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Breaking: Willie Hantz Is Still A Tool

willie hantz arrested

TMZ – According to law enforcement, Hantz was arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM for OWI — operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Hantz is from Louisiana.

In a surprise to probably nobody, Big Brother 14’s Willie Hantz was busted last night for drunk driving. Less than a week since he had his little meltdown and got himself expelled from the Big Brother house, he decided to drown his sorrows a bit.  My guess, he was watching Big Brother on CBS last night, saw how badly he screwed his former team and decided to drink himself stupid.  Stupid being the key word, as he decided to hop behind the wheel and risk endangering the lives of innocent people on the roads.

Hey, I guess if ruining the season for JoJo and Shane wasn’t enough, hurting random people would have been the icing on the douchebag cake.

I know I have some fans of Willie Hantz (*cough* probably his family) defending him in my comment section, but the guy is a tool.  He was great entertainment on TV, strong player, but about as smart as a bag of stones… even that may be insulting to the stones.

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  1. Nitka says:

    This guy is the worst player in BB history, how do they cast a dumb ass like this? Someone behind the scenes should lose their job for picking this idiot out of thousands.

  2. Nicole says:

    Yes he is a mess and needs to go to anger management etc but saying he is the worst is IMHO not so true. There were ppl there that instead of being public they did things sneaky like poisoning ppls food and how about a guy taking a knife to a girls throat or after winning going to jail for being a drug dealer. They don’t make the best choices but to say he was the worst well…..
    I liked Willie when he first started but not after he lost it. He had issues and ppl knew how to press his buttons and did it well. Jo was asking for a fight but still gets to stay in game. If you know a trigger and you push it then you are just as responsible.

    • Loveme says:

      He was in the house for what a week? And people knew his trigger & buttons to push? Yea ok.

    • TT says:

      Think very good point, thought if they were kicking Willie out that Joe should go too, he is the one with fists up and moved toward Willie. And no I didn’t like Willie, just thought Joe was as guilty.

  3. Greg Orian says:

    I bet he was just trying to protect the other people at the bar by luring the cops away in his Camaro.

  4. Quincy says:

    I’m sure they only picked him because he was Russel’s Brother. Same way they picked Russel’s Nephew for Survivor. Seems like the Hantz family is trying to do better than Russel and ends up doing worse. It’s getting old.

  5. Bobby Joe says:


  6. Greg Orian says:

    Well, to be fair, he wasn’t driving so not really at risk of smashing into someone and apparently didn’t run. From Twitter:

    Willie Hantz ‏@HantzBB For the record I was arrested for OWI. I wasn’t driving. I was sitting in the drivers seat with the car running. I know stupid.
    Willie Hantz ‏@HantzBB Also I didn’t run from anyone. I was just moving my car like the cops asked me to. Then they came up and arrested me.
    Willie Hantz ‏@HantzBB If I would have ran then I would have been resisting arrest. I don’t know where that came from.

  7. Andrew says:

    I just hope they dont get another relative and do the Amazing Race

  8. chelsea says:

    Im from lafayette and this has nothing to do with him being a celebrity. Dui, oui, owi, and dwi happen often. Ive gotten one myself. He shoulsnt have done what he did. The cops are there every night getting everyone oit of the parking lot because fights break out. I did my consequences and he should do the same celebrity or not.