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Beastmode Romantic Cowboy Breaks Down


First off, I want to put out my condolences to both Frankie and Derrick’s family. There are really no words to describe how sad that is, so I will leave it at that.  Stay strong.

There are moments while watching Big Brother where you see people clearly outmatched mentally. Those moments this season have generally appeared whenever Caleb is on the screen, especially when Frankie is on the opposite end of the conversation.  It’s not often you see a player who has less control over himself than a marionette.  The perfect storm came when you combined Caleb’s feelings toward Amber and the very manipulative personalities of Frankie and Derrick.

The highlight of the episode featured Frankie’s plan to get Amber on the block, but not just throw her on the block. That would be too easy, and dangerous. He had to do it with the approval of Caleb while also convincing Zach to blow up during the veto meeting in order to accomplish the Team America goal. Watching the brief highlights during the episode didn’t even remotely do it justice just how Caleb’s head was spun around by the detonators.

It was absolutely mind blowing to see how it all turned out.  After very little persuasion by Zach, Caleb approached Frankie with the idea of putting Amber on the block to ‘put her in her place’.  That is all the fuel Frankie needed to twist Caleb’s season around, and that’s exactly what he did. The plan quickly fell into motion, and before you knew it, backdoor Amber was a go. The biggest question would be who would win the veto.

Out of the entire house, there were only a handful of people who would not have used the veto this week. Everyone is pretty much on board with the ‘get Amber out’ plan, because.. well, many people are not very good players. Like Brittany, Amber is one of the last hopes the girls have of shifting the power back in their favor, but they don’t seem to care.

So, the names were drawn for the veto, and of course Donny was picked because he’s always picked. Hayden was Victoria’s ‘houseguest choice’ and Christine was also picked to play.  The competition was a western theme that had ‘beastmode cowboy’ all perked up, except for the fact that he wasn’t playing in the competition.

The object of the game was to rock your fake horse back and forth 60 times before you are able to get off for 30 seconds and try to stack gold bars. If you don’t make it back on the horse before 30 seconds are up, you’re out of the competition (unless you choose to have slop for a week).

Jocasta was making a pretty decent effort, but she failed to make it back to the horse in time, so she took the slop penalty to try again. She never came close after that. Meanwhile, Frankie was tearing through the competition until all his bars fell toward the end.  It became down to Christine and Hayden and Donny and Victoria really had no shot to begin with. Christine buzzed in, but she had some gold bars on the ground still. Hayden finished his stack and won the power of veto.

As a condition of using houseguests choice on Hayden, he promised Victoria he would take her off should he won. Well, Hayden kept his word and removed her from the block setting the plan in motion for Amber to take a seat and be the target for the week.  Just as the jury was closing, Zach stopped the meeting once again and tried to create some drama. He gave Amber a really long and uncomfortable speech mentioning ‘beastmode cowboy’ about 10 times throughout. Caleb had a red face, but did not say anything, neither did Amber.  This means despite the best efforts from Team America, they failed their mission this week.

Tune in tomorrow night for the live eviction to see if Amber or Jocasta will be sent out the door.  Also, check out OK Magazine for more of my Big Brother recaps!

Big Brother 16 Live Eviction Thread

brittany-sadThe wait is finally over. The first live eviction show of the Big Brother 16 season is here, and it should be pretty uneventful. As I posted in my prediction thread, it should be an obvious exit, but the biggest excitement will be the HoH competition. I am also super curious how the Team America twist will work when Joey is evicted. My guess, they’ll just cut it to two and speed up the process.

livefeed2Quick plugs while I’m waiting for the show to begin:

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Ok, that’s out of the way, it’s time to get the show started!

(note: apparently we’re having thunderstorms, so if I stop updating, send a rescue squad)


  • 6:00pm – Stupid storms made the Boston Pops take over CBS.  Had to scurry to find the new channel. Found it, all good.
  • 6:05pm – Anyone notice how they blurred Joey’s butt while laying by the pool? Apparently you’re not allowed to have a full figured butt on TV.
  • 6:10pm – The highlights showed the whole Alex flashback. Yikes.
  • 6:17pm – Now it’s time to show the awkward Amber/Caleb weirdness.  I am loving the way CBS edited it with the sound effects.  Ouch
  • 6:20pm – Time for the live eviction. Julie allows the two to speak to the house.

Here are the votes:

  • Devin – Joey
  • Derrick – Joey
  • Frankie – Joey
  • Cody – Joey
  • Zach – Joey
  • Brittany – Joey
  • Nicole – Joey
  • Christine – Joey
  • Victoria – Joey
  • Jocasta – Joey
  • Hayden – Joey
  • Amber – Joey
  • Donny – Joey

Like I said, Joey has been eliminated in a unanimous decision 13-0

  • 6:30pm – Joey tells Julie people in the house needed to have some balls.
  • 6:35pm – It looks like they’re going to keep the Team America twist going, as we’re going to vote for 2 more (in addition to the other one?)  Will everyone be part of Team America?

