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A Win For The Good Guys – Nomination Recap


I think I’m going to state the obvious after watching the nomination episode tonight on CBS, but Christine won’t be winning America’s Favorite this season.  I actually feel a bit bad for her because that may have been the worst episode of the season in regards to making a single person look bad.

First, the clips talk about something that was touched on the other night (and mentioned by zingbot), which is Christine’s very close relationship with Cody.  While showing clips of the guys talking about how awkward that is, they showed quite a few pretty borderline clips of the pair together.  I don’t even really want to talk about it because Christine’s husband has received a ton of flack via social media, and I don’t think he deserves it, but it’s hard not to when that was the focal point of the episode.

Christine justified it by saying she is trying to win half a million dollars, but even Zach randomly pointed out that is not part of her game, and I have to say I agree with him. I think she’s in a house full of very attractive guys (oh, didn’t see you there, Derrick – zingbot joke you’ll see Wed night), and being trapped with the same people for two straight months will mess with your mind. Not that I’m excusing her behavior, but Christine’s situation is a recipe for disaster. I’ve caught Derrick making a few comments about the girls, and even Donny joking about how hot Amber is (granted casual comments are nowhere near as bad as what Christine/Cody have done).  The biggest lesson anyone can learn is, if you go into the Big Brother house, either be single, or use a non-flirting strategy.

If the flirtgate wasn’t bad enough, Christine was also unfortunate to draw the skittle that paired her with Donny for nominations.  The plan for the house was to put someone up with Donny who would throw the BoB competition, hope he doesn’t win PoV and then vote him out. Nobody wanted to volunteer at this point in the game, so the group resorted to drawing skittles from a hat to see who would be nominated.  Donny was sound asleep and already decided on when Christine’s skittle was drawn first.  To go against the pair, Caleb and Cody’s skittles were then drawn.  Game, set, match for Donny this week – right?

Not so fast. You may have beastmode cowboy on one side, but you have beastmode beard on the other. Despite his demeanor, Donny has won quite a few competitions this season, but this time he was not only partnered with a weak player, but the weak player was sabotaging Donny throughout the competition.

The battle of the block was the dark room where two pairs of houseguests enter and try to complete a mission in pitch darkness. They had to find bones around the room buried inside various objects and traps. When they found the bones, they needed to place them in one of five slots on the wall, however many of the bones didn’t fit and were junk. As Donny went around the room looking for the bones, Christine basically crawled in circles pretending she couldn’t find anything.  Cody and Caleb were destroying the competition, but had lady luck against them. Every single bone Caleb found did not fit into the board.. every one! Even the bones Christine found and handed off to Caleb did not fit…

Yes, you read that right. Not only was Christine crawling around in circles doing nothing, but when she actually did find a bone, she would hand it off to Caleb to help the other team win.  If Christine did that under other situations, it wouldn’t be as bad, but against Donny?  It’s just hard to stomach as a viewer of the show. You don’t often see people like Donny on reality shows, and when they do, they’re always eliminated very early.  Donny has managed to make jury and be in the final 8, and he has done it nearly alone, minus the little help he has received from his two allies in Team America – Derrick and Frankie.

Essentially playing against three people, Donny actually pulled off the upset victory and America took a sigh of relief knowing he is safe for another week. Christine also managed to be safe thanks to the hard work Donny did, and that also means either Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Victoria or Zach will walk out that door on Thursday night (depending on the veto).  Tune in Wednesday night because you’re guaranteed another good episode.

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Big Brother 16 – Nomination Episode Recap


Big Brother picked up right where it left off on Thursday night, with the houseguests finishing the HoH challenge. Their goal was to stick their fingers through chicken wire and transport an egg behind a fence.  All they needed to complete was a dozen eggs, and the team of Zach/Amber were cruising through the competition until Victoria struck!  Just kidding, she broke a ton of eggs and didn’t even have a chance. Coming from behind were Frankie and Cody who found a rhythm and pulled out the HoH win despite Amber/Zach needing just 1 more egg to win.

This was Frankie’s second HoH win of the season, but the first time he would receive a basket from home.  His other win was the first of the season, and they did no baskets for those winners (Frankie/Caleb), so we didn’t have to hear much about his sister.  I was certain Frankie was going to walk around in a complete panic thinking the houseguests were going to enter the HoH room with a life sized cardboard cutout of Ariana Grande, but he didn’t. In fact, he didn’t really mention it at all except for his relief when the only picture he received of her was when they were kids wearing makeup. Where did the Frankie from week 1 go?  He would namedrop Ariana every chance he got, but surprisingly he hasn’t mentioned her in awhile.  Is this a new Frankie?

