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Dick Reveals Why He Left Big Brother 13

big brother 13 evil dick picture

Well then, I can’t say I saw this coming.

I started blogging Big Brother 13, and one of my first posts about the show was to reveal Dick had already left before the feeds went live to viewers. It was a pretty big let down and many wondered if it was just a way to guarantee Danielle a trip deep in the game.

During the season, the twist was to play the season as couples.  They brought in 3 couples of former players (Brandon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, Dick/Danielle) and put them against newbies who just met their partner that season – because that was totally fair. As part of the twist, when your partner gets evicted, you get a golden key that made the players safe until the twist was over.

When the feeds went live to see Danielle was safe for at least a few weeks, the rumors speculated Dick never really wanted to go on the show and just agreed to so he can leave and give his daughter a better shot. Of course, there were a ton of rumors, but that was the most active and plausible at the time.  I think that rumor appeared to be the accepted reason when Dick shot down a lot of other theories (sick or dying relatives, etc).

Honestly, I was starting to just accept we’ll never really know why he left until just recently when Dick said he was going to reveal it during his time on Couples Therapy this season.  Well, the time finally came, and it was .. shocking to say the least.

Dick revealed the reason he left Big Brother 13 is due to being told his bloodwork came back HIV positive.

Out of many theories I heard that season, I don’t think being HIV positive was one of them.  To say this is unexpected is an understatement, and I wish him the best of luck going forward.  He said for the rest of his life, he has to take a pill a day and expects to die of something other than HIV or AIDS one day, so it certainly isn’t the death sentence it was back in the 80’s.  I’m sure it was still shocking news to him and it’s no wonder he left.

Big Brother 13 Finale Recap

rachel winner big brother 13Another season of Big Brother is officially in the books, and one person is $500k (minus taxes) richer tonight, another is $50k (2nd place), and a third is $25k (America’s Favorite). Before we get to that, I’m going to talk about the episode a bit.

Real men don't use goggles

We got to finally see the second part of the competition between Adam and Porsche, where both players had to dive in a tub and put faces through a maze based on where they won the Head of Household.  Porsche did decent, but Adam decided using goggles for the competition was for suckas so he tossed his aside like a man who sucks at competitions would do.  Of course, after one more dive in, he realized.. “Shit, I need goggles to help me see better under water” and got out of the pool to put them back on.

Naturally, when he lost by more than 2 minutes, he blamed it on the goggles.   I guess it took him more than 2 minutes and 17 seconds to get out of the pool, get his goggles and jump back in.  Of course, this is Adam we’re dealing with, so it’s quite possible he did spend more than 2 minutes outside of the pool.

He clearly felt had he won that competition, he would have won the 3rd round (he probably would have), and then cruised to victory in the final 2.  So the rest of his life, he’s going to feel throwing goggles was basically throwing $500k away, but don’t worry Adam, it wasn’t.  I have a hard time believing you would have had a better shot than Porsche in the final round.  I’m sure he feels he locked up Jeff’s vote, but I don’t agree.   Either way, we’ll never know.

Rachel stuck with her word and kept Porsche in the final 2, and it was then time to talk to the jury and try to win their votes.   Like I expected, Rachel pushed the whole ‘I’ve been a target the entire game‘ line, while Porsche didn’t mention that she, too, was nominated 4 times.  Granted she was only up for eviction twice,  and instead just downplayed the golden key.  I know Porsche wasn’t about to throw the person who just handed her at least $50k under the bus, but she could have mentioned how neither of them were really a target until roughly a month in when the veterans stopped winning HoH’s.  In fact, Daniele’s major plan was to get Jeff out, and Rachel made herself a target by being mean to people early in the season.  Like Daniele said, Rachel should feel lucky it wasn’t a personality contest.

Porsche in the final 2

Porsche making her case

Porsche had a much better plea to the jury than she did answering the questions, but Rachel really drilled it in everyone’s head that she was alone in the world and had an uphill climb the entire game.  I’m not trying to downplay what she went through, but having a real life partner in the house as someone you can trust completely gives you an advantage none of the newbies had.

To her credit though, Rachel won when she needed to, and when the newbies were in completely control of the game, it was our fiery red head that stepped up when they needed it most.   Both Rachel and Porsche certainly fought their way to be in the final 2, and I was happy both were there.

On to the voting.. as I predicted, it would be a 4-3 vote, and I got the winner correct, but I was wrong on who Shelly and Adam would vote for.  Meh, can’t win them all.  Anyway, here were the final votes to win:

Brendon: Rachel
Daniele: Porsche
Jeff: Rachel
Jordan: Rachel
Adam: Porsche
Kalia: Porsche
Shelly: Rachel (surprise here)

Rachel wins Big Brother 13 by a 4-3 vote!
Congrats Rachel and Brendon

I also predicted who would win America’s Vote and $25k.. that would be Jeff.  Congrats Jeff on all the money you earned this season!

