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Big Brother 16 – Veto Competition Recap


Two weeks ago, Brittany was on the block and things were not looking good for her at all. She was the main target of the week by head of household Devin, and there were no signs of any hope for the mom of 3 (or 10 according to Caleb) until she was able to tug at his sensitive side and pulled a power move before the veto competition.  Devin removed her from the block, and she was safe to live another day.

Fast forward to this week, and Brittany finds herself in a similar situation.  On the block and the main target by the house.  She had already lost the battle of the block competition, so it was down to one competition to save Brittany’s Big Brother summer – the power of veto.

Shortly before the competition, Brittany thought she actually found herself an ally in the game when she found a pouting Caleb outside alone. He was upset about Amber (hold your surprise and read more of that weirdness here), so Brittany spoke to him a bit and actually sort of convinced Caleb it was a good idea to keep her in the house.  I’m not exactly sure Caleb was in the right frame of mind after walking in on Amber and Cody being very close in the HoH room, but Brittany took his word for it and even selected him as the houseguest’s choice for the veto competition. Things were finally looking around for Brittany – or were they?

The veto competition was a World Cup theme, because we haven’t heard enough about the World Cup over the past month. The six players (Cody, Victoria, Brittany, Zach, Nicole and Caleb) were to put a soccer ball in this contraption that kicks it into a huge net with sections/scores (think of a carnival game). Every round, the lowest score was eliminated, and they were to take their prize from the trophies. Seeing as this is Big Brother, they could keep their prizes as long as nobody who won in later rounds wanted them.

Round 1 - 
Cody was eliminated first, and naturally his 6th place prize was the power of veto (knowing full well he has 0 chance of keeping it, they give it to 6th place)

Round 2 - 
Brittany was the second person eliminated, and won ‘Penalty Kick’. This is a punishment where the player gets kicked in the butt 10x every time a whistle blows for a full day.  Naturally, Brittany took the Veto from Cody.

Round 3 -
Zach Attack become the third person eliminated and won… a trip to Germany!  Seeing as he was in no real danger of being a replacement nominee, he kept his prize and offered any ladies out there a free trip to Germany with him.

Round 4 -
Nicole was the fourth eliminated and won the punishment ‘Goal Oriented’. The player would have to kick a soccer ball into a net 2,400 times in a 24 hour period. There is no way she was going to keep that, so she took the trip to Germany!  Oh wait, she didn’t. For some reason she took the power of veto from Brittany while knowing Victoria was guaranteed to take it from her. Maybe Nicole doesn’t like to fly?

Round 5 - 
Victoria became the fifth player eliminated and won $5,000. Considering Victoria is on the block, she decided it would be a better idea to take the Power of Veto from Nicole making the current prizes look like this…

Cody – Kick to butt
Brittany – Penalty Kicks
Zach – Germany Trip
Nicole – $5k
Victoria – Power of Veto

Caleb was the last person standing, so he had the choice of any prize, or to keep what was in his trophy.  That reward was a germitard (German unitard). Sadly, Caleb did not want to wear a unitard for a week, so he was going to trade it out.  What would he choose?  Germany?  Money?  or Power?

Being the team player Caleb is, he swapped prizes with Nicole and will go home with an extra $5k in his pocket.  This had everyone scratching their heads because it forced Cody to nominate someone else, and Caleb essentially gave up immunity for the week for $5k. Very shocking move as the guy who was making the nominations was the same guy who feels threatened by Caleb’s obsession over Amber. Would this bite him in the butt?  Would this go down as one of the worst moves in Big Brother history?

No, not this season. Not this group.

I hate to compare the shows, but if this were Survivor and a super strong player like Caleb handed over immunity for $5k, he would be the next person going home.  Despite some back and forth last minute decisions by Cody, the big renominee after Victoria saved herself was – Donny!  Yes, Donny.  Donny.  I have to say it one more time – Donny.

Cody had a chance to get out a strong competitive player who is extremely jealous of the friendship he has with Amber, but instead, he went with the house choice to use Donny as a pawn so Brittany will go home this week.  The season of questionable moves continues and one of the least threatening people in the house will go home on Thursday evening.  What a weird season it’s been.

