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Porsche Gets A Second Chance, Will She Blow It Again?

Now that the dust has settled, we have confirmations on where the house stands.  Here is what happened since Adam won HoH:

Jordan and Porsche were nominated

Porsche won the power of veto

Because Porsche won the veto, this means tonight on the live show, she will use the veto to save herself, and then (according to her) evict Jordan from the house.  This is where Porsche stood last night, and her reasoning was because “Jordan won before”.   Things can change over the course of 12+ hours, and for Porsche’s sake, she should hope so.

It’s almost a fact that tonight’s HoH competition will be some type of endurance challenge, and to keep Rachel in the game over Jordan will rank up there as one of the most foolish moves in the game this season.  I’d actually put it higher than opening Pandora’s Box, mostly because she somehow survived that and is still planning on making another dumb move.

While Porsche still may end up winning HoH, she’s clearly choosing the bumpier road to get there.  If this is a result of Rachel getting it in her head that she needs to go up against the best to be the best, it’s yet another reason Rachel should win this season if she’s in the finals.  Rachel hasn’t even practiced what she preaches, yet Porsche can’t see that and is still taking her?

We’ll know for sure what happens during the live show, and tonight appears to be a long tonight, so make sure you’re following on facebook or twitter to receive updates through the endurance challenge, or watch it on superpass yourself (free for 3 days)

Power Of Veto Results, Adam Doesn’t Use It

In one of the biggest surprises of the season, Adam won the power of veto, and he’s been reminded of it every minute since then.   Despite humoring Kalia and Porsche the last 48 or so hours, listening to whatever options they threw at him, the reality of it was that he was not going to use the veto today.  In fact, the only reason he didn’t throw the veto competition was because he’s been completely awful all season and is now trying to build a resume if he manages to get into the final 2.

So that brings us to today, it was time for Adam to awkwardly stare at the memory wall for a bit and act like he’s making this huge decision when his mind has been made up for days, then call in the rest of the house for his dream crushing announcement.  

He has decided to not use the veto.

It was finally time for Adam to put on his big boy panties (is that a term?  it is now) and declare the side he’ll mount his horses to for the next week and a half.   Bad news for Kalia and Porsche, it’s not with them.

Adam sat down Kalia and tried to explain his logic saying he wants to prove he’s the best in the house by going up against the best – Rachel.  That’s a fine theory and very commendable, but this decision also likely gives him a 50% chance of going against the worst player in the house this season – Jordan.   That logic has been hammered home this season by the veterans, yet they’ve constantly contradicted themselves all year by carrying America’s Sweetheart.  Is it bad to carry Jordan?  No, she’s a loyal ally and a super sweet person.  Just don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.

The veterans remained together because they’re loyal, and they allowed Adam and Shelly to tag along because they were loyal.  If they really wanted to compete against the best, we’d see Daniele, Brendon, Jeff and Rachel in the final 4.. or at least most of those players.

Anyway, right now Rachel and Jordan are highly likely to vote out Kalia tomorrow, and unless a change of heart takes place, the final 4 will consist of three of the weakest players in the house this season.  I’m almost rooting for a finale of Porsche vs Adam just so I can see the reaction of the jury when they have to pick between one of the two.

Adam Picks The Right Answers, Jordan Picks Something Else

The veto competition was today, and it sounds like it was the “otev competition” based on Jordan saying how guys always win this otev.

Here is the results of the veto:


What this means:  Adam promised Jordan that he wasn’t going to use the veto if he won it, but aside from the girls pushing Rachel into changing the course of the game, this is the only chance Porsche and Kalia have to stay in the game today.  Kalia is well aware of it, right now she’s hounding Adam in the bathroom about using the veto, but his reply is noting that she was the only one to vote for him to leave versus Shelly.

She suggested he even use it on Porsche, and it’s something he’s considering, but reality is it’s probably not going to happen.

The only reason he may use it is because now is the time, no matter what Julie Chen eventually says to him.   If he uses it, Jordan will go to jury and Rachel can’t compete which guarantees one of the three newbies HoH.

2:39 BBT – Rachel and Jordan are in the HoH bathroom saying how they do trust Adam, and they’re happy they kept him in the game.  I’m sure Adam is going to be treated like a king this week.

2:43 BBT – Rachel is positive that Kalia would win the game if she were in the final 2 with pretty much anyone in the game.   Plus she also said that she’s rather give Jordan $500k instead of Porsche $50k meaning she’d rather come in 2nd to Jordan than 1st to Porsche.  Really?  Is this the best friend house, or a competition to win half a million dollars?    I’d laugh my ass off if Rachel did that and lost..

2:47 BBT – If the two vets don’t win, Jordan said she’d want Adam to win out of anyone in the house because he’s a good guy.  That’s fine and dandy, but why have the vets blown smoke up everyone’s ass all year about not wanting a floater to win?

