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The Summer Of Zach Is Over – Eviction Recap


All good things must come to an end, and tonight it was the summer of Zach Attack.

Zach brought up some good entertainment, and quickly became a fan favorite with his outspoken personality and general charm, when he wasn’t insulting people or fighting with other houseguests that is.  He has recited poems as a nomination speech, created terms such as ‘fruit loop dingus’ and ended his season by showering the house with fruit loops before Julie even finished calling his name.

The big news of the night was the fact that Zach was able to turn around and re-enter the house for one last chance to stick around.  He along with the other 3 jury members (Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden) had to compete in a game where they slid discs down a ramp and tried to get as many as they could on a spinning middle item. As a tiebreaker, the person with the closest disc to center wins.

It became a fairly close competition and Jocasta even had a 1 disc lead over everyone around the middle of it, but on the last throw, it was nearly a 3-way tie with Zach’s final disc not completely on the center board. Had he pushed a little harder, he would have won the tie breaker over Nicole and Jocasta, but he did not. Instead, Nicole emerged victorious, much to the disappointment of the other houseguests.

Julie finished the show doing the ALS water challenge (many people pointed out the lack of ice, but whatever). What shocked me was how she completely changed the challenge game and spun it on it’s head.  Instead of nominating 2-3 people, she decided to nominate every former houseguest who ever played Big Brother.  That’s how you do it.

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Big Brother 16 Nomination Episode Recap


House ‘bffs’ Zach and Frankie were able to seize power last Thursday night, and that power instantly went to Zach’s head. Unlike the rest of the house, Zach is playing a very reckless game, and has admitted multiple times he doesn’t care if he stays or goes. Note to production: We need more Zach’s and less Victoria’s.

Before I begin on the game aspect, I have to touch on the creepy aspect of the episode. It was once again featuring Caleb and his insanely awkward crush on Amber. As a live feed watcher, I would really like to say CBS edits things together to make Caleb look worse than he is, but they don’t. Caleb is 100% batshit crazy when it comes to Amber, and it has completely destroyed his game this season. It’s both entertaining and painful to watch as Caleb continues to try and win over Amber, while she avoids him as best she can. At some points while watching the feeds, I simply can’t take it when they talk, so I watch something else. “Beastmode Cowboy” is going to go home and be humiliated by the way he played this game.

Back to the Zach Attack and his insane power trip. Almost immediately, Zach approached Christine and asked her to take one for the team and throw the BoB competition this week. This made Zach have a huge ‘Zach Attack’ on the fact that Christine doesn’t do anything for the alliance and is dead weight.  He wanted her out and has still been pushing for her since that time.  What Zach failed to realize is that earlier in the episode, Christine is the one who approached the boys on Amber’s plan to start going after them. She has been a big time spy for them with the girls, yet nobody came to her defense about that when he flipped out.

Derrick and Frankie saw this as an opportunity to instigate something during the nomination ceremony to attempt and complete Team America’s mission of stirring the pot and causing a fight at either the Nom or PoV meeting.  Both of them encouraged Zach to go off on Nicole and Christine, and that’s exactly what he did – sort of.

During the nomination ceremony, Frankie nominated the safe choices (Jocasta and Victoria) and Zach went after Christine and Nicole. After nominations, he gave a speech about Christine being as big of a floater as Jenn Arroyo, but then went off on Nicole about being a super fan and called her a fruit loop dingus. I don’t claim to be an expert on insults or zings, but I still can’t really figure out what Zach was talking about there. Nicole couldn’t either as she began to laugh hysterically (a coping method she later admitted to) before crying about it.

The battle of the block was a wedding themed competition.  Players had to stack layers of a fake cake on top of each other before climbing up and standing on it together. This quickly became a one sided competition as Jocasta and Victoria looked like they were playing blindfolded next to the teamwork of Nicole and Christine. Zach’s nominees flew through the competition and won with ease, which allowed Frankie to remain the sole HoH of the weak and Zach to re-enter the regular houseguest pool.

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Big Brother 16 – Back Door Is The Only Door


Last week around this time, Devin was sitting pretty in the Big Brother 16 house. He still had his alliance, safe for the week, and was taking control of the house. Then he was told Brittany didn’t have the votes to go home, and lost his game.  Only a few days later, two of the many people who want him out won HoH, so it was inevitable he was going to be the target this week. As Big Brother fans know, wanting someone gone and getting them out is a completely different story.

