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Big Brother 15 – My Break Is Over; Feeds Are Back


Well, that was a pretty nice break after a summer of blogging the feeds.  The live feeds were off for about a day and a half due to the Judd eviction that we watched tonight, but now that the west coast has seen the episode, we’re back and trying to find out who is on the block.   I’ll give you some updates and see if we can figure it out.  It won’t be easy because right now they’re talking about absolutely nothing….


9:00pm – Spencer, McCrae and GinaMarie are sitting around the living room wondering what Porsche, Adam and Rachel talked about during their final 3.  Fun stuff

9:10pm – McCrae starts doing some shout-outs knowing that BB after dark is probably on.  Hopefully they’ll clue us in on what happened, but now we get to watch fish because of these names he’s saying.

9:20pm – McCrae walked by the memory wall, and only GM’s key is in it….  Not sure who won PoV, but the nominees for the week are:

Spencer and McCrae

(bad news for McCrae)

9:40pm – Houseguests sitting around making stuff up knowing that the feeds were off.  They said that there was a Pandora’s Box and the reward was for Andy to spend time with Jeremy, and the punishment on the house is that they couldn’t.

10:00pm – I guess it’s a quick night for me, feeds are incredibly boring, off to bed.  Hopefully I’ll get more info on veto tomorrow.  I’m not 100% sure they even played it yet

Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

bb15-andy-juddSunday on the feeds with 5 people remaining in the house….. let’s just say, don’t expect much drama or much of anything else.  The house is generally getting along, and I expect it to probably remain that way through the rest of the season.  I expect the house to be down to 3 by Friday, and that means nearly a week of people hanging out and talking bad about former cast members.

Since the season is winding down at a rapid rate, this may be one of the last times I get a big chunk of people coming for spoilers.  I’m going to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader this summer, and give special thanks to those who purchased the live feeds through this site, or donated.   I had nearly 3 million people visit the site this summer, and only a handful complained about my writing (are my classes paying off?).  You guys have been phenomenal contributors and I’m blown away that nearly every post I create tops 100 comments within hours.   I don’t really keep records, but I can easily say this has been a banner year for the Big Brother Junkies and I owe it all to each and every one of you.

Throughout the winter, I am most likely going to blog Big Brother Canada if I can get access to the feeds, and I will most certainly be back for Big Brother 16.  I know sometimes people forget to bookmark sites, so the best way to get updates are by following me on twitter or facebook.

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Thank you again…. time for the updates….

2:40pm – Judd and Andy are staring at the memory wall trying to figure out what every cast member is doing.  They think Amanda is probably screaming at Jessie while she sleeps, Elissa is doing yoga (if she even went to the jury house), and Candice is probably talking about Oprah.

4:45pm – Photobooth time!

Note: Big Brother on CBS is delayed tonight due to tennis.  Should come on around 8:50pm est

8:30pm – Spencer and McCrae talking about his dreams or thoughts while GinaMarie is painting a duck.  Very exciting

Big Brother 15 – Tuesday Updates

bb15-elissa-listeningI want to make a quick correction from my last post.  I said that Elissa came up with the plan, but I missed the flashback around 10:20pm that had Amanda talking to Elissa and proposing the option.  A lot of people are pointing out how Elissa agreed to the deal after her DR session, and I don’t think that’s coincidence either. Listening to Elissa talk to McCrae last night, she is pretty clueless and scared at this point.   I am pretty sure everyone in the house dissects every question thrown to them in each DR session, and it can influence decisions whether intended or not.

That said, the skeptic inside me says the DR could also ask questions knowing it could manipulate the game, but that’s because I know they have their own interests in mind.  Every TV show wants and needs ratings, and pushing someone like Elissa and Amanda further in the game is a lot better than a GM and Spencer.   Those two in the finals would be like Carolina vs Jacksonville in the Super Bowl (no offense to fans of those teams… all 5 of you – just kidding).

Anyway, not to keep talking about my personal opinion.  I just know if I were in the Big Brother house for 2+ months with people who would like nothing more than to see me walk out the door, I would be in the DR as often as possible trying to pick up any hints or clues I could.  Of course, I’d probably pick up on the wrong stuff and get myself evicted, but that’s why I write about the show instead of compete in it.