2:52 BBT – Jordan said she’d feel bad about voting out Porsche or Kalia, so Rachel is taking the opportunity to talk herself and Brendon up.  “We’re starting a family, Brendon is in medical schoo, blah blah”  Sounds like someone is trying to earn a vote if Jordan is booted to jury.

What do you think, will he use it?

Veto Competition Scenarios

I hope everyone is having a good and safe holiday weekend so far.  It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for the Power of Veto competition.   There is no word yet on when it will be, but they have been working on it since last night, so whatever the competition will be, it won’t be rolling a ball down a snake whenever it does happen.   Everyone in the house has been studying the memory wall real hard, to prepare for a potential morphing competition (where they merge faces and you have to guess which two).  I doubt that will be the veto, but it could likely be one of the two HoH competitions that will happen this week.

Note – I’ve had some complaints about my style of posts where some just want updates, so let me appease both types of readers for a moment…

Update on the house:Jordan is putting on lotion.

 Back to Veto talk…   Barring any special moves by Adam, the competition today is not important at all.  Here are the likely results:

  • Jordan, Rachel, or Adam win:  Nominations remain the same
  • Kalia wins:  She takes herself down, Adam goes up, Porsche goes home
  • Porsche wins: She takes herself down, Adam goes up, Kalia goes home

It’s pretty straight forward this week, and the only situation that can shake up the house is if Adam wins, and he changes the nominations.  The situation is so bad for the newbies that it would almost be better for them to throw the competition than to win.

Adam is pretty determined to go to the final 3 with Jordan and Rachel, as he said last night, so I look for another robot / gumball result for him.  He’ll try, but not hard, so he’ll lose.  Shit, even if he tries hard, he’ll still probably lose, so giving it even 99% effort will result in a loss for our buddy Adam.

In the unlikely event that Adam does win, he has already promised Jordan he won’t use it… so there goes that sitaution.

Kalia just going to choke herself?

Here is a little tip for the newbies, and by newbies I mean Kalia and Porsche…..

Play aggressive.  Take tips from Jeff.  Pull Rachel aside and tell her that she’s not getting their votes to win unless she helps them get to the final 4. Tell her that if she sits next to Jordan, neither of you are going to vote for her to win, neither will Dani.  It only takes 4 votes to win, so potentially losing 3 votes is pretty crucial.  Let it be known that there is a big difference between $50k and $500k, and if she wants that extra zero, she has to keep them both this week.

Will it work?  Maybe, maybe not, but it has a much better chance to work than just hoping Adam wins and takes one of you off.  That’s not happening.  If you don’t even try to save your asses over the next few days by pushing Rachel to vote for you, you deserve to be where you’ll end up, the jury.

Is Adam The Worst Final 5 House Guest Ever?

adam trying to competeLook, I hate bashing the guy more than the next person.  Part of the reason is because he looks exactly like my brother in some angles after he shaved his beard, so I feel kind of connected to him…..

That being said….

Adam has to be one of the worst competitors to ever get this far in the game, right?   Or is he the best?   I’d really like to think he’s some brilliant Big Brother genius who is floating along and only winning competitions when he absolutely knows his ass is on the line (see: week 6), but I’m starting to think that’s not the case.   Even that PoV win was in a competition that he was able to practice all summer, and it still took Jeff throwing it away in order for him to win.

After watching him fail at yet another challenge tonight, I think I’m leaning to him just sucking.  Sure, I knew the results before I watched the show, but I didn’t realize just how bad he did, and how he routinely does in nearly every competition.   The guy is like Rain Man when it comes to saying what happened on what day in the house, yet is the first one eliminated in the live memory HoH competition last week?

I think if he were throwing most of these competitions and just hanging out as Mr I’mNotAThreat, he would be doing better when he does lose.  That’s the reason I put him as the worst final 5, instead of final 6 because Rachel and Jordan will be very stupid not to take him along tomorrow.   Being that he’s practically nonexistent in competitions means the HoH will be Jordan and Rachel vs Kalia tomorrow, and even if he does somehow pull some miracle shit and find himself in the final 2, there is no way the jury will ever award him money.

Like I said, it’s too bad because I like the guy, and think he just badly chokes under pressure.  Loving Big Brother all your life doesn’t automatically equal being good at it.   But hey Adam, if you read this when you’re out, hit me up because I’d love to interview you to help clear your game up.

What’s your opinion on Adam’s season.. is playing this bad intentional or not?

It’s Official, PoV Used; New Nominees

I was fully expecting this to happen when the feeds went down to trivia, so much that I changed my header to the results before it was official.  However, last week I wasn’t expecting the feeds to turn on with Porsche reading her Pandora’s Box card instead of nominations revealed, so you never can be sure.