Leading up to nominations, the main talk of the house was who to nominate and how to get Devin out. This wasn’t just on the CBS episode, but also on the live feeds. Getting a strong player out of the house either requires plenty of strategy, or even more luck. Nicole and Derrick did not want to rely on the latter, so they needed to make calculated moves on who to nominate, how it will further their game and so forth.

In order to get a better perspective of the situation, Nicole turned to the resident wise man of the house, Donny. They sat in the beehive room and had a talk where he gave her some sound advice, but he then made a critical mistake. Shortly after their meeting, he went to Jocasta and spilled things that were told to him in confidence.  Donny would later use the line ‘Did you tell me not to say anything?’, but he is a student of the game. Donny is no recruit who had no clue what Big Brother was a few months ago. He knew very well what he was doing by warning Jocasta what he heard in the beehive room.

This gave Nicole the final push she needed for her 2nd nomination, and the meeting was set:

Nicole nominated: Amber and Donny
Derrick nominated: Caleb and Jocasta

There were a few reasons for nominations this way, and some weren’t covered on the episode tonight. Here is a small bullet point list on how these names were thought out…

  • They really didn’t have very many people to choose from without pissing people off.  They watched what happens when you nominate someone and don’t get him out (Zach), and didn’t want to make that same mistake. Considering their target was Devin, they made sure most of the house members knew what was happening.
  • Instead of putting Amber and Caleb on the same team, they split them up with the potential that Devin draws for the veto and wins it.  If Amber/Caleb are on the same team, Caleb is going to give it his all to save them both. By splitting them, they were able to convince one of the strongest players in the house to throw the botb competition to save a girl who doesn’t even like him. If Devin wins veto and Caleb is on the block, he would have been another option to go home.
  • They put Amber and Donny for Nicole because the two decided to work together, and with Caleb throwing it, Nicole will have a chance to play for the HoH competition this week. They haven’t had an endurance challenge since the first week, so if that is the HOH competition this week, they feel Nicole would have a better chance winning over Derrick.

These were probably the most thought out nominations of the season so far, and that’s not too surprising coming from two really intelligent people. Were they perfect?  It’s hard to say, but they were very well thought out.

The battle of the block competition was a Harry Potter theme with each teammate tied to another. One person runs (and raises their teammate) to get puzzle pieces and the other sticks them to the wall.  This was actually a really tough competition to throw for Caleb, so I’m actually surprised they lost, but he clearly didn’t give it his all.  He had a casual run back and forth to the pieces and didn’t help nearly as much as Donny did to Amber. Despite giving it about half effort, Caleb and Jocasta managed to catch up and had a legitimate shot at winning until Amber finished off the puzzle.

One behind the scenes note today.. Jocasta was not kidding when she said she felt sick (and looked it). After the competition, she remained in the diary room for quite some time, and was finally escorted to the bathroom where she threw up. She remained in bed most of the night and was pretty out of it the next day as well. That is also why she looked like complete hell during one of her DR sessions tonight. They must have done that interview shortly after the competition when she was sick.

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Bald Eagle And Apple Pie – Big Brother Veto Meeting Recap


Every week, the Big Brother house typically has the same routine. Nominations by Friday, PoV on Sat, PoV meeting on Monday. This is due to incredibly tight production window CBS has to produce these episodes, so it’s hard to fault them. That said, every week it appears the best stuff happens after the PoV meeting when nominations are set in stone. The show typically covers it on Thursday night, but they often don’t get enough time to cover it in detail, so good stuff is left on the cutting room floor. That was clearly the case this week, but that’s not to say this episode was completely dull. It had quite a few game changing moments, and one of them included that Brittany conversation with Devin.

When Brittany went into the HoH room to speak with Devin that night, something happened. Something big. Not only did bloggers (like myself) sit there for 90 minutes listening to Brittany basically repeat herself, but during that time, she not only convinced Devin to take her off the block, but to practically fall in love with her. That is hopefully something you’ll see on tonight’s episode, assuming they have enough time to show it.

