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I decided not to wait until next season to add the register link for comments.  I figure those posting this season may want to register now and reserve their username so they can have it for Big Brother 16.

Posts now require you to be logged in, so register here

I will be posting something about the finale tonight soon!


Update:  Thanks to the ever so helpful user ‘ME’, he did remind me that some e-mails will be going to spam folders.  Check there if you haven’t received one yet

Never Forget

ground zero, 9/11, Tribute in Light

If there was a positive to the feeds being down until tonight, it’s that we can spend the day remembering the tragic events that happened on this day in 2001.  There are only a few things in life where you can easily remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news of something, and this is one of those times.  If you’d like to share your stories or post anything positive, feel free to do so.

This is also to remind people that Big Brother is just a game with real people inside it.  Watch this chilling video of Big Brother 2’s Monica, as she learns her cousin was inside the World Trade Center during the attack.  It was later revealed that her cousin did pass away during the towers collapsing.


11 Years Ago Today, America Changed

11 years ago today, it was a bright and sunny Tuesday morning, just like today in the north east.  I had a late night wasting my summer away playing video games when my brother burst through my door waking me up in a frantic “The World Trade Center blew up, we’re under attack, I can’t access the Internet, shit’s going down”.  Not sure if it was a dream or reality, I got out of bed to turn on the TV and see the most disturbing images of my life, a big cloud of smoke hovering over what used to be the World Trade Center.  Two buildings I stood directly under just over a year ago to that day.

I’m not sure if I said a word for the next hour or so, as I just sat and watched the news in utter disbelief, first hearing about how planes were being grounded, but there were still a few that were unresponsive.  After hearing about the pentagon and the other downed plane in Pennsylvania, I was in full panic mode not knowing what to expect, what was happening to our country.  Were we being invaded by another country?  Was I going to see Chinese tanks rolling down my street in a few days?

Pure panic set in as I tried to rationalize the situation, but logic was the furthest thing from my mind.  Between vomiting, I spent the entire day watching and worrying about all of those people in NYC who have lost their lives that day.  Every other worry I had in the world seemed to disappear as nothing else seemed important any longer.   My only remotely sigh of relief came sometime around 2am when I read on the ticker that the Chinese Government sent out their condolences, but by then the speculation of a rogue terrorist attack had already been swarming the airwaves all day regardless.


This is probably the first time I’ve written down my events from that day 11 years ago, and I’m sure many others have their own stories to tell.   I know Big Brother is having an eviction tonight, but the feeds will be down until tomorrow’s episode, and there really is nothing to talk about inside the game.  I’d like to spend some time with my readers remembering the tragedy that unraveled on Sept 11th, 2001.  Feel free to share your stories, send your sympathies to the families or anything else you’d like to say.  Please, do not turn this isn’t a conspiracy theorist topic, or anything remotely hateful.

Site News Regarding Spoilers

big brother 13 adam pochHere is a quick update regarding the site and spoilers.   Seeing as a large portion of my traffic comes here through the term Big Brother 13 spoilers, it’s only fair to deliver on what you guys are  looking for.  I’ve already been given spoilers, but you’ve pretty much had to search for it if you were coming just to the site and not reading my twitter or facebook page.

I’ve now changed it so the header will reflect the current events in the house despite where they are on the CBS schedule.  This way you will get your spoilers without looking too hard, and I will not look like I’m days behind the other Big Brother blogs out there.

Thanks for reading!   I hope you enjoy Big Brother Junkies!

Help Speed Up The Website!

If you’ve been visiting the site recently, you’ve noticed a pretty big slowdown during some heavy traffic hours, and if you’re anything like me, you hate it.  You want your Big Brother fix and want it now!  I don’t blame you.

Well, the reason for that is because I’m currently hosted on a pretty slow server, but looking to upgrade to a pretty nice dedicated server that is hugely discounted for me because the guy is a fan of the Junky Network and wants to do his part.  That being said, it’s still pretty pricey for me ($150/month) to cover alone, especially considering this site is relatively new and I haven’t found a good system of advertising revenue without being intrusive or annoying, which I refuse to be.   I’ve even designed most of the banners you see on this site myself so they’d flow with the color scheme and feel of everything else.

I know what you’re saying, holy shit, $150/month is a lot of money to pay, but hey, it’s a high price for excellence!   I put a lot of hours into this blog, and my girlfriends Teen Mom blog because I can’t just be one of those blogs that throws an ugly theme up and doesn’t really put an ounce of thought into their posts.

How can you help?

Why, I’m glad you asked!  Any bit helps from you guys.   You can either:

a) Sign up to the live feeds – This is a great option because I do get a little commission off of it, which helps.   You also get a lot out of it from live feeds in the Big Brother house to free music downloads!

b) Donate via Paypal – This option is straight out fantastic for me because it goes into my bank quicker instead of waiting like 2 years for a check to come in from real player, but you gain nothing out of it except the satisfaction of being a great person and helping the site grow!  If you do this option, feel free to donate any amount!  I don’t care if it’s $5 or $150, any bit helps and the more we get, the longer I can pay the hosting fees, and more upgrades I can afford. (ie more memory, etc)

c) Promote the site! – If you don’t want to pay because money is tight, I don’t blame you.  It’s tight for a lot of people.  If you want to chip in, feel free to retweet posts I make in my twitter account, or share this page (or my facebook fan page) to all your friends on facebook!   While it sounds like it’s defeating the purpose to make the site grow which could slow it down, it actually works out because people you suggest come here could be someone who donates a years worth of server fees! :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog this season of Big Brother!!