason to disquilify someone. However, she’ll be medicated the majority of the time and she isn’t exactly going sightseeing. If getting out of the house for a time can give someone an advantage, she wouldn’t be the first. Twins have done it on more than one season and those were lengthy breaks. (That’s not even counting the comp winners who have gotten a trip) These are also extreme circumstances because it’s such a bad break. If you add up the total hours she’s been away so far, I think a couple people have been gone longer due to medical issues. On top of that, any time you’re away, I think it’s a disadvantage because you lose the feel of the dynamics in the house. You’ve missed some stuff. Than again, if it were Jillian, they would have probably already said “tough shit, gotta go home”

  12. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    Ha Ha Ha Alex gotta love her!

  13. Profile photo of Ike7482
    Comments (54)

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I cringe overtime josh called Cody or jess a “meatball”

  14. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    I normally don’t comment about clothes but Julies dress looks a little too big on her.

  15. Profile photo of Ann
    Comments (327)

    Looks like we won’t be getting rid of Crazy Cody for good.

  16. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    I’m wondering how all of their game plays will change when they find out about the Battle Back next week.

    • Profile photo of ElaineB
      Comments (749)

      I would like Cameron to come back. Certainly don’t want Cody and wouldn’t be thrilled for Jillian to make it back in. Have no clue who will leave after Cody, but I don’t want him/her back either. Lol.

      • Profile photo of AmberB
        Comments (523)

        OH please BB Gods, let Cameron back in!

      • Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
        Comments (2496)

        I think if the Battle Back is physical, Grody might have the best odds of winning. If it’s mental, then maybe Cam. Hard to tell how smart he is though, he wasn’t in the house long enough. I’m just going on the hunch that he looks smart…lol

  17. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Was it Lindsay that said “I love seeing a mean girl cry”? Poor Messica. I feel so sorry for her…NOT!

  18. Profile photo of Ann
    Comments (327)

    I have ZERO sympathy for Jess.

  19. Profile photo of Ann
    Comments (327)

    Bus, meet Dom & Crazy Cody is driving burning rubber on your ass.

  20. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    My my my Josh is cocky hiding behind Paul isn’t he.

  21. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Did you notice how when everyone was giving their eviction speeches, the camera kept going to Grody?

  22. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    Aahhh the votes begin.

  23. Profile photo of AmberB
    Comments (523)

    Ugh. The BattleBack makes me want to puke!

  24. Profile photo of Ike7482
    Comments (54)

    well I’m surprised that Cody has no votes yet, obviously we don’t have them all et, but Christmas voted for ramses???

  25. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    Have I missed a new plan afoot concerning Ramses?

  26. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Bet you Paul won’t be so happy he told Kevin to vote out Ram now.

    I expected Messica to vote out Ram, but Xmas? WTH?

  27. Profile photo of BBBonbon62
    Comments (169)

    Was Christmas on too many meds???

  28. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (1193)

    first infomercial and Helen math is spot on Look out Ramses oh my lets see the other votes If it is Ramses that goes Helen YOU are Ms Cleo

  29. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    Uugggh slober slober.

  30. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Paul expected Messi and Kevin to vote out Cody. But now he will have to figure out who the 3rd person was that voted to keep him. This should be fun.

    And why the HELL wasn’t he wearing his costume like he was suppose to????

  31. Profile photo of Helen
    Comments (1866)

    Thank you Jesus!!! I can sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Did you see that look that Paul gave Mark when he walked up to him after Grody left? Pure daggers. Bet Poprah gets a little taste of that too.

  33. Profile photo of mindyboo
    Comments (191)

    Man oh man I want to stay up but 5:30 comes early.

  34. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    I was just thinking, Messica might need to win HOH this week while Paul still has safety. If she wins it after next week, she’s going to throw him up there quicker than hurry up.

  35. Profile photo of Ike7482
    Comments (54)

    even through some of his rambling, Cody seemed to have something close to genuine human emotions in his exit interview. I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually pretty glad theres a battle back, the only person I don’t want to see is Jillian back in because name 3 things she did besides talk and walk. And even though she does do stupid shit, I’m still rooting for Dom, and also alex

  36. Profile photo of Alda
    Comments (380)

    I knew Christmas wouldn’t vote out Cody after he had that talk with her and apologized for being mean to her.Mark or Dom will get the blame for that vote.

  37. Profile photo of danmtruth
    Comments (1193)

    so how many people will be cheering for Camron in the battle back
    Helen your still my BB Math professor
    Josh over under 3 person off
    Kevin over under 6
    Raven over under 7
    once more another wet t-shirt night for Ell

  38. Profile photo of Morgana
    Comments (96)

    Hey Guys! Sorry I’ve been AWOL this week. I am visiting my mother 🙂

    WTF is up with Christmas voting out Ramses?!?!? Maybe it’s the pain killers.

    Does anybody know who is in the lead for the Den of Temption? I’d actually like Matt to get it I think.

    Josh is driving me nuts with his attacks on Cody & Jess, even if he doesn’t like them, because it puts a target on him. I’d honestly like to see him go next because he may be able to beat Cody in the battle back. If the HGs are smart, they will target Jessica now.

  39. Profile photo of Mell
    Comments (2361)

    Gotta unload these thoughts so I can focus on hoh comp:
    *Helen, did you get nervous when the first 3 votes were cast? I was worrying about you and wanting those damn commercials to end!!
    *Julie could fit a family of 4 under that dress.
    *Cody-straight face-frog hat-DR-fantastic!
    *Jessica crying about having to sit on the floor while she’s sitting on the big blue lounge couch thing…
    *Raven looked like a cartoon character- she would be adorable…. if she were 5.
    **Damn, Marks a big guy.
    *I predicted 3 votes for Ramses…winner winner chicken dinner.
    *Is Paul thinking about the 3rd vote tonight & ‘who the hell isn’t my puppet in this house?’
    *Big Jeff is LOVING that Cody is in love since he told him that showmances were dumb.
    *Too bad everyone’s forgetting about Jessica and won’t get her out next week. She’d have to compete against Cody.
    *It’s hilarious when the women spend 3 hours getting ready for Thursday and then they have this type of comp.
    *Did Alex inhale helium right before she gave her ‘don’t evict me ‘ speech?
    *Yep, I’m gonna say it…I liked Cody in his exit interview….very much if I’m being 100. What the hell is wrong with me???

  40. Profile photo of Cyn
    Comments (611)

    So far Alex and Jessica are not breaking a sweat. A female is winning this one as I’ve mentioned. I like Christmas a great deal but if asked wins, she’s def putting her up.

  41. Profile photo of Cyn
    Comments (611)

    Elaina is doing phenomenal. I think it’ll be btwn her and Alex

  42. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Messica will come a crawling before the night is out. Alex can pretty much get her first born now.

  43. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Alex’s azz hasn’t been HOH for an hour and she’s talking about backdooring someone already. They should make a No Backdoor Rule.

  44. Profile photo of NKogNeeTow, Moderator
    Comments (2496)

    Mark is on to Kevin! Who would have thunk it? Now Dom is slowly starting to realize it. They are trying to convince Paul.

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