Here are the updates:

11:45am – Everyone is still sleeping.  Shocker?  Nope.

12:40pm – Sleep City, USA… aka the Big Brother house

12:55pm – GinaMarie is up and putting on makeup.  I think I should wait a few hours for something interesting to happen.

1:44pm – Elissa has a small talk with Andy in the kitchen about the plans to vote out Spencer.  I can’t believe they don’t see how different Andy acts when he talks about stuff he doesn’t want to do.  He walks away from conversations, gets quiet, etc.

2:23pm – Indoor lock-down.  Elissa and GinaMarie think it’s weird, and it kind of is.  My guess is it will open in a few hours with an HoH thing to practice

The house randomly giving shout-outs to Howard and Aaryn for their birthday today.

2:45pm – McCrae and his new bff Elissa are chatting it up about Thursday.  All of it will be for nothing when Andy sticks with the pest control


Amanda and Elissa then exchange some jewelry as collateral to show they’re being honest about the week.  They hug and separate.  Amanda plans to show Andy it so he can see it’s really happening.

2:55pm – Amanda about Andy – “After everything I did for that f’in kid he better f’in vote for me” … sounds like they know where the leak will be if Amanda goes home.

Judd is wondering if there will be an early eviction this week, but McCrae tells him that’s typically final 4 and Amanda hasn’t received her suitcase yet.

3:00pm – Meeting of the exterminators, but GM has been called to the DR.  I have a feeling both sides are going to worry about Andy this week.  He is the person who will change the outcome of the rest of the season.

3:05pm – Judd hints the DR had influence.  Trying to decipher his mumble ‘She has different ideas every time she comes out of there’. Spencer is worried about Judd’s loyalty… this alliance would last 2 weeks tops if it started at the beginning of the season.  Too much paranoia.

3:15pm – Meetings broke up, Elissa is doing yoga while sounding like Darth Vader, some are eating.  Speaking of eating, be back shortly

3:45pm – Lockdown is over, nothing has changed outside.  The guys discussing Russell Hantz and the flaw in Survivor (and other reality shows) with the bitter jury members.

4:30pm – Andy, McCrae and Amanda are up in the HoH chatting about Thursday.  They are coaching Andy on how to handle a tie (because they think Elissa may be lying)… this should be interesting if Amanda goes and Andy gets off without blame.

5:00pm – Judd mentions how people on Survivor go like 30 days but cry like babies when they see their families, but they’re on day 70+.  McCrae said the living conditions on the island makes it harder, and he said Survivor people probably call them wimps for living in a houses.

5:15pm – Going to take a little break. Something came up.  I will update this thread before I go to bed

8:30pm – Doing a quick check-in.  Amanda is still bff’s with Elissa and chatting game. They don’t think they can trust Andy (which they can’t).  Anyway, have a family issue so updates may be a bit off the next few days but I’ll do my best.

Big Brother 15 – PoV Results; Sunday Updates

Back on the block again

Back on the block again

The PoV ceremony came and went without much noise today.  Like expected, McCrae took himself off the block and Spencer was the replacement nominee.  This all but guarantees Amanda’s trip to the jury house and Spencer’s title of the biggest pawn ever.  Before I get to the updates (hint: It’s dead in the house right now), does anyone have the flashback time with Elissa being nasty to Amanda?  I listened in on the conversation last night from around 10p until 11:30p but got real tired and had to sleep (it was a very good conversation, btw. It started getting decent around 10:45pm or so).  A lot of secrets were revealed, and a lot of interesting little drops before cut to fish.  Keep listening…


I want to thank everyone who has donated this year.   I know other sites have a running list of people who donate, but I forgot to start it and now doing a blanket thank you.  I had a request to give a specific fan a shoutout, so thank you to Skyler for being both a huge Big Brother fan, and also a fan of the site.  If anyone else wants a specific shoutout, I’ll try to get you in future posts.

Note: I’ll probably update the donate page with a list of first names soon.  It’s the least I can do…


1:40pm – Andy is off to bed, Judd is back up but heading to bed again, and Elissa is the only one awake.  Apparently being woken up any time before noon makes the house take naps for the rest of the day.