Devin, the guy who was blasting Caleb earlier in the episode for having a little crush on Amber walked around for half the week with cartoon hearts in his eyes for Brittany. Anyone he spoke with, it sounded like an elementary school crush he had, and basically even admitted as much. It was both entertaining and incredibly awkward at the same time… much like the season of Big Brother 16 so far.

I am sure Devin will receive a lot of heat for the way he acted this week, but I am giving credit to Brittany.  She pulled the right strings, said the right things, and as you clearly saw last night, she saved herself from the block. Granted, the house was leaning in favor of voting out Paola anyway, but Brittany managed to secure her safety and subsequently destroy the Bomb Squad alliance… all with a long talk with Devin.  Quite masterful, and I don’t even think she realizes the impact of her conversation yet.

If you check out the rest of this site, I have covered the destruction of the bomb squad, but I try not to give too many spoilers in the episode recaps, so I will let you look around if you’re curious how that happened.

In my rambling, I almost forgot to mention the reason the episode was on in the first place – The PoV competition. It was the balance objects on a mobile and the person who can keep their balls balanced while hitting the buzzer wins. This competition is actually much harder than it looks, but Devin pulled it off and won all the power in the house this week. He had Brittany in his sights from the moment he won HoH, and even still after he won PoV, but as you watched, Brittany somehow managed to save herself and Zach became the replacement nominee.

As of right now, I am putting Brittany’s move as the move of the season, but there is still plenty of weeks to go. The live eviction show is tonight, and I will be tweeting and blogging it, so make sure to follow my twitter here. Facebook will also be updated as well,  so be sure to keep track one of those methods.

Wow, I am already at 700+ words and I forgot to mention a huge aspect of the house. Team America was revealed! We already knew about Donny, but the show decided to speed through the remaining two (likely to prevent another Joey situation) and both were revealed this week.  The other two winners are Derrick and Frankie.  The pair will carry out tasks throughout the week in an effort to pocket $5k each should they succeed.  To vote for their first mission – Click HERE!

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Big Brother 16 Nomination Episode Recap


During Big Brother 14, Dan Gheesling had a house meeting that would go down in Big Brother history. He called it Dan’s funeral, and it was done so brilliantly, he ended up going to the finals where he really should have been the first two-time winner in Big Brother history. In Big Brother 16, we are just a few weeks in and already had our first house meeting, and this time with another guy starting with D, but not Dan.. It was Devin.


Devin – the player who is constantly referred to as ‘bi-polar’ because of how dramatically his mood shifts on an hour to hour basis – held a meeting what can best be described as Devin’s Funeral.  No, not in the sneaky, yet brilliant way to get sympathy, but in the ‘your game is over, buddy’ way.  The house, including his own alliance, has already been very dubious with Devin all year long. The way he talks to people, the way he intimidates some, flips back and forth on others, and says things then does the complete opposite.

While he may be the HoH now, the house meeting did nothing but show how completely unstable both he and his alliance is right now. Devin couldn’t even understand what Caleb and Frankie told him about throwing Caleb under the bus. The first set of nominations went under the lie “the people who fell first” and “house vote”, so when Devin revealed he had influence, that sparked quite a few lightbulbs in that room.

This recap isn’t intended to bash Devin the entire time, but it’s hard not to considering he was the focal point of the episode. CBS did a pretty good job making him look as bad as he’s looked so far this season, and it’s quite sad because he’s going to be awfully disappointed when he leaves the house to read negative reactions about his gameplay. Even simple things like basically taking over Amber’s nominations was not received well, yet I’m sure he thinks he did nothing wrong with that.

As mentioned, it was the nomination episode tonight, and Devin’s nominations were not at all a surprise. He nominated Brittany and Paola for eviction, while Amber was told to nominate Hayden and Nicole. It was not by accident that Devin got to nominate the weaker Paola while Amber nominated the smart Nicole and fierce Hayden. This was all part of the plan to have his nominees lose so he can remain in power for the week, and it worked quite well for him. Devin managed to convince Paola to throw the Battle of the Block competition, and it was actually a challenge she had a legitimate shot at competing in.

The two teams had to look at flashing images on a screen and simply reveal answers based on clues given. It was so easy, Paola had a difficult time throwing the competition without making it look very obvious. Naturally, Nicole and Hayden won and took themselves off the block which means Brittany and Paola will be the nominations until the power of veto ceremony. Brittany said it will take a miracle for her to stay in the house this week, but you’re going to want to tune in on Wednesday night or keep checking this website because that miracle may come true.

