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Breaking News: Porsche Still Wearing Sweat Pants

You should know me by now, I’m not going to really just make a post about Porsche wearing her sexy pink sweat pants.  I mean if I did, you’d see a new post about it every hour and I’d lose all my readers in 2 days.

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This post is about the have-not competition, and by competition I mean Jeff just decides who it is this week.  I mean serious?  The houseguests are booted outside for a little bit, come in to jalapenos and eggs, and told it’s Jeff choice this week.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d really wonder if it’s BB that has the crush on Jeff, not the other houseguests.

He did try to play it fair and ask for volunteers, and as everyone started rushing to get on their knees, he finished his sentence “to be have-nots or the week, not to kiss my ass”.  Everyone stood up and backed away, forcing his hand.   Not surprisingly, he chose…….

This definitely calls for a drumroll…  hit it Clark..

Porsche, Kalia, and Daniele!

Very fair competition this week.  I am hearing for the double eviction this Thursday, they are going to simply draw straws, while Jeff and Jordan get to exchange their straw with anyone in the group.   (sarcasm intended)

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    don’t know if sweet porche is dumb but luv the sweats
    shows off her sweet behind, think jeff may win but watch
    out for adam , jordan win twice uh uh

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