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Big Brother 16 – Seriously, What Is Your Name? Nomination Spoilers


The viewers voted for Team America to try and nominate a strong physical competitor, and with Frankie (one of the members of TA) as HoH, that should be an easy challenge for them this week, right?  I suppose when your sister is a millionaire and you are not big fans of the other two members of your alliance, you’re not going to sacrifice your game for $5k. That appears to be the case as we head into the nominations today as only one remotely strong player was considered – Amber. That’s right, instead of nominating the guy who can bench press Amber, they’re going to go with 4 girls (unless things change).  When the feeds return, we’ll see who the real nominees are, but I expect to see Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and umm, what’s her name again(?) on the block.


Here are the updates….

  • 11:25am – Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes now. Could be quick, could be a long time (last week was 3 hours).
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 12:15pm – Nominations are in!

Frankie nominated: Amber and Jocasta
Cody nominated: Victoria (who?) and Brittany

  • 12:20pm – Amber is complaining to Christine about being on the block.  She is tired of it and doesn’t understand the nominations.
  • 12:25pm – Jocasta and Brittany have joined in the bathroom and Britt is not taking it well either.  I have a feeling the 12 hour Devin honeymoon is over.
  • 12:45pm – Victoria is walking around like nothing happened. I’m not even sure she realizes she’s in a game. Probably thinks she’s a finalist for a beauty pageant.
  • 1:45pm – Brittany and Amber are bonding over their time on the block. Maybe nominating 4 girls will be a wake-up call to the floaters that they’re just going to be picked off one by one unless they do something (they could have done something last night, but chose not to).
  • 5:45pm – A little delay, but the feeds were down and they’ve been up for an hour or so. Battle of the block is complete..  Winners are:  Amber and Jocasta.  This means Cody remains HoH and Brittany/Victoria remain on the block.
  • Also, Caleb is in the beehive with Amber giving her a long, long chat about how much he supports her.
  • 6:14pm – Amber is still talking with Caleb in the beehive. Caleb is bashing Jocasta’s gameplay how she doesn’t talk game with anyone, and then tells Amber how she was caught talking to Brittany.
  • 6:30pm – Conversation is finally over. Caleb remains in the beehive room to contemplate just how amazing he is.
  • 6:40pm – Caleb is being completely creepy in the kitchen. Amber saying how she does meal prep for the week, and now Caleb is saying how girls who go to the gym, meal prep and go to church are for him.
  • 6:57pm – Victoria is already waving the white flag. She’s laying in bed talking to Brittany about how she won’t mind going home because if Brittany goes home she’ll just be next anyway.  It’s great we have a cast with such fight.

Check back for more updates!

Big Brother 16 – Tuesday Feed Updates

brittany-victoriaSay “Duck face!”

Well, it’s quite a different day today than it was yesterday, but sometimes I’ll take it. Yesterday was so crazy, I really couldn’t keep up half the time (read my recap of it here). Today is much more slow paced with the biggest story being Brittany still awake for I don’t know how long now. Seriously, it’s crazy to turn on the feeds and constantly see Brittany, even in the morning. I think Big Brother should hire her to live tweet the first 16 hours next year, she’ll rock that (certainly better than Jeff did this year, that’s for sure).


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I also want to thank everyone who has donated so far this season. I really do appreciate it as it helps motivate me through these long days staring at live feeds. It’s nice to see tips of any amount really :)  But if anyone is rich and wants to cover my server fees for the next 10 or so years, be my guest haha.

Enough begging, time for the feed updates:

  • 1:40pm – It’s HoH day. Devin wrote his blog and went around the house taking pictures of the mostly sleeping houseguests.  As you can see, he let his new girlfriend have the camera for a bit.
    side note: I don’t see the big problem everyone has with Devin. He’s a terrible player and horribly annoying by mentioning his daughter 1,000x a day, but he doesn’t seem that bad. He is certainly intimidating because he’s a monster, but I’m so small, even Donny is a bit scary. Nobody can match the douchery (yes that’s probably made up) of Willie Hantz. 
  • 2:40pm – People are starting to wake up, but still very slow afternoon.
    Note: I just realized the contact form wasn’t working.  I put my email on this page if anyone has been trying to reach me.
  • 2:56pm – Devin retelling Jocasta about his conversation with Brittany last night.  Devin likes her… he “like likes” her.  He apparently sits in the HoH room and watches her on the monitor. People will call him creepy, but there isn’t a whole lot of entertainment in the house.  I’d probably watch that monitor all day if I won HoH
  • 4:18pm – Feed check.  Christine and Nicole are in the bathroom getting ready and some in the kitchen making dinner.
  • 5:45pm – Brittany is still going strong. Any predictions when she’ll actually sleep?
  • Seriously slow day.  I don’t think I wanted it THIS slow.
  • I will say this, every time a pair break off into the pantry, they do quick game talk. Caleb told Amber he thinks Hayden and Cody are going to vote to keep Zach. She is confident they’ll get Donny.
  • 6:05pm – Frankie up in the HoH room with Devin. Devin is bashing Caleb on how much he talks about himself, how he doesn’t really trust him, etc.
  • Devin is giving Frankie a really nice talk. I stand by what I said, Devin is a horrible player, but he’s nowhere near as violent and mean as he’s being made out to be.
  • Random note: They got the grill! I’m not sure why that is exciting to me. Perhaps that’s sad I get excited about that?

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Big Brother 16 – Lazy Sunday Blogging


It may be a slow day in the Big Brother house, but when you have hurricane Devin lurking around the house, things can go from 0-60 in an instant. Before I begin, I haven’t done plugs in a little while….

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Ok, I really don’t have anything else to say that I didn’t in my previous post, so here are my feed updates:

  • 3:25pm – Devin and Zach are finally talking after a little heated exchange last night. Last night, Devin gave him hypothetical questions on who he’d vote out if player A or B were up against each other, and become furious when Zach danced around the issue telling him he would vote with the house. Then, when Zach picked a person, Devin also became upset at that.  (The guy is nuts)
    So now, the two were sitting on the couch chatting about the situation a little, and it wasn’t going very well. They finished with Zach saying “Just take Christine off the block and put me up. I don’t care. If you don’t trust me, do it” with Devin telling him that wasn’t in the plan but he’s digging his own grave.
  • 3:30pm – Devin left for two minutes then returned to speak with Zach some more… So far they are going over the same stuff, with each other saying “You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know”. Zach is still upset that Devin doesn’t trust him
  • 3:43pm – Feeds went down for about 10 minutes, return to Devin speaking with Caleb and Zach. Caleb trying to play peacemaker and keeping the alliance together.
  • 3:49pm – Devin has left and Caleb is pushing Zach to last 3 weeks and then it can be a free for all.
  • The conversation continues, Caleb is still trying to calm Zach down and keep him cool for the next few weeks until jury.
  • 3:58pm – Frankie is upstairs in the HoH room chatting with Devin about Zach. This whole alliance is crumbling so fast, it’s hilarious.
  • Devin told Frankie to spread the word how awful Zach apparently is to women (irony, I know) if Zach does indeed go up on the block.
  • 5:00pm – The house received the cornhole game.  I am going to guess that will be the HoH competition this Thursday night.
  • 7:24pm – Britt, Nicole, Hayden and Victoria are all hanging outside chatting. Nothing major, small talk, goofing off.

Check back for more updates!

Big Brother 16 – Saturday Afternoon Spoilers


Brittany’s Big Brother 16 experience from hell will continue, and she knew it was coming the second Devin on the second HoH of the season. For some reason nobody is really quite sure on, Devin pretty much hates Britt. I’d love to give you a good reason, but I couldn’t figure it out. Something about disrespecting him, or being a brunette, a mom, or having big boobs. Really, your guess is probably as good as mine. Devin being Devin.


In addition to Brittany sleeping in the cold room once again, she will be joined by first timers Zach, Victoria and Derrick.  I am not sure what bothers Victoria the most, the food or being forced to sleep in a room with guys in it (yes, she’s made a stink about that this season. Apparently nobody watches this show before they come on)

Here is Victoria’s reaction to the havenot announcement…


With that out of the way, the Power of Veto has still yet to be played, but those playing are:


I will update this thread if anything exciting happens before the feeds go down for PoV. When they do, I’m going to try and bang out an episode or two of Game of Thrones, but I will give you the PoV results as soon as I know them.

Here are the updates….