Moving on, we had alliance #4,289 of Big Brother 16 form this episode, and this is a spin-off from the ‘Bomb Squad’ group. It’s basically the same group minus Devin, Caleb and Amber, and this group is called the ‘Detonators’. A little fun fact for those of you who don’t follow along, despite making it seem like the alliance was formed after Devin was evicted, it was created a day or two prior. CBS just edited it to make it seem like it was after, I guess for consistency.  To be fair to CBS, it’s hard to cram everything that happens from Sunday-Thursday into about a 15 minute segment on Thursday night.

Nominations were pretty uneventful. Cody chose Victoria and Brittany and Frankie chose Amber and Jocasta. That means 4 of the remaining 6 girls in the house were nominated, yet they are too busy arguing over who shares a bed with Victoria rather than worry about how long they’re going to be in the house. Even Amber asked why she had to be the pawn when they were so many other good options, and she’s right. She is starting to see the writing on the wall, and it’s not looking good for any of the females in the Big Brother house.

Also, Team America was given their second mission. We had to vote on whether or not we wanted them to try and nominate a floater or a strong player. We chose strong player, so they immediately thought of the perfect person – Amber!  Wait, what?  Amber?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Amber is a pretty strong player, but I don’t think that’s who America was picturing when they cast that vote. I suppose she is considered the strongest of the females simply because she may be the only one who realizes her days are numbered, despite being ‘safe’.  The show revealed a ‘mission accomplished’ check, but I know many fans didn’t really feel this mission was completed. I suppose it’s all subjective because Big Brother can’t tell them who to think is a strong player, but it’s still a cheap win for them.

Finally, the episode finished with a really cool battle of the block. It was a chess themed game where each of the four nominees were to stand on a chess board and act like knight pieces. They then played Wizards Chess from Harry Potter and the last one standing won! Just kidding, the game was cool, but not that cool.

The object of the match was to move in the Knight’s L shape and flip the piece you end up on. Nobody else can move to that piece and if you have no more moves, you are out of the game. I don’t want to play this game, I NEED to play this game. I am typically not jealous of the Big Brother cast members for the carnival style competitions they do, but this was great. Finally a competition that didn’t completely rely on luck, strength or endurance.

Jocasta was pretty quickly eliminated from the game making it Brit/Vic on just Amber. Things were not looking good for Caleb’s Queen but suddenly Brittany was out of the game and it was just one on one. Amber made a solid move, and Victoria was left to basically put herself into ‘check’.  Game over, Amber and Jocasta are off the block and Frankie lost his HoH crown.

Tune in Wednesday to see who won the Power of Veto or keep checking this site for spoilers before they’re on tv!

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Nominations Revealed

After spending her afternoon with Jessie as “punishment” for opening Pandora’s Box, it was finally time for Rachel to name her nominations for the week.  In a surprise to no one, they are:


This is the absolute safest path for Rachel and Jordan right now.  Sure, they could attempt to backdoor one of them, but what’s the point?  In this late in the game, it’s not much of a backdoor any more as it is just a gamble.  Right now it’s less about who is nominated as it is who wins veto.  Trying to be sneaky and putting Adam on the block next to either sweat pant sister  opens up the possibility of the one not nominated winning veto, pulling off her sister, putting up Jordan and having the votes to control who goes home.

Adam can still do the same, but it’s unlikely.  I think his plan is to ride the wave until as long as he possibly can and then cross his fingers he can win HoH.  Smart move?  Risky move?  You be the judge.

5:36 BBT – Kalia is the girls biggest target, and they’re already preparing to focus on Adam (if he wins the veto).  Reality is, Adam is not winning the veto because he’s not going to try on this one.   Even if he did try, he probably wouldn’t win.

5:39 BBT – In a surprise to me, Kalia and Porsche are talking about voting for Jordan to win if they get to jury (because they think Dani would).

Discuss here what you think of these nominations while watching the live feeds for free.

Clearing Up The Twist And Nominations

It’s been a pretty eventful 24 h ours in the house, well more like 27 hours but whatever, who is counting?  Anyway, here is a basic rundown of what happened since Porsche won the HoH

  • Porsche wanted to de-throne Kalia as the worst decision in the house this season by putting up Adam vs Rachel, which essentially gives Jordan a chance to win, take off Rachel, and give them the power to eliminate whoever replaces Rachel.   This was a clear case of over-thinking and was only saved by…
  • Pandora’s Box was brought back into the game, and it was up to Porsche to decide to open it or not.  I’m pretty sure her alliance told her that BB was probably going to offer the kitchen sink to shake things up and to not accept anything, but she took it anyway.   Here is what happens…
  • For I assume just 1 week, everyone in the house will form back up as teams similar to week 1.   Rachel/Jordan naturally paired up, Adam/Shelly are together, and the sweatpants sisters are a pair.   In exchange for this, Porsche and her partner (Kalia) each get $5,000 minus taxes.  Pretty poor gamble by Porsche since she was my favorite to win $500k this morning.
  • Feeds went back to trivia, and like week 1, the HoH had to nominate a pair, instead of two individuals.   This twist essentially saved Porsche from making a terrible decision, but it’s still very tough because now there is a 33% chance one of the newbies go home opposed to the 0% chance they had just a few hours ago (assuming Porsche didn’t make the dumb choice like she talked about)