2:55pm – Everyone but Elissa still sleeping

3:20pm – Some are up and about.. Elissa Judd and Andy all chatting together about nothing

4:00pm – Most of the house is up now.  The biggest talk is that Andy says he will nominate Elissa and Judd together if it ever comes to that point (it probably won’t).

5:20pm – McCrae and Amanda in bed, the Exterminators are outside.  GM said she can’t believe that Amanda is still campaigning

5:50pm – Breaking news: Amanda and McCrae have left their bed!

8:20pm – Back from a break since the feeds are so dull, and came back to hear McCrae and Amanda giving Andy some advice for when she leaves the house.

8:30pm – McCrae is nervously talking to Elissa out back while Amanda is inside reading the bible while wearing her bra.

8:50pm – Elissa is telling McCrae that nobody in the jury house would vote for her except Helen.  Apparently she forgot Candice and Judd?

9:15pm – If you can ignore McCrae and Elissa’s speech fillers (‘I don’t know’ and ‘oh my goddd’), the two actually had a pretty good conversation.  At the end, McCrae apologized for the stupid stuff, and Elissa actually returned the apology.  She said she was pretty hurt that they chose Aaryn over her.

Elissa also said something completely accurate… Amanda going to jury may actually work in McCrae’s favor because she can try to smooth things over (if he went on a winning streak and made f2).  It kind of reminds me of BB:All-Stars when I felt Will going to jury (even for a week or whatever) gave enough time for him to smooth over the bitter jury members.   I thought Will dominated that season and Boogie tagged along for the ride, but he did deserve to win in that specific F2 and Will didn’t allow the jury to be bitter sore losers like we’ve seen in recent past (*cough* BB14.. Dan should have won)

With that, I’m heading to bed

Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

bb15-judd-gm-boothSlow going in the Big Brother house this Sunday afternoon.  It’s typically a dull day barring any random storms that sweep through, and that’s because it’s right between two events.  Saturday is the veto, Monday is the veto meeting, so Sunday people generally sit around waiting to see what happens.  There has been little talk of what will happen tomorrow, but most know McCrae should use the PoV on himself and Spencer will go up.

Scrolling through the comments, I see some mention of the diamond power of veto.  To clear up the rumor, she does not have any special power right now.  I can’t guarantee that will remain throughout the week, but as of this second, Amanda is walking out the door this Thursday.   I am not even sure there will be a Pandora’s Box this year, and if there is, it will probably just be a luxury one and not a game changing decision.

Tonight on the CBS episode of Big Brother, you’ll see the nominations which I’m pretty excited to see. This is going to be the first time in weeks that the people nominated are genuinely surprised at the results.  Amanda said she was shocked to see Elissa’s key come out of the box, so I am dying to see that reaction.


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You can still sign up to the live feeds, but right now there is not much going on.  If and when Hurricane Amanda hits the house, you’ll want the feeds, but right now people are just laying around the house doing nothing.


3:00pm – The photobooth is open and the houseguests are doing their weekly pictures.

3:18pm – Judd said he is trying to plant the seed in Amanda’s head to try to get McCrae to use the veto on her.  This is so they can get McCrae out of the house this week.  If that works then McCrae certainly deserves to walk out of the house, and Judd deserves at least the $50k second place prize (though probably 1st place).

3:35pm – GinaMarie talking to McCrae up in the HoH room.  She’s explaining how they need to split up the power duo.  McCrae’s response is the typical McCrae response… ‘yea… yea…. yea….. yea…. ‘  I am just waiting for the ‘I don’t know’s to start.

3:40pm – McCrae mentions how he was thinking of using the PoV on Amanda, and GM actually said it’s generally a stupid move.  I don’t think Judd will be thrilled to hear that.   He said he won’t use it unless he had the votes anyway, but I have a feeling it will be pretty easy to convince him he has the votes.  McCrae may do a dumb move tomorrow…

4:10pm – Amanda and McCrae whispering in the kitchen about the veto situation.  It was cut-in mid conversation so I didn’t get much. I do think Amanda and McCrae are going to get completely fooled by the Exterminators alliance and end up possibly doing something real stupid like keeping Amanda.

