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Big Brother 19 – Week 6 Popularity Poll

There is a new leader at the top of the poll!  Kevin and Paul enjoyed the top spot for most of the season, but Cody has been launched ahead into the lead.  This could be a good sign for him to win AFP, but I’m sure his numbers will drop a bit after he gets evicted.

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Here are the charts from last week….

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  1. Comments (98)

    Is their going to be a battle back?

  2. Comments (291)

    So basically Jessica’s fan base started voting for Cody now that she is gone.

  3. Comments (2530)


  4. Comments (291)

    Has BB every introduced a new player to the game one time every week for the first 4 weeks? For example, every time they evict someone 5minutes later the doorbell rings and a brand new player enters the house. That would be a good twist.

    • Comments (2530)

      I don’t think they’ve introduced that twist before Zach, but I’d be ok with it. As long as the 4 players they introduce each week aren’t vets. That would be my worst nightmare…

      • Comments (291)

        No I agree. 4 new players. I’d love to see how it would intertwine the game. Plus the look on the HGs faces would be priceless.

      • Comments (880)

        4 new players 1 every week would have this bunch looking some kind of stupid in the face because they’re too bright.

    • Comments (125)

      I like the idea, however, as we have seen in the past with BB, when someone is returned to the game, they don’t usually fair that well. HG #1 comes in and adjusts to the setting, add HG#2 they you have a dynamic happening, like a chemical reaction. HG#3 more fun stuff and so on. However HG#1 & 2 have more time together to establish whatever. As more people are added to the mix, there is already a foundation being formed with the earlier HG’s, hence the late comers are basically cannon fodder for those who have established themselves longer. I think it would be a very rough deal period.

  5. Comments (873)

    I have a feeling…Idk tho, that the Have Not Key for the Slop Box, might open the P.O. Boxes in the HOH Room. Which might have a Special Temptation enclosed in one of them. Of Course Paul will realize it 1st…Sigh -_-

  6. Comments (291)

    So I wasn’t a follower of this site until about a 2 years ago. Was everyone this pissed off when Derrick was running the house?

    • Comments (2530)

      Personally, I was just as annoyed with the season 16 HGs as I am with this group, and from what I recall people on this board were also pretty critical of the naivete of many of the HGs that season. However, I also think that was overshadowed by people’s admiration for Derrick’s skill and style of gameplay.

      I think the reason why people are more annoyed this year is because of the difference in tactics used by Derrick versus Paul. Derrick was far less controversial, and he was more of a covert leader (no one really realized he was in control of the house until it was too late). This season, Paul is much more controversial, “in-your-face”, and very overtly in control of the house. In other words, BB16 HGs were criticized for being too stupid to realize that Derrick was playing all of them, but BB19 HGs are criticized for being too stupid to care that Paul is playing all of them (even though they all realize it).

      • Comments (291)

        Sounds like people are never happy around here lol and honestly, I think a few people are fully aware of Paul’s game but they are following him until the time is right. If you make Paul look like the mastermind and the jerk of the house then when say the final 5 come and they vote him out. The rest of the HGs will be that much more likely to vote for you to win the game. I’d put Alex, Matt, Christmas and Jason into that group of players that I feel like knows what is going on, they are just playing the game differently than we have seen before.

      • Comments (2530)

        Zach, I’m not ready to give up on this group quite yet. Primarily because I remember being just as disheartened at this point last year, thinking Paulie was steamrolling his way to the $500K. And just like Paul this year, Paulie was overtly in control of the house last year and everyone seemed fine with it. Then Paulie got a little overconfident, made some foolish mistakes, and ironically it was Paul who ended up orchestrating his demise.

        There are still 11 people in the house and I agree with you that there are a number of people who are playing it safe for now until the numbers dwindle down a bit. A LOT can happen between now and finale night. And if Paul ultimately takes home the grand prize, I’m going to congratulate him on a game well played (and send CBS a seething letter demanding no vets next year and a cast who are hungry to win).

    • Comments (822)

      I guess I am more annoyed when casting/production/AG bring back vets EVERY season. I am also annoyed these people ARE NOT thinking for themselves & are willing to buy whatever Paul is selling. Again, that is not Paul’s fault. He is a great thinker, especially on his feet, & that is a great thing to be good at.