Head of Household competition.  Girls compete against each other, guys compete against each other.

Amber completely destroyed the other girls. It was a balance beam competition and she flew through the challenge.

Time for the boys to complete. Everyone but Caleb competing.

Hayden was destroying everyone but fell at the last minute. Cody wins 2nd HoH. Devin almost won.

  • 6:54pm – Cody won the second HoH, but they are reviewing the film because there could be something wrong. In addition, Donny is the 2nd (1st) member of Team America!
  • 6:57pm – Cody is NOT the HoH.  His foot his the ground before he hit the button.  Devin is the new temporary HoH!

You’re A Catty, Catty Person

shelly and cassi before eviction

Julie Chen wearing a cape

A cape, Julie?

Well, that was a pretty interesting Big Brother live episode tonight.    What began as another evening of robots in the crowd and Julie wearing a cape, ended on a very sour note for anyone rooting for the newbie alliance.   Speaking of which…. a cape, Julie?  Do you moonlight as Frank Costanza’s lawyer?

The show as set up as the Cassi vs Rachel hour, highlighting their argument in the padded room which resulted in Cassi walking away telling Rachel she is a very catty, catty person who is very ugly inside.  Rachel then went off to cry about how Cassi touched at all of her weaknesses, yet is somehow a truly horrible player.   Sure, Cassi is no Evil Dick, but getting completely under Rachel’s skin like that was a bit impressive.

Cassi tried to then talk to someone who she thought was logical and smart, Brendon.   He decided to pull a Brendon and get pissy over a minor comment about swearing on her family’s life, and stormed away pouting.   I seriously don’t know who I feel worse for out of him and Rachel.  Both are pretty much loose cannons.

Cassi big brother 13

Don't worry, you got your fame

It was time to get to the votes, and like I posted on twitter, I expected the unanimous vote tonight simply because there was enough drama in the house this week and Cassi’s few allies likely just wanted to get by and not make any unneeded waves.  She wasn’t exactly trying hard to stay in the house, so there was really no reason for someone like Dominic to stick his neck out for her.  Cassi got her TV exposure, and her career earnings as a model will likely double or triple because of that, so everyone wins.

What surprised me is how toned down Julie has been in the post-eviction interviews so far this season.  Under normal situations, I’d fully expect her to show Cassi how Shelly turned her back on her, but she never did.   This leads me to believe the evicted houseguests (sans Dick) are being held in sequester for a possible competition to re-enter at some point soon.   Julie hinted at a former houseguest making an appearance on Sunday, but this  one will likely be just temporary.  Like others have speculated, this situation is likely someone like Dick hosting the food challenge then leaving.  If you are interested to find out though, make sure to sign up to the live feeds though.

There also was an announcement that the game will change on Thursday, and my guess on that is that the golden keys are done and teams are either shuffled or it’s going to turn into an individual game.

big brother 13 rachel

I do love this reaction

I also tried to avoid writing about the new head of household, hoping it would mean it didn’t really happen, but I need to accept the truth.  We are guaranteed another 2 weeks of Rachel screaming into the camera during the diary room talks.  On the plus side, it does leave the door open to more entertaining fights and bush visits.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or RSS to get the latest updates (links are below), or pick up the live feeds so you can view all the good stuff yourself.  They’re free for the first 3 days.

note: I will be posting the gallery of tonight in my facebook page

Dr Bookey, We Have An Eviction! (Spoilers)

keith and porsche up for eviction big brother 13Welcome to the first live eviction recap of the season for Big Brother 13… wait, I sound too much like Julie Chen.  Let me start over my way…

So tonight’s episode focused on two major things this week:

1. Dr Bookey acting like an insecure douchebag and making me actually feel bad for Rachel.

2. Dick finally getting his chance to not explain (again) why he left the show, and the awkward moment with Daniele following.

big brother 13 dominic

Let's Party

I guess there was also some game play with the veterans asking a few people to flip, once they were done with the sob fest after Dick left, but that clearly took a back story to the major news that Rachel has a pet name for Brendon.  Little did he realize, fighting about it only turned it into a major thing, and I’m going to call him Dr. Bookey from now on.   Had he let it go, most would have just ignored it because I don’t think many actually listen to Rachel when she speaks.   So thank you for the ammo, Dr.Bookey!

Oh that Lawon

As far as Dick goes, I went over it in a recent post.  That topic is dead to me, and I don’t really care why he left the house at this point.

It was now time for the evictions after the jump….

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