6:00pm – Just finished watching the episode on CBS.  One thing to note, the show depicts both Amanda and Elissa in the worst possible light each.  Amanda, while definitely bitchy, isn’t 24/7 bitch mode, just like Elissa doesn’t look like a space shot all day.  On the feeds, both are ‘normal’ probably 98% of the day.  Right now for example, Amanda, GM and Elissa are sitting around the pool talking about normal stuff.

6:45pm – The house is sitting around chatting about Candice.  They are pretending to be Candice as OTEV and then talking about how funny she really was, etc.

7:07pm – Amanda comes out to interrupt a casual conversation to suggest Elissa be the renom tomorrow.  The house is humoring her but Amanda is still likely going home.

Amanda resorts to begging Judd to help her convince GM to put up Elissa and get her out.

7:23pm – Amanda is off to lay down after a begging session, but Judd doesn’t think it’s smart for him to push things to GM right now.

After Judd left, Spencer had a real talk with McCrae basically telling him he should be prepared for Amanda to go and he looks forward to playing with him without her around.

8:16pm – Spencer and Andy keep talking about production, and after a few messages, production comes on “Spencer, You’ve got to be kidding me”.  I love that recording

8:25pm – I’m off to watch Breaking Bad.  I’m not sure if the house will actually talk to GM about putting Elissa up, but even if they do, I don’t think Amanda has a chance

10:00pm – GM and Spencer are in the hammock talking game.   He basically told her that if the house goes up to tell her they want Elissa up, ignore them.  If McCrae uses PoV on Amanda, he will be in jury faster than you can say moron.


10:15pm – Amanda is in the HoH room trying to convince GM to put up Elissa, but it’s actually funny listening to Amanda.  The house really has her fooled right now.  Amanda is absolutely convinced that GM is working with Elissa, Spencer and Judd.  She keeps saying things about Andy being livid while putting on a happy face.  She has been pretty keen on some things this game, so it’s almost shocking to see her so clueless about Andy.

Honestly I’m not really too sure what to think about this move.  Obviously splitting up McCrae and Amanda is a good move, but I can’t figure out if it’s a good move for GM or not.   GM is clearly the Britney of her alliance and will likely finish in 4th place, but I don’t really know if she has a chance to finish higher.   The biggest blunder was Amanda, McCrae and GM not voting out Andy last week.  That was probably a $500k decision for one of those 4.

10:35pm – GinaMarie keeps saying how she’s on her own and that’s why she’s splitting up McCrae and Amanda.  Amanda counters by saying she’s been offering to work with her, so she wouldn’t be alone.  I’m really shocked Amanda hasn’t figured out that GM is actually in a secret alliance.

10:45pm – So GinaMarie basically took a verbal beating from Amanda but kept her cool throughout the whole thing.  It’s sad because I think GM is at the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance and is just hurting her potential jury votes.  She is the meat shield for that alliance.

11:10pm – Most of the cast, including Elissa and Amanda, are outside basically chatting about Amanda’s game.  She is pretty much accepting her defeat, so a lot of secrets and truths are coming out.  It’s a pretty interesting conversation and good to see people chatting friendly and normal.

(keep checking back for updates)

Big Brother 15 – Friday Updates


It’s going to be a pretty interesting day in the Big Brother house, or at least it should be.  Amanda is fairly certain that Elissa will be nominated, but from everything I’ve seen on the feeds, it will likely be Amanda and McCrae on the block after nominations.   This will be hours after Amanda promised Elissa she will be on the block this week, so she’s going to have some serious egg on her face.

There should also be the special competition Julie talked about, as Friday’s are generally the day they film nominations and any pre-veto competition (havenot mostly).  This gives them time to edit it into the Sunday show, as tomorrow would cut it a bit too close.  Saturday’s are generally reserved for the PoV competition as well.

Before I begin updates, the season is drawing to a close, but if you want to stay up to date with Big Brother news, be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter.  You guys have been fantastic this year, and I want you all back next year!

Also, all the times below are Big Brother Time, which is the time you use when messing with the flashback feature on the live feeds.

