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Final HoH Competition Live Thread

final hoh competitionIt’s going to be a long night tonight.  It’s the final HoH competition, and it’s a 3-part endurance challenge where all three will compete in the first.  The winner of the 1st round will advance to the 3rd round, with the two losers competing in the 2nd round.  The winner of the 2nd round will face the winner of the 1st round to see who will be guaranteed at least $50k.   If history is any indication, this could be a pretty long competition, but if this season is any indication, it will probably be short.

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7:09 BBT – Feeds back up, no update yet, all three still hanging in there.

7:11 BBT – Porsche said she’s trying not to puke, she ate a lot today.  Not a good competition for her to be in, could be a sign of an early exit if she starts yacking.

7:15 BBT – Adam already complaining about his legs hurting him.  He’ll easily be the first one out, it’s just a question if he can last more than 30 minutes or not.

It's been about 20 minutes, time for Adam to pass out

7:21 BBT – It’s been 6 minutes since Adam started complaining, new record?  However the feeds went to trivia so he may have jumped off.  Find out in a minute

7:25 BBT – Feeds still down.  My guess is Adam jumped, or they’re yelling at him for potential live feed sales they lose when he’s in an endurance competition.

7:27 BBT – Feeds back up – Adam is down

Watch the live feeds here – 3 days free!

7:35 BBT – Feeds went down again, but back up, Porsche looks like she’s ready to blow.  She may be next.

7:39 BBT – Feeds down again, Porsche looked like she was done, we’ll see.

7:42 BBT – Feeds up, it appears Porsche jumped down and Rachel won round 1 and will advance to round 3.   Adam vs Porsche in round 2

That’s all she wrote for tonight. Rachel is in the shower, and I’m hearing part 2 could be around Saturday or Sunday.

Rachel wins round 1.  Porsche vs Adam in round 2

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Here is the likely HoH winner confirming it’s likely over for the night..

Unconfirmed Eviction And HoH Results

This is unconfirmed, but I’m getting this information from pretty good sources that the results of the super secret eviction and following HoH are in, and someone appears to have come to play down the stretch.

If the reports are true, here is where we stand right now..

Kalia eviction from the house
Adam voted for Kalia to leave
Jordan voted for Porsche
Rachel tiebreaker

This move is big for a few reasons.

a) they knew the competition was going to be trivia, which has been Kalia’s strong point this season.
b) Jordan came out of nowhere and did a very clever social move by keeping true to her original weak alliance with Kalia by voting for Porsche and letting Rachel be the ‘bad girl’ in the situation.  A move that could play a pretty big role if those two (Rachel and Jordan) are sitting next to each other.

The Head of Household was then played, and it appears Adam is finally in the game and looking to really make good with his promise that he wants to prove he’s the best and he’s going to do it by beating the best.  Sure, you contradicted yourself by voting out Kalia, but still, now is the time he has to win, and he’s doing it.  Adam has secured himself a final 3 slot, no doubt next to Jordan and Rachel.

The competition was likely trivia based on the fortune teller, and it was very likely that Adam was going to win this one unless he somehow choked it away.   The guy is really like Rain Man with his ability to store stuff in there, it’s pretty fascinating to listen to him break down day by day inside the house so far.

So there you have it.  All unconfirmed, but Adam has won the HoH, and the sources appear to be good, and there is where we stand.

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If you’re a fan of the vets, this is a huge night for you.