Check out OK Magazine for more of my Big Brother recaps!

Big Brother 16 – Power Of Veto Results


What a strange, strange game Big Brother is. After moping around all day about possibly going home, Victoria has a little spring in her step this week as she is now safe. Yes. The girl you completely forgot was in the Big Brother house won a competition which likely means Brittany will be walking out the door this Thursday.

I was out most of the day (as I mentioned in the other thread), so I’m super tired and going to just doing a quick update on the PoV results.  I will post more later/tomorrow morning when I am more awake.  If you want to watch the feeds to see how the house reacts, feel free to sign  up for free right here.

Based on the 3 seconds I watched of the feeds to grab this screenshot, it appears the PoV was a World Cup themed competition. I thought I wouldn’t have to hear about soccer for another 4 years, but Big Brother wants to stretch it out a little longer.  Oh well.

This was one of my favorite type of PoV competitions where prizes (or punishments) are handed out to other players.  Here is the list of winners (or losers)…

Victoria: Power of Veto
Zach: Trip to Germany (definite World Cup theme)
Caleb: $5,000 cash (I wonder what Amber will buy with that)
Cody: Has to kick himself in the butt 10 times whenever a whistle blows (weird)
Brittany: Has to kick a ball into a goal 2,400 times in 24 hours. (more weird)
Nicole: Has to wear a unitard (awesome!)

From what I also gather, Caleb won the competition but decided to take the cash over the PoV. This pissed off some other people, and will likely lead to some good feeds this week.  It will be absolutely hilarious if Caleb is the replacement nominee and goes home. Maybe Team America can actually use that as their mission instead of the horrible picks they made for nominations.

Big Brother 16 – Veto Results And Feed Spoilers

devin-aloneDevin sitting with his remaining allies

I am going to squash any conspiracy theories right off the bat.  Someone joked about there being a lot of Devin chips inside the PoV bag (increase his chance of playing), but former winner Ian Terry said all the chips are removed and counted right there in the living room before putting them in the bag. Side note – I think future seasons should have side challenges which reward players chips with their name on it. They are able to put it in any PoV bag to increase their chance of playing (assuming they feel at risk and want to complete – like Devin this week).

So with that out of the way, here are the veto competitors this week:

Derrick, Caleb, Jocasta, Donny, Devin, Christine  (note: Jocasta may sit out with illness)

This should be as close to a ‘gimme’ as possible with Devin. He’s basically playing against 4 people, and if the competition is physical at all, that removes another two (Donny and Christine).  Really, this competition could be down to Caleb versus Devin, and that’s really a coin flip. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the feeds return with the PoV necklace around either of those two players.

  • 2:35pm – Feeds down for PoV competition. Will let you know who wins when they return!
  • Note – I saw someone mention Frankie. He has a form of arthritis that he’s on meds for. His fingers and toes often go numb. He mentions it every time he’s a possibility for the cold have-not room. There could be something else wrong with him, but that is the major issue he mentions often.
  • 7:55pm – I know, super late update. I was out most of the night. It’s my girlfriend’s vacation this week, which means it is mine by proxy.  I am going to do my best to keep you updated as best I can even if it’s through twitter or facebook.

Check back for more updates…

Big Brother 16 – Veto Winner Results; Live Blogging


Wow, what timing. I had enough time to bang out 3 episodes of Game of Thrones  (still on season 1 – yea, I’m late to the party), and came back just in time for the live feeds to return and a PoV winner crowed.

Who is that PoV winner you ask?

Well, first I need to prepare you for this. Make sure you have something nearby you will be able to punch yet not break your hand. Then, a bottle of scotch or maybe a Xanax and finally a nice comfortable bed to sleep the week away.

The winner of the PoV is — DEVIN!

That’s right everyone. America’s favorite nutjob has pulled off the victory and Brittany is in rough shape. To be fair, she stands more of a chance this week than Joey did last week, but I think fear still runs deep and the house is full of wimps who don’t want to rock the boat. I can’t see 7-8 people (or whatever it takes) voting to save Brittany and risk pissing off the great Devin, but stranger things have happened.  Needless to say, my eviction meter will probably be swinging back and forth this week until I get a better feel of the house.