To get access to the live feeds, sign up here for a free trial


10:40am – GinaMarie was laying down in the HoH bed talking to Spencer, Judd and Elissa when the feeds cut to trivia.  This could be the competition I mentioned earlier in the post.  Not sure how long they will be down.

11:15am – Feeds still down, has to be the competition Julie mentioned


12:07pm – Feeds are back, looks like a reward competition that involved a LOT of balloons.  Not sure who won what yet. They apparently had to run around and pop balloons and I think rewards were inside random numbers and letters that perhaps spelled rewards.

Spencer won $10,000 (which will help him pay taxes on the trip he won)

1:15pm – GinaMarie is waiting for a medic.  She fell down the stairs this morning and thinks she may have sprained her foot (maybe broke).  The rest are eagerly awaiting nominations

2:45pm – GinaMarie is in the HoH room talking to Spencer about future plans.  It is almost a certainty that McCranda is going up.  She is also reassuring him that Elissa will just be up her ass, but not to worry.   Hmm….. 3 guys and a girl in the final 4.. sounds familiar

3:05pm – Amanda is making her push to GinaMarie.  She is suggesting that Judd and Elissa go up, and if that happens Amanda will volunteer to go up as a pawn if one wins PoV.  Oh boy, Amanda is going to be FUMING when nominations are over.  I cannot wait…

3:14pm – Amanda to GinaMarie – “You need a 4 to make it”…. oh Amanda, if you only knew….

3:45pm – Everyone still prepping for jury.  Andy said that Amanda and McCrae have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.  Finally a real blindside.  Get your feeds here, you may want to watch this

4:10pm – Feeds on trivia for nomination ceremony.  Get your popcorn ready!

5:17pm – Feeds are back up.  McCrae and Amanda getting hugs, I assume they’re nominated. Waiting for confirmation

Amanda and McCrae are nominated


Amanda is saying she’d rather go home instead of McCrae, and she is also figuring out that GM is working with Spencer, Judd and Elissa…. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. It’s kind of funny that Andy is going to be the biggest backstabber to all his friends this season.  He may actually win this one.  Ian 2.0

Amanda rushes upstairs and is now yelling at GinaMarie about it all.

Amanda – “Elissa is the one who put up Nick and Nick went home.  Elissa is the one who put up Aaryn” …. GM – “I know, but she changed her mind”.   Reality is, Elissa is probably going to be next anyway, she’s not working with GM

5:24pm – Andy comes in (of course).  GinaMarie is telling Amanda that Nick thing is in the past, but now she’s telling Amanda she’s pissed that Nick went home and had to do with it… wait, what?

Amanda – What happens if someone else wins the veto and takes us off?  Who are you going to put up?  — GinaMarie –  I don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead.

During the speech, GinaMarie said that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae’s eyes this season.  He dominated the first competition but could barely handle the wall.  She is calling Amanda a distraction for McCrae.

Amanda – ‘We wouldn’t have gone after you next week, but now there is a significant chance.”  (Meanwhile, Elissa continues to slip by quietly)

5:30pm – Judd jumps in and asks Amanda if everyone should just pack their bags and get ready to go home.  Amanda is now yelling at Judd.  This is getting heated.

After more arguments with GinaMarie, Amanda continues to cry and yells that she doesn’t want to be in the house any more.  She doesn’t want to be around Elissa.

What this is showing is that Amanda is an extremely sore loser.  She is upset because GinaMarie can just lie to her face when Amanda has screwed over half the house this season.   I don’t know if GM hooking up with the guys is a good plan for her, but it’s certainly a good game move for Judd, Andy or Spencer.

5:40pm – Amanda – “I look like such an idiot” … yes, yes you do.

5:55pm – McCrae and Amanda in bed trying to figure it all out, the rest of the guys are in the kitchen, GM and Elissa in HoH room.

6:15pm – Amanda is calming down a bit, but she’s still very, very upset at Elissa.  This may be a long week for Rachel’s Shadow.

— Going to eat now that things have calmed down – for the moment

7:45pm – Back.  GinaMarie is cooking in the kitchen, McCrae in the bedroom reading the bible.  I need more Hurricane Amanda