      I think Kevin is beginning to see how Paul has manipulated him & how everyone is pretty much Paul’s minions & that is why Kev has been acting differently. Of course, this is all speculation & I will await hearing from @helen or anyone associated with the Depth of Speculation!

      • Comments (873)

        I feel ya kneeless! Even the Veterans from past seasons of Big Brother are really Disappointed in the Casting, & the Huge Advantages that Paul has received in the House this Season.

        Evil Dick is on the same page as most of us are on…ED loved Paul last, but now realizes that he is a D*ick…

      • Comments (873)

        *ED loved Paul last Season on BB18, but now realizes that he is a D*ck.*

        Steve Please get us an EDIT Button…thank you!

    • Comments (880)

      The ones that know that Paul is running the game are too afraid to really talk about it because it wouldn’t take 3 seconds before each one of them would line up to run & tattle to Paul. They know that he would have them otb next once he knew they even whispered his name. Each & every one of the house idiots have given Paul that type of power.

    • Comments (46)

      Derrick wasn’t a vet, so it was different derrick had to work Paul gets the celebrity status BS….I actually loved Derricks game….plus the cast was way more fun…you fruit loop dingus!!

  7. Comments (12)

    Cody…. bye bye bye…

  8. Comments (822)

    @stevebeans, maybe you need to add #RavenSTFU to the poll site. That would be a larger following than Raven!

  9. Comments (822)

    Could you all imagine what the jury house would be like if Josh was evicted in the double eviction. Cody & Josh might just kill each other! I know it won’t happen but…

  10. Comments (254)

    I think it would be funny if Cody or Kevin won favorite player this season especially after all the trashing both are now getting well Cody has been gettinbg it for some time now Kevin just recently.

    • Comments (2530)

      I’d be shocked if one of them (or Jessica) didn’t win AFP at this point. They seem to be firmly at the top of most polls. It will be interesting to see the other HGs reactions though, especially if it’s Cody or Jessica.

      • Comments (822)

        That would be the most excitement ALL season!

      • Comments (254)

        Paul baring something major is this seasons winner out of those left no one really stands out other than Cody, Kevin or Jessica ok Josh stands out but that’s mainly for being Paul’s toy solider and being annoying. If I was asked to name a move or something one of these other people have done that stands out I couldn’t.

  11. Comments (822)

    Alex is going off on Mark for taking her pillows off her bed. Why can’t she just take them back after she’s done being HOH. I realize she’s doing it to rile him up but how ridiculous. Now all the minions will rally around Alex & pump her up. Every time they decide who’s out next, they all gang up on that person. How childish!

    • Comments (822)

      Now Christmas is going off on Mark about pillows!

      • Comments (822)

        Kevin to Jason – “when they set their sights on someone, it’s over.”
        I really think Kevin is fed up with all the childish behavior.

    • Comments (302)

      I know. Can’t wait till they see How they rank on popularity polls at the end of the season. They think they are doing great w this nonsense!!

    • Comments (78)

      They are that damn childish, never saw bunch of of adults to foolish in my life. Poor Mark if he speaks to Cody, That Christmas is on him like a rash. She is such a bitch. I don’t see anything wrong with Kevin or Mark speaking to Cody. And don’t get me started on Josh, and that silly circus music, I would put him in a room and make him watch that ” IT ” movie over and over that might cure him for once and all. My rant

  12. Comments (822)

    Mark to Elena following pillowgate, wondering why Christmas got involved: “They’re so desperate to not be a target, they just jump right on.”

    If Mark & Elena hadn’t been part of the ass kissing earlier…

  13. Comments (822)

    I didn’t think anyone would EVER rival Victoria and this season we get 2, Matt & Raven. We are so lucky! I don’t remember a season when 2 floaters as bad as Matt & Raven have gotten this far without even going on the block. I do realize it’s taken over 1/2 the season to get rid of 5 players.

    • Comments (598)

      Scooter too! She hasn’t done crap in the house, other than be a real B to whoever is the target. I guess that makes her feel better about herself. At least Matt stays out of the drama.

  14. Comments (7)

    Big brother should let America save one person that’s on the block when there is three hg and not let the house now who is saved til after the votes are done

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