Without further babbling, live feed updates:

  • 9:20pm – Brittany and Devin in the HoH having a mini argument.  Could get heated, crank up the feeds.
  • Devin asks Brittany if he uses the PoV on her, will she remain loyal the rest of the game. She tells him yes, as long as he stays out of her way (wtf)
  • 9:35pm – Britt and Devin are still talking in circles. They keep talking about the hypothetical situation where Devin uses the PoV on her.
  • “Victoria is on slop because of the way she’s been treating people around here” – Devin.  (Should Devin eat slop for the rest of his life?)
  • 9:48pm – Devin told Brittany that Paola threw the BotB competition. He is so proud of that.  Anyway, it sounds like they’re actually getting close to a deal, but I think it will fall apart before the PoV meeting.

Check back for more updates

Porsche Gets A Second Chance, Will She Blow It Again?

Now that the dust has settled, we have confirmations on where the house stands.  Here is what happened since Adam won HoH:

Jordan and Porsche were nominated

Porsche won the power of veto

Because Porsche won the veto, this means tonight on the live show, she will use the veto to save herself, and then (according to her) evict Jordan from the house.  This is where Porsche stood last night, and her reasoning was because “Jordan won before”.   Things can change over the course of 12+ hours, and for Porsche’s sake, she should hope so.

It’s almost a fact that tonight’s HoH competition will be some type of endurance challenge, and to keep Rachel in the game over Jordan will rank up there as one of the most foolish moves in the game this season.  I’d actually put it higher than opening Pandora’s Box, mostly because she somehow survived that and is still planning on making another dumb move.

While Porsche still may end up winning HoH, she’s clearly choosing the bumpier road to get there.  If this is a result of Rachel getting it in her head that she needs to go up against the best to be the best, it’s yet another reason Rachel should win this season if she’s in the finals.  Rachel hasn’t even practiced what she preaches, yet Porsche can’t see that and is still taking her?

We’ll know for sure what happens during the live show, and tonight appears to be a long tonight, so make sure you’re following on facebook or twitter to receive updates through the endurance challenge, or watch it on superpass yourself (free for 3 days)

Power Of Veto Results, Adam Doesn’t Use It

In one of the biggest surprises of the season, Adam won the power of veto, and he’s been reminded of it every minute since then.   Despite humoring Kalia and Porsche the last 48 or so hours, listening to whatever options they threw at him, the reality of it was that he was not going to use the veto today.  In fact, the only reason he didn’t throw the veto competition was because he’s been completely awful all season and is now trying to build a resume if he manages to get into the final 2.

So that brings us to today, it was time for Adam to awkwardly stare at the memory wall for a bit and act like he’s making this huge decision when his mind has been made up for days, then call in the rest of the house for his dream crushing announcement.  

He has decided to not use the veto.

It was finally time for Adam to put on his big boy panties (is that a term?  it is now) and declare the side he’ll mount his horses to for the next week and a half.   Bad news for Kalia and Porsche, it’s not with them.

Adam sat down Kalia and tried to explain his logic saying he wants to prove he’s the best in the house by going up against the best – Rachel.  That’s a fine theory and very commendable, but this decision also likely gives him a 50% chance of going against the worst player in the house this season – Jordan.   That logic has been hammered home this season by the veterans, yet they’ve constantly contradicted themselves all year by carrying America’s Sweetheart.  Is it bad to carry Jordan?  No, she’s a loyal ally and a super sweet person.  Just don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.

The veterans remained together because they’re loyal, and they allowed Adam and Shelly to tag along because they were loyal.  If they really wanted to compete against the best, we’d see Daniele, Brendon, Jeff and Rachel in the final 4.. or at least most of those players.

Anyway, right now Rachel and Jordan are highly likely to vote out Kalia tomorrow, and unless a change of heart takes place, the final 4 will consist of three of the weakest players in the house this season.  I’m almost rooting for a finale of Porsche vs Adam just so I can see the reaction of the jury when they have to pick between one of the two.