Quick reveal:   Rachel and Jordan are nominated.
View the feeds for free to see their reaction

  • Back to explaining.  This means if Rachel or Jordan win PoV, they will remove themselves as a team, and Adam and Shelly will be nominated, giving complete power to Rachel and Jordan who they’d like to evict, as it would then be a 2-1 vote.   Shelly would likely be going to jury if this situation happens.
  • If Porsche or Kalia win, they have the right to change their decision to Adam and Shelly, but they won’t.   If Adam or Shelly win PoV, they won’t have an option to use it, and the votes will remain the same.

I hope this cleared up some questions.   I’m sorry this is a late post, I confirmed the nominations via twitter and facebook earlier, but then went to watch the show Louie on DVR…. very funny show, btw.   Make sure you’re following either Twitter or Facebook to get the absolute latest spoilers before I can increase my carpel tunnel by creating a blog post about whatever is happening.  Sometimes, I just like to make comments that never even see this site.

Purple Sweat Suit To The Nomination Chair

So the nominations are in, and I was wrong.. yes, I admit it, it happens once in awhile.  Even though I’ve been near perfect this season predicting the eviction votes, nominations have been a bit tricky, and this week is no exception.   I originally felt Kalia and Daniele would be on the block, and while I was fairly sure Kalia was going to be up, and I was right, her nomination partner is none other than purple sweats.

Jeff apparently is playing it safe this week, unlike Daniele last week, he is taking the safe approach.  Nominate two people you want out, and simply re-nom the 3rd if one of them is vetoed out.  Of course, if Daniele is the one to veto the person, that leads to the pawn situation, which will probably lead Adam back on the block… again.

How are they taking it?  Well, Porsche not surprisingly seems completely indifferent, and to be honest I’m not even sure she realizes she’s nominated yet, and Kalia is also being very predictable, she’s sleeping!

This week will be a good one if Kalia goes because frankly she made the worst decision so far this season during her reign as HoH, and doesn’t even deserve to be part of the jury at his point.  The biggest question is, will Kalia somehow find a way to screw up her position on the jury?  All signs point to.. YES!

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So Tonight On Big Brother…

So tonight on Big Brother, it looks like they got real fancy for the HoH challenge, turning the backyard into a huge golf course and even invited some guy with a red shirt and white pants to come play with them.  Funny how that wasn’t mentioned on the feeds.

Seriously though, I can handle the NFL butting into The Amazing Race, in fact I’m used to it by now.  I set my DVR to record that show for 2 hours because I pretty much expect to see Andy Rooney’s ass giving me some type of opinion of his nobody cares about instead of watching TAR.   However, when it comes to golf interrupting my show, shit’s about to get real!    I propose all of my loyal readers stop watching golf to show them!   Alright, that’s not fair since I doubt anyone reading this actually does, so I’ll have to go back to my war room to think of some other type of revenge, I’ll get back to you when I do.

Because I’m on top of things like that (see: for some reason I also record Same Name, yet don’t watch it), I wasn’t able to miss a minute of the Brenchal show this week!  Naturally, about 67.3% of the airtime was just of those two either alone or trying to cut deals, or farting.. who knows, who cares.   (btw, Rachel, hubby means husband, not FIANCE.. according to my facebook poll, you’re not even getting married, so there!).

On the non Brenchal site of things (I really hate that nickname, btw), Daniele was doing her weekly thing of trying to dig herself out of the hole she keeps putting herself in, and this time her plan is to nominate Adam and Shelly.  Her theory is that by cutting a ‘deal’ with Brendon and Rachel, it’ll buy her a week or two.  At this point, I don’t know what to think.  It could be genius, it could be stupid, it really depends on whether or not they hold up their end of the bargain.   Normally, it’s a terrible move, but Daniele has made so many terrible moves this game, you’d think they’d eventually cancel each other out and end up looking like she had some super master plan that ended up working  out.

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  • First hand look at Daniele making stupid moves
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  • Adam doing absolutely nothing
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If anything exciting happens in the house while I work on my computer, I’ll be on that shit tomorrow morning and give you all the details, if you don’t have them already (which I assume you don’t because Big Brother Junkies is the only BB site you visit, right???)  See you tomorrow, Junkies!