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Archive for Recap Episodes

So Tonight On Big Brother…

So tonight on Big Brother, it looks like they got real fancy for the HoH challenge, turning the backyard into a huge golf course and even invited some guy with a red shirt and white pants to come play with them.  Funny how that wasn’t mentioned on the feeds.

Seriously though, I can handle the NFL butting into The Amazing Race, in fact I’m used to it by now.  I set my DVR to record that show for 2 hours because I pretty much expect to see Andy Rooney’s ass giving me some type of opinion of his nobody cares about instead of watching TAR.   However, when it comes to golf interrupting my show, shit’s about to get real!    I propose all of my loyal readers stop watching golf to show them!   Alright, that’s not fair since I doubt anyone reading this actually does, so I’ll have to go back to my war room to think of some other type of revenge, I’ll get back to you when I do.

Because I’m on top of things like that (see: for some reason I also record Same Name, yet don’t watch it), I wasn’t able to miss a minute of the Brenchal show this week!  Naturally, about 67.3% of the airtime was just of those two either alone or trying to cut deals, or farting.. who knows, who cares.   (btw, Rachel, hubby means husband, not FIANCE.. according to my facebook poll, you’re not even getting married, so there!).

On the non Brenchal site of things (I really hate that nickname, btw), Daniele was doing her weekly thing of trying to dig herself out of the hole she keeps putting herself in, and this time her plan is to nominate Adam and Shelly.  Her theory is that by cutting a ‘deal’ with Brendon and Rachel, it’ll buy her a week or two.  At this point, I don’t know what to think.  It could be genius, it could be stupid, it really depends on whether or not they hold up their end of the bargain.   Normally, it’s a terrible move, but Daniele has made so many terrible moves this game, you’d think they’d eventually cancel each other out and end up looking like she had some super master plan that ended up working  out.

I won’t be able to do much blogging about the feeds tonight, I know you love reading my amazing tweets, but do me a favor and  pick up the live feeds for 3 days free by clicking on this link here.

You get:

  • First hand look at Daniele making stupid moves
  • Watch Shelly’s house of cards that she was so proud to build crumble around her
  • Brendon bash Rachel while hating Daniele
  • Adam doing absolutely nothing
  • $10 free music a month
  • Brendon bash Rachel some more
  • Complete access to the archive of every minute of the entire season so far
  • Brendon and Rachel fighting some more

Oh, and the most important thing?  You get to help support Big Brother Junkies!   I do get commission for every person who signs up by clicking on this link, and that goes right back into paying for a pretty hefty website hosting bill right now.   If you already have the feeds and want to support me even more, I won’t be mad at you for buying me something from my Amazon Wish List (I promise I won’t keep linking that).

If anything exciting happens in the house while I work on my computer, I’ll be on that shit tomorrow morning and give you all the details, if you don’t have them already (which I assume you don’t because Big Brother Junkies is the only BB site you visit, right???)  See you tomorrow, Junkies!

Kalia Intimidated Into Making Poor Decisions

Tonight while watching the CBS version of Big Brother 13, I instantly thought I was going to be watching a continuation of The Crying Game from Sunday night. Even Jeff commented about all the crying in the house recently, trust me Jeff, it’s not much more pleasant watching it.  Luckily it stopped pretty much after it started and the show continued on..

On a related note though, can Rachel (and people talking to her about him) stop acting like Brendon died.  She is constantly talking about the situation like Daniele killed him on night in his sleep. I’d be cringing if I were Brendon and watching that, but he’s not.  He’s in sequester right now waiting to see if he’ll be competing against (Lawon?) tomorrow night to re-enter the house and ruin my summer.  No, not because I dislike Brendon, because I will have to see more of this shit:

If I wanted to watch this, I’d go rent shit like Eat, Pray, Love.

Another thing that’s on my head.  This is to Jeff. He’s usually a pretty bright guy, but his intimidation tactics are clouding his brain a bit.  I get it, Kalia is weak minded and easy to manipulate, but don’t sit in the diary room and pull that shit with us too.   When you say that you and Rachel are the strongest in the house so it’s stupid to put you up together, that’s just dumb.  It’s smart to put the strongest up and get them the hell out of the house.   If you have a chance to put them up together, you’re stupid not to.   You can convince Kalia that it’s dumb all you want, but don’t sit in the diary room and try the same to us, we don’t fall for it!  Do we?