Also, a few notes from the feeds:

  • The night of the cleanup argument, production squeezed in nominations and the botb competition very early in the day because it was on the 4th of July. I assume this was to give many in production a break for the holiday, but it did a number on the houseguests.
  • When Devin and Brittany got into a little argument over the hand lotion, that was late Thursday night when the house was staying up to do the nominations. While the houseguests were all dressed up like it was a normal day, that nomination ceremony actually took place in the middle of the night, only a few hours before the botb competition.

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A Big Brother “Caltoru” Type Of Competition


I don’t like to exaggerate much when it comes to Big Brother, but I have to say this was a pretty important veto competition considering how early it is in the season.  Sure, it may not have been a huge game changer in the long run, but not often does a genuinely good guy come along where you root for him from the beginning.  A “Chicken George” type of player (for all of you old school Big Brother fans). Donny is quickly reaching that level, and the reaction to him being placed on the block in week 1 was met with some moans and groans.

Needless to say, for a lot of Big Brother fans, there was a clear fan favorite heading into the power of veto competition, and that guy was simple groundskeeper who apparently also happens to have a secret life as a navy seal. Caleb and Devin think it’s just far too impossible for someone to be so simple and regular, so they spent the better part of the first week trying to figure out what Donny’s alter-ego is.  To be fair, when you’re in the Big Brother house, it really wouldn’t be surprising to have a former navy seal in the house acting like a country boy.

To any reader wondering – As far as I know, Donny really is just a simple groundskeeper.

Before the power of veto competition was set to begin, Joey took it upon herself to do what she said she would do in the pre-season interviews. That was to form an all-girl alliance. What she didn’t realize is that two girls in the house were already snatched up by Caleb and his “Bomb Squad” alliance, so her attempts of building something quickly fell flat when Amber showed absolutely no interest in Joey’s plan. Being part of the alliance, Amber ran right to Caleb to tell him about it which eventually led to a confession and a completely awkward sit down meeting with both Caleb and Frankie.

Like something you’d see out of an old mafia movie, Caleb grilled Joey on her attempts of starting the alliance and lectured her about trying to create a power move. It was kind of fitting that Caleb was giving Joey the uncomfortable lecture considering both of them created most of the weird moments of the house this season from the Amber “break-up” to Joey’s alter ego.

It was finally time to play the first power of veto competition of the season, and the players who joined Caleb, Donny and Paola were Zach, Cody and Victoria. The competition was called “Miami Lice” and players had to splash around in a gross looking pool collecting fake lice with letters on them. They would bring the letters back to their area and try to spell out a word. The person who spells the longest word in the shortest amount of time won.  Caleb felt it was a pretty easy competition because he graduated high school..  (I know plenty of people who have graduated from high school yet rely on spell check quite regularly – me especially!)

Five of the competitors ran around like crazy people trying to find lice with letters, and Zach even had a plan to hide some letters in a tube to prevent others from spelling any words. None of that mattered to Donny as he walked back and forth like it was a Sunday afternoon in the park and he didn’t have a care in the world. He’d pick up a letter, bring it back, and slowly go find another. It was quite an impressive display of going against the grain and just doing things his way. Too bad it would cost him the win – or would it?

The words were revealed…

Zach opens with “Warning”
Cody follows with “Competively” (sic)
Caleb busts out Specialize, except missing the P
Victoria reveals Pharmacist, yet missing the C
And Paola… well, she made up her own word “Caltoru”

It was up to Donny to spell at least an 8 letter word to beat Zach (who was the only person to spell an actual word until this point), and much to the shock of everyone, he opened his box with the word “Splitters”. 9 letters, game over, Donny wins the first Power of Veto of the Big Brother 16 season!

As a live feed watcher, I know first hand the power trip this gave Caleb throughout the weekend as he decided on the replacement nominee. What CBS didn’t have time to show was the debate on whether or not Devin would go up, but that was a non starter anyway. Joey was the replacement option even before Donny won the competition, so it was no surprise when she was put on the block to replace the new “Chicken George”. Caleb did put on a show like there was possibly going to be a different option, but the end result was not surprising, nor will the eviction on Thursday.

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