Now, you can.   Adam and Shelly are officially on the block, and barring any twists with Shelly’s new best friend, the fortune teller, one of the two will be going to the jury house this Thursday.   There is like a 96.9% chance that Shelly will be evicted this week, so this may be the most predictable week in the season.

I said what the vets needed to do in order to get back in the game, and one has been complete.  Next step, win the HoH on Thursday

Getting Rachel and Jordan back in the game:

  1. Win the Power of Veto
  2. Win The Head of Household

If this happens, it will be Jordan, Rachel and Adam vs Kalia and Porsche, and barring any twists or flips, Jordan and Rachel will be the final 2 because of that.

Thoughts?  Let’s hear them…

Let The Campaigning Begin

Excuse my horrible photoshop job

 Before I begin, quick reminders….
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The stage is set for a Shelly vs Adam showdown this week as the vets won PoV and are going to use it to save themselves, which automatically puts Adam and Shelly on the block together due to the Pandora’s Box rule *

It didn’t take long for the campaigning to begin, and can you blame them?   It may seem obvious that Shelly is going to jury this week, but with a few key words from Shelly, that could really change, and Adam is well aware of that.   Right after Rachel won veto, he started becoming best friends with them again, offering to cook breakfast, dinner, etc.    It seemed obvious Adam would just float on his magic cloud back to Rachel and Jordan, but is that the best move for Rachel and Jordan?

Shelly kissed and made up with Jordan, as much as you possibly can in the BB house, so they’re somewhat cool again, but the trust is gone, and that will remain the same for the rest of the season.  However, Shelly is still trying to mend fences and said she’ll work with the vets the remainder of the way if they keep her.   Adam, not letting his partner out-float him, went right into the padded room and worked out an alliance of his own with the girls.  Both Adam and Shelly essentially threw the rest of the newbies under the bus, and said they’ll remain loyal if they’re saved.

The card Shelly is holding right now is something Adam doesn’t have, and it’s a wonder if she’ll use it.  It’s basically called the “Russell Hantz Card” (I just made that up).    The card is basically an insurance policy for the finalists that they’re going to receive votes out of default because the person sitting next to them is so despised by the jury.   Once the jury gets confirmation that Shelly, not Adam, was the vote that removed Jeff, that will likely guarantee at least 2-3 jury votes for whoever is sitting next to Shelly in the finals.

Will Shelly throw herself under the bus, accept she’ll likely not win the top prize, but still push for the second place finish?   Will Adam convince the girls that carrying a very weak floater to the final three is the way to go?

Right now Rachel and Jordan basically have to figure out who  has the better chance of winning the HoH on Thursday if either of them don’t win… will it be Adam or Shelly.   And if that floater does win, will they stay true to their word?   Adam is incredibly weak, but remains loyal to whoever has power.  Shelly is a tad stronger, but has shown she can and will flip.   At this point they just need to figure out the lesser of two evils, and my guess is it will be Adam who wins their votes.

* For those who don’t know, Porsche opened Pandora’s Box and won $5,000.  In exchange for that, the house must go back into teams like the early weeks which means people are nominated as pairs, and if someone saves one through power of veto, both partners are saved. This twist only lasts a week and they’ll be back to individuals after evictions on Thursday. Current teams are Porsche/Kalia, Rachel/Jordan, Adam/Shelly

The PoV Results Are In…

shelly fortune teller

Shelly better start praying to her fortune teller

So the feeds are back up, and Rachel won the veto which means Rachel and Jordan are off the block, and Shelly and Adam will be their replacement.   This means Shelly will be voted out on Thursday most likely, and it also means Rachel and Jordan will be competing against Kalia and Adam for the HoH this week.   There is an extremely good chance Rachel or Jordan will be HoH on Thursday because of that, so the vet fans have reason to celebrate tonight.

What this means:

Rachel and Jordan will be off the block tomorrow, and by default, Adam and Shelly will be their replacements.   It already sounds like Shelly is their #1 target, and they have complete control of the votes this week as Kalia is the only other person able to vote.

What are your opinions on it?  Leave the comments below, but be civil to each other and the houseguests please.

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It sounds like it was an endurance competition, and Adam said as soon as he saw it, he knew Rachel was going to win.   Speaking of Adam, here he is suddenly chatting with Rachel and Jordan….

Adam flipping alreadyIn the words of Daniele.. … SHOCKER!

Meanwhile, in the pantry, Kalia still has a shocked look on her face.  So close to $500k, but was a Pandora’s box away from possibly going to jury soon…

The Biggest Day Of The Season For The Remaining Vets

rachel getting ready for povThis is easily the biggest, and most decisive day in the house for the remaining veterans, Rachel and Jordan.  To sum it up, all 6 players remaining will be playing in the PoV, and there is a 66% chance the newbies will win (not factoring in skill because Adam and Shelly would bring that % down).