  • 3:41pm – Brittany is not shocked at all about the decision to be havenot. She is dealing well and saying she can handle it because she ate a lot of regular food the past few days.
  • 4:10pm – Frankie, Vic and Brittany start talking about how Devin has a massive target on Britt. If Devin or Paola win PoV, she’s going home.  Britt said he just threw his best friend in the house under the bus (Caleb last night).
  • 4:14pm – The three talking about how scary Devin is. Vic wouldn’t be surprised if he gets violent and hurts someone in the house. Vic wants something to happen so he’s expelled.
  • 4:25pm – Christine, Cody and Amber chatting in the beehive room, mostly about how awful Devin is. I’m noticing a trend.. and that is, everyone bashes him yet they’re scared to get him out. If he doesn’t leave 3rd, the house are a bunch of wimps.
  • 4:43pm – Derrick and Amber say if they win PoV, they’re not going to use it. Brittany has to get the votes if she wants to stay, she’s not going to be saved unless she wins it.

Check back fore more!

Big Brother 16 – 4th of July Live Blogging


What a weird day. Not really a day full of drama or craziness, just weird. It probably has something to do with the fact that nominations and botb were all done before 11am est, or that it’s Independence Day yet we have seen nothing but rain all day long, or that the house slept most of the day due to the all-nighter pulled to do nominations and competitions. Either way, just weird.


I will say this. The house needs a drama injection, stat. I am sure it will at some point, but I am hoping for sooner rather than later.

Anyway, here are some feed updates.  Like I said earlier, everyone slept almost the whole day, but I will bring you what happens tonight!

  • 6:15pm – Double D chatting about nothing in the living room and some others making food in the kitchen.  Please, please give them alcohol tonight.
  • 6:28pm – There is a bible in the house that Caleb likes and can understand. “Christ for dummies” would be my guess
  • 7:15pm – The house is laying around the bedroom sharing random stories. It’s about as exciting as it sounds
  • 7:20pm – Devin and Zach are in the HoH talking a little strategy. Zach is basically pushing to get Victoria on the block if someone wins PoV
  • 7:43pm – Caleb is just so humble. Talking about the competitors in the house “I would put Hayden up there, even with me”
  • 10:00pm – Update – Boring night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check back for more updates!

Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Night Feeds


I had a busy night, so watching the CBS episode and recapping it started and finished late. Thinking I was just about to head to bed, I check the feeds and see Amber chatting with Caleb in the beehive room.  This always has the chance for drama, so I had to start a Wed night thread.

Keep checking back for updates… or watch the feeds

  • 11:00pm – I’m trying to figure out what has been going on in the past hour, but right now Caleb is clearing the air with Amber.  I’m sure he’ll be in love again by the end of the night.
  • Meanwhile, Devin is talking to Donny in another room and apologizing for acting crazy and paranoid. He also told him the real reason he was nominated, and said it doesn’t matter if he (Devin) goes home because of it. Donny is not surprisingly very forgiving about the whole situation.
  • Devin plans on playing the game different the rest of the time here. (We’ll see how long that lasts)  However, he is going around to make a house meeting before he goes to bed.
  • 11:15pm – Amber still talking with Caleb and thinks Devin is stirring things up. After he said that, Devin walked in and told them he wants the house meeting and they can join.
  • House Meeting – *Devin chokes up* He wanted to come into the game and play a very honest game, but he started playing dishonest because of the feeling he got when he entered the house. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes while in the house, it’s all about honesty and integrity and how his daughter is the most important person in his life.
    He feels bad about what he did with Donny because Donny is one of the kindest people in the world. Devin forced Caleb’s hand about the nominations but wanted to clear it up with everyone.  When he walks out the door, he wants people to clap because he did the right thing.
  • House meeting over.  Donny heads to HoH room to break down while the rest of the house doesn’t really know what to think about what just happened.
  • 11:27pm – Victoria pulls Frankie into the fire room to try and figure out what the meeting was about. Frankie said he’s going to be sleeping with two eyes open tonight.  He thinks Devin has lost his mind.
  • 11:33pm – Caleb tells Amber that he was going to cut her off. Very smooth.

ok, my eyes are shutting, had to get a quick post in about Devin’s funeral.  Will post more in the AM