Falling for it is just what Kalia did.  It was embarrassing to watch her tonight.  I catch a lot of the live feeds, but when you put the week together in an hour long show, you can really notice just how horrible a person is playing.  I touched on it the other day that Lawon was making a foolish move, but to watch Kalia stop short of getting on her knees and servicing Jeff in the middle of the veto challenge was pathetic.  (btw, I loved Jordan’s face when she said Adam had more balls, she’s great.. so innocent and sweet).


Now, a small open letter to Kalia…

Dear Kalia, take advice from the guy who is clearly terrifying you this season.  You were listening to the door when he was talking about battle lines and shit.  Learn from that.  You and Daniele were sitting around with Lawon and Porsche but honestly decided Lawon’s idea of nominating himself was a good one?  Are you nuts?  Jeff hates you already, that’s not going to change.  The guy is a man of his word and he said if you nominate him, he’s coming after you.  So instead of cowering in a corner and trying to make things better, bunker up and try to defend it.  Accept that you made an ‘enemy’ in the house and instead turn it on him.  Tell him that he’s going to be your target for trying to intimidate you.  You’re the freakin head of household right now, dammit.

Because he made it very clear that battle lines were drawn and that’s not going to change, you should have looked at him in the face while nominating his girlfriend.   This way it’ll be You, Daniele, Porsche, and Lawon against Shelly, Adam, Jeff and whoever remains from Rachel/Jordan.   Draw some of your own fucking battle lines and stop being a wimp.   Failure to do so is the reason why an ally is likely going home tomorrow, and there is a strong chance his replacement will be another foe in Brendon (based on last minute surge for him).   When you are sitting next to Daniele on the nomination couch in the very near future, and you see Jeff smiling, just remember that this is nobody’s fault but your own.


Note, I’m not rooting for or against Kalia, Jeff or anyone really.  I am not taking sides.  As a blog owner I just want drama because that equals hits which equal live feed sales and that allows me to pay for the site.   This open letter isn’t really to Kalia because I know she’ll never read it.  It’s hopefully to some Big Brother 14 contestant reading this right now not even knowing they’ll be in the house next summer.

My advice, don’t let someone force you to make moves because you’re scared of upsetting them.  You will find yourself quickly out a chance to win $500k

The Crying Game

rachel crying 2I have an idea to fix any drought people may be going through right now, simply take the tears that flowed through the Big Brother house this week and you will be all set.

Seriously, every few minutes of tonight’s episode was another person bawling their eyes out.  When did the game become so emotional?   I get that it’s not the easiest mental game to play, but doesn’t the casting department screen people for a bit of mental toughness?  The sad part is, Rachel was only seen crying twice tonight, when you could literally fill up an hour long episode just of her crying this season.

Just in case you missed tonight’s episode, here is what you missed out on:

kalia crying big brother 13What the fuck, CBS?  I understand you don’t have much time to edit shows, but maybe next time when half the episode is showing another person crying, you can leave some stuff on the cutting room floor.   I’m trying to sell subscriptions to the live feeds here and this is the type of shit you give me to work with?  What am I supposed to do with this?

Here is my new ad campaign:

Click Here To Join the Live Feeds  – 3 Days Free
I Promise They Don’t Cry All Day

Anyway, when they weren’t bawling their eyes out, there was game to be played.  Let’s go over it here….

  • Jeff and Jordan think Porsche chose Jeff and Shelly to go head to head during the HoH competition for reasons other than her not being bright.    She said she wanted to be fair and give them a chance to play, and I honestly believe her.
  • Shelly admitted to the diary room that she’s basically playing for 3rd place right now.  If someone is able to fly a banner over the house, tell her to stop being dumb.  She should certainly be working with Daniele and Kalia, let them get blood on their hands, piss off the jury, then try to make final 3 with them.   Anyone sits next to Kalia or Daniele in the finals has a great shot at winning.  Anyone sitting next to Jordan or even Jeff will probably be disappointed.
  • Rachel is losing her mind.  It doesn’t show it much in the episode, except for the nomination ceremony, but watching the feeds, she’s lost it.  She really thinks the entire house is out to get her, and clearly didn’t plan on the fact that entering the game made it a very possible chance she’d be without Brendon for the summer.
  • Kalia mentioned Adam’s birthday.  That’s today, and to celebrate, he shaved his beard, and the house now calls him Phillip.  Read about that part here.
  • I wonder if Lawon and Adam have a solid shot at really slipping into the finals based on how much hatred and anger is going on between the two factions.  As far as Shelly, she’ll get caught up in it at some point, I don’t think she’ll keep floating long.  Adam and Lawon, however, are floating kings and it may work out for them.