- If any of the 4 remaining newbies win PoV, the nominations will likely stay the same meaning Rachel or Jordan will go to jury and it’ll be a very hard road for the remaining vet.

- If Rachel or Jordan win, the game can very quickly turn back in their favor.  They will remove themselves, and Shelly/Adam will go up resulting in Shelly likely going to jury.   This will make the next HoH Kalia/Adam vs Rachel/Jordan.

  • If Kalia wins, Rachel and Jordan will be on the block, and even if Adam flips, Kalia+Porsche still hold the majority of the vote and will have all the power
  • If Adam wins, this is a tough choice.  Really, anything can happen
  • If Rachel or Jordan win, Kalia will probably be on the block with either Porsche or Adam giving the vets all the power on who goes

So if you’re a fan of the vets, they have to win PoV today, and HoH next week.  This will take the vets to the final 4 with Kalia, Porsche or Adam. That will give them a very good chance to win HoH again and strongly control the game.   However, if they lose PoV today, pretty much all hope is lost for them.

The PoV will be between 5-6pm BBT (according to Rachel and Jordan), which is 8-9pm est.   It will probably take a solid hour to play, so here are your options for finding out the winner:

  • Refresh this page every 15 mins or so starting around 8:30pm est, I’ll update this thread
  • Follow me on facebook or twitter to get the instant results when I find out
  • Sign up to the live feeds, and listen to your free music while you wait to find out who won.


Rachel won the veto


3:20 BBT – The fortune teller has come alive, but hasn’t said anything yet.  Shelly and Kalia are sitting around waiting for it to say something.

3:27 BBT – The head just lights up, spins around a bit, but does nothing.  It took Shelly’s quarter but didn’t say anything.  It’s either a broken BB clue thing or just decoration.  Odd that it would suddenly come alive though after having ‘do not disturb’ all season.

Shelly “Tell me something before she gets back”  (referring to Kalia who is taking a pee)

Kalia is back, Shelly thinks production is laughing at them for talking to a machine, but I don’t think so.  I think it is very strange and I’d be doing the same thing.. maybe not to that extent though.

3:38 BBT – Still nothing from the fortune teller.  Both girls still sitting around waiting, while trying to be quiet from Rachel and Jordan who are close by in the candy room.

4:09 BBT – Dinner is in my belly, about 1 hour from the start of PoV competition, nothing really happening in the house except Adam still trying to cement his part in the sweatpants alliance by saying he really wanted Jeff out but couldn’t vote him out.   Although he denies Jeff was throwing the cornhole competition.

4:43 BBT – Shelly is still at the fortune teller.  I think it’s time to give it up, Shel.

5:53 BBT – Feeds down, PoV competition is underway.

Late PoV Results Due To An Overworked Blogger

By the title, you’d think I was overworked from blogging about Big Brother, nope!  This certainly isn’t a pity party about how much I have to blog with this show, I knew that when I took it on.  What I didn’t know is on my 2nd day of vacation today, I would push my body more than it’s probably been pushed in like 10 years.  I played a full match of tennis (I lost), then followed it right up with a very long hike through the woods that I thought was supposed to be a nice 1.5 mile stroll.   They should have put a warning sign before I entered that the majority of the hike would either be going up or down hill.

That being said, it was a wonderful 24 hour vacation I really needed at one of the most beautiful places in the United States – The middle of New Hampshire just south of the mountains for some incredible scenery.

While I am relaxed and ready to go the rest of the Big Brother season, the same cannot be said about Kalia or Daniele.   That’s right, I’m going to jump right in here with the results of the PoV nomination:

Jeff USED his Power of Veto
Porsche was removed for Daniele

So sweat suit is safe, and the two with the potential to leave this week are the sleeper and the trouble maker.   While Daniele was certainly a bit whiny, and pouty this season (of course not to the level of Rachel), the simple fact remains that she has been the only one all year to actually try and play the game aside the person who may have just sealed her fate.   This season has been full of floaters, including Jordan and for the past few weeks, even Rachel, and Daniele has been the only one to see that the entire house is simply going to let the fab four easily become the final four, so she had to do something.   She got rid of Brendon twice, and was a horrible Kalia decision from actually turning the game around, but this looks like the end of the drama on Thursday.

Right now, it’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out, but right now, I highly doubt the floaters (Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, and Adam) will betray Jeff and vote any other way than what he says, and with Daniele likely gone, the Planet Jeff may soon get another floater (Porsche) to orbit him with Kalia being the next to go…. until they realize there are no other throw-aways after that and the floaters scramble far too late in the game.