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Brendon And Rachel Are -That- Couple

You ever go out to parties or camping or whatever with a group of friends, and there is always that one couple that ruins the entire time because they spend time in the corner fighting over dumb stuff?  Like while they’re fighting, everyone else is placing bets on how long they will last, and whether or not they’ll literally suck the lives out of each other before they finally do everyone a favor and end it….

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Well that is Brendon and Rachel.

I guess they’ve spent the last 20 minutes fighting over the fact that Rachel got drunk last night and she called him Bookie (booh-key), and did other dumb stuff like hiding beer or whatever.  But the newsworthy part of this story is that they clearly have a lot of deep issues with each other they’re both clearly repressing, and it is becoming less of a question of whether or not they’ll win Big Brother 13, but more of whether or not they’ll survive as a couple through the season.

She says Brendon has a “hot beautiful fiance who is smart” (Is he cheating on Rachel?) and he should be lucky their only issue is that she calls him Bookie.  Sorry to say, Rachel, that’s clearly not the only issue.  It doesn’t take Dr.Phil to see that.

So the question of the day:

Do Brendon and Rachel survive this season as a couple?

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  1. Comments (2)

    OMG!!! There marriage is doomed, and it hasnt even started. She is crazy.

  2. Comments (2)

    Rachel I think Brendon can do so much better than you!!! Clear up the bumps on your face.

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