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Cassi Colvin Out Of The House Already And Other News..

big brother 13 cassi colvin olivia wildeWas Cassi Colvin spotted out of the house today, leaving us with huge spoilers?   Nah, this was just Olivia Wilde trying to pretend she’s Cassi!   On the bright side, if she doesn’t win Big Brother, she can probably make a good living as an Olivia Wilde impersonator… maybe even fill in for “Thirteen” on House.

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Anyway, in another non dumb stories, Big Brother season premiere is tonight at 9PM EST, and the live feeds will start after the west coast airing around 1Am EST.    If  you don’t have feeds yet, it’s certainly not too late.  It is too late to save money on them, but you still at least get 3 days free.

In related news, Julie Chen will be taking her show “The View” into the house today.. wait, that isn’t right.   Oh let me start over, Julie Chen will be taking her show “The Talk” into the Big Brother house today whenever that show normally airs (2pm est I think), so if you can stomach Sharon Osbourne long enough to watch them enter the house, be my guest, but don’t tell me you weren’t warned.

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Also, I’ll be trying to do some live tweeting during the show tonight, if my phone is working properly, so make sure you follow me on twitter! @BigBrotherBBJ

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