Some final notes:

That’s all for now!  I will likely be posting updates here and there through the winter if anything happens, but it’s been an amazing summer and want to thank each and every one of you for reading every day and giving me your feedback.  I can’t get enough, positive or negative!  Let’s hear it.

Again, congrats to Rachel, and thanks for following me this summer!

Big Brother 13 Finale Tonight! Big Brother 14 Next Summer!

Well it’s been a long summer, and it’s all come down to tonight.  Two former winners, and another former finalist entered the house this summer, and here we sit at the end with two “newbies” who floated their way through more than half of the season, and one fiery red head who has a passion for winning nearly as strong as her passion for her boyfriend.

Who will win tonight?  Well, that really depends on what happens during the live episode (airing tonight at 9:30 EST after Survivor).  If Rachel wins the final HoH competition against Porsche, she chooses who sits next to her, and reality is she’ll likely be choosing who is going to win $50k.  This would be her 4th head of household win to go along with 2 vetos, which would make her a lock regardless of who’s sitting next to her.  Adam can pretend he’s the swing vote, but if Rachel wins her 4th HoH, I’d almost guarantee a unanimous decision from the jury.  Worst case would be something like 5-2 with Rachel still winning.

The tricky part would come if Porsche won.  It’s likely Porsche would take Rachel because she already promised, and going back on that now would guarantee Adam won it all.  However, if she won and sat next to Rachel, you’d see a situation like this:

Rachel = 3 HoH, 2 Veto
Porsche = 2 HoH, 2 Veto


Rachel was carried by Brendon
While she was carried by Brendon early in the game, Porsche had the golden key which gave her complete freedom for a few weeks.   Both girls essentially started playing for themselves around the same time in the game.

Rachel was a target all game
I’m sure Rachel will use this line that she had to fight to stay in the house the entire season, and being nominated prior to veto 4 times definitely makes her a target, Porsche was also nominated 4 times prior to veto.   It just appears Rachel was a bigger target than Porsche because she told anyone who would listen that is the case.  The reality is, they were both big targets and both had to fight.

Rachel was loyal while Porsche was a floater
This is partially true. Rachel was in fact loyal to Jeff, Jordan and Brendon all game.  However, they were forced to align themselves early otherwise there is no way the vets had a chance.  Porsche on the other hand did float until she found an alliance that worked for her and stayed loyal to it as well.    She took a path that most players take their first time through Big Brother.  Those who form an alliance on day 1 usually don’t last very long (*cough* The Regulators).

Despite Rachel making it seem like the entire world was out to get her and she overcame such incredibly tough odds to be in the finals, the reality is Porsche pretty much had the same game as her.  The biggest difference was that Porsche didn’t cry every time she lost a competition.. in fact, I don’t think Porsche cried at all this summer.

In this situation, Rachel will still probably win.  Not because Porsche doesn’t deserve it – she does – it will be because I don’t think Porsche has enough charisma to convince the jury that she’s had a very similar game as Rachel, but possibly overcame tougher odds because she entered the house completely alone and had to pick a stranger as a partner.

My prediction for tonight:

Porsche wins HoH and takes Rachel to the final 2

Votes:  (who they want to win)

Brendon:  Rachel
Kalia: Porsche
Daniele: Porsche
Jordan: Rachel
Jeff: Rachel
Shelly: tough call – Porsche
Adam: Rachel

  • Rachel wins 4-3, wins $500k
  • Porsche wins $50k
  • Jeff wins America’s Favorite Player

CBS has also confirmed that Big Brother 14 will be here next summer, so make sure you’re following me on facebook or twitter for updates on that through the winter and spring!

Also, Survivor starts tonight, so check out my Survivor blog!

See you guys tonight when the winner is announced!

Too Little, Too Late For Adam?

Even though the Big Brother jar is just about empty, if you’re hungry enough, you’ll still be able to dig real deep and find enough stuff to spread on  your gossip sandwich to fill your appetite.  That’s pretty much where most bloggers stand now, so here I am basically holding the jar over my head and hoping any little droplets of drama fall into my mouth.

Before I begin, I do want to mention that because Big Brother 13 is ending, that doesn’t mean the features on Super Pass will be.  You can tune in after the live finale to see back yard interviews, and a whole bunch of stuff through the winter.  I’d list it all, but even the $10/month in free music you get almost makes it worth it to keep as you’re freezing your ass off this winter (unless you’re one of the lucky people who live someplace warm, and if so, have room for more?).

Get your super pass for 3 days free right here.

With that out of the way, there are about 24 or so hours to go until we find out who wins this season, Adam is still trying to put his ass in one of the two remaining seats.  He knows he’s playing musical chairs right now with three people circling just two chairs and he can feel the music stopping any second.

I mentioned yesterday how he planned on approaching the girls with a little more of an aggressive tactic, well, that failed.  Porsche ended up feeling very threatened by his comments and said she almost feels like she doesn’t want to talk to him for the next few days.  Of course, with Rachel as the only other option to talk to, it wasn’t long before they were buddies again, giving Adam more opportunities to beg his way into the final 2 (assuming Porsche even wins).

Porsche talking to AdamToday around 4pm bbt, Adam was out by the grill with Porsche is still still pushing for the “It would be great to have two new people in the finals” approach, which is sounding less appealing now than it did a week ago when Porsche and Kalia were begging him to stay with the newbies and use the veto.   In fact, she called him on it, and his reply was “My argument with that is, nobody ever asked”.  Nobody ever asked?  Seriously?  I can count quite a few times this season the newbies tries to work with Adam, but they would have to yell in Jeff’s mouth for him to hear anything.

Adam, bro, you had a perfect opportunity to completely take control of the game for the “newbies” when you were sitting there with the veto in your hand, and the chance to backdoor Jordan waiting for you to take it.  This would have made it 3 versus 1 with Rachel sitting out of that HoH competition.  All you had to do was use the veto and you’d be going against Kalia and Porsche instead of Rachel and Porsche.   Would either of them take you to the final 2?  No, probably not, but you’d have a much better chance winning the final HoH against Kalia than Rachel.

Like I told Shelly after she took a huge gamble and it didn’t pay off.  Deal with it. You’re a good guy, seem like someone real cool to hang around with, but Dominic was right about his spineless comment.  You played without a spine all season, and it’s why you’re now begging people to try and take you to the final 2 for a pity $50k.   While Daniele may and started playing too early, you started playing too late, and it’s now costing you.

Adam Playing For Second Place – Will It Work?

It appears Adam has resigned himself to the fact he has little chance against either Rachel or Porsche in the finals as a result of him floating through a game against people preaching how they hate floaters.   For some reason, both Rachel and Porsche have said they were taking each other to the finals, and this would leave him with a big fat goose egg as a reward for spending the 3rd most time in the house this summer.

Realizing that even the $50k prize for second place is a pretty solid reward, Adam has come up with a plan to win that, and it’s so un-Adam-Like.

His plan is, on the day of the finale (so they don’t get much time to think about it), he’s going to pull each girl aside and basically throw his vote around finally (Something Kalia should have done, but chose to sleep instead).  Because Rachel wants the grand prize for her wedding, and Porsche wants to move to L.A. and get her career going (creating her own line of sweat pants?), both girls need the grand prize more than he does and could be swayed by a tactic he clearly picked up from Jeff.

Although I disagree with him, his thought is if it were those two, the votes would look like this:

For Rachel:  Jeff, Jordan, Brendon
For Porsche: Daniele, Kalia, Shelly

With that, he’s going to throw his weight around and tell them that he’s going to vote for the other girl if they don’t take him to the finals.  (Meaning he’ll tell Porsche that his vote is for Rachel if she doesn’t take him, and vice versa).

Personally, I don’t see the votes like that, and Rachel really might not either.  Rachel has played one hell of a game, and I’d be shocked if the votes weren’t 5-2 in her favor, or even 6-1.  Like her or not, it’s hard to deny this:

Rachel’s Stats:

She's played a hell of a game

Votes this season: 11
Head of Household wins: 3 times
Nominated:  5 times (removed by veto twice)

So in 72% of the votes this season, Rachel has either been head of household or nominated which shows she didn’t sit around and sleep all summer.  If she wasn’t winning HoH, she was nominated and either winning veto or campaigning her ass off.  That’s quite an impressive season, and if she’s in the final 2 and loses, there were either dumb or spiteful people in the jury.

Adam’s plan may work on either girl, and if it does, good for him.  It’s about time someone actually threw some weight around instead of just sucking up to people all season long.  Jeff was the only person in the house all season who had the guts to take that approach, so it’s not surprising his protégé is the only other one with that strategy.

I thought this week was going to be boring, but was I wrong?

The Final Round Of The Head of Household Is Set

Adam and Porsche played in round 2 of the 3-part head of household competition tonight, and the only thing that has come from it is that it’s now known that Adam will not be competing for the final HoH.   As I’m writing this, it is unknown exactly what the type of competition it was, but it did sound something athletic as they were timed.  My guess is it was a timed puzzle with something involving going underwater.

So Porsche won round 2, and she”ll be facing Rachel in the final competition where the winner is guaranteed at least $50k by earning a spot in the final 2.  It’s really hard to figure out who’d each girl take with her to the finals, but it’s possible they could take each other, so this could have sealed Adam’s exit.

Round 3 will be Rachel versus Porsche, and it will likely take place on the live finale this Wednesday night after Survivor.

Be sure to follow me on twitter or facebook for any updates that happen through the week!