Dominic Shows Us Why It’s Smart To Throw Challenges


big brother 13 jordan and jeff

Even Jordan is shocked how dumb of a move that was

Maybe I would make a pretty poor house guest in Big Brother because I can never understand how quick people are to want to throw challenges.    I think if I went into the house, I would pull each person aside and ask them to throw the HoH competition or veto competition and odds are they will.   That has to work and nobody has tried it yet, right?  It seems every week there is someone just throwing a competition, even in the first freakin week.   You had people dropping off the bananas like 2 seconds into the challenge because they didn’t want to seem like threats.

Big Brother 13 Rachel Choking

Rachel choking under pressure..literally

That leads us to another thrown veto competition, and this time it was by Dominic who clearly had a very solid chance at winning.  The guy was basically just throwing noodles around the pool to act like he was doing stuff, and his competition is spelling words like ‘Little’ or “Mouisturizing”.  He picked up a 9 letter word “Standings” while trying to throw it.  I’m sure he’s going to stand by his decision to throw the competition, but when he’s talking to Julie tomorrow night, I have to say winning the veto and staying in the house is more important than a fragile alliance with Rachel.

I’m a little torn on the results this week.  Despite a last ditch effort to pull together something out of his ass, I still see Dominic going home tomorrow.  While I was hoping he will stick around because he’s one of the few who actually want to play the game and not float through it, I am usually pretty happy when someone throwing a competition loses.

When you’re playing a game for half a million dollars, the last thing you do is throw a challenge, especially when that challenge keeps you in for another week.  For that reason alone, Dominic deserves the fate he’ll likely receive tomorrow.

Bye bye Dominic or Adam

The Rachel Hour Continues As Nominations Are Announced

big brother 13 brendon shush

I think Brendon makes this face a lot at home

With the premise this season, Big Brother has pretty much painted themselves into a corner with the way the game is right now.   There are 11 people in the house, 3 have keys which eliminate them from competitions, and (Daniele aside) have used the house as a summer vacation spot since acquiring those keys.  The veteran pairs are forced to partner together, and the partnership of Kalia and Lawon make the slowskys look like world class athletes.  This leaves the game currently Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon against Adam and Dominic.

Because both Adam and Dominic decided to cut their own deals with Rachel after a nice ass kissing session, tonight’s episode was extremely drawn out featuring roughly 10 straight minutes of back and forth between the super love birds fighting (shocker) and Jeff and Jordan watching the show Same Name.   I honestly felt bad for the editors who had to put this show together this week, as their primary source of entertainment was those two fighting….btw, did you know THEY’RE ENGAGED???  (Give credit to Jeff for having some funny DR clips this season)

big brother 13 jordan spacing out

Her wheels really are turning

Jeff and Jordan were watching the show up there with Kalia and Shelly because somewhere deep down in Jordan’s strange mind, she was able to see three bars of soap and opera glasses and get the clue “Baywatch”.   She is like Chumlee from Pawn Stars who acts like tying her shoes is one of the hardest things in the world to do, but then suddenly spits out some genius shit that leaves you baffled.   I bet Jordan would clean up at a blackjack table but then forget where she parked her car.

Jordan decided to pick Kalia and Shelly because, well, I don’t really know.   You see stuff like this in Survivor all the time where the winner picks people you’d never expect so they can a) keep their allies in camp to prevent mutiny while they’re gone and b) schmooze the people they picked trying to secure new allies.   She very well could have been keeping Kalia and Shelly close to her, knowing she’d already close with Brendon and Rachel… but… this is Jordan we’re talking about.  She could have picked Kalia and Shelly because she liked their outfits.

big brother 13 rachel

I deserve everything!

This didn’t sit well with the girl who brags about winning every HoH challenge she is in,  so she went off to pout.  I guess the massive ass kissing that comes with winning the HoH has really gone to Rachel’s head because in most social type of reality games, Jordan’s picks were actually the right move.   This didn’t stop Rachel from crying about it, but why would it?

After the very painful-to-watch segment of Rachel and Brendon fighting, it was time to mercifully put this episode to rest by doing the obvious, putting Adam and Dominic back on the block for “strategic” reasons (ie, too scared to put Jeff and Jordan up).

adam and dominic on the block again

Back on the block again

Overall, not one of their best episodes they’ve had in recent memory, and I really hope it gets a lot better once teams are split up because it’s becoming painful to watch the CBS versions right now.   Live feeds are far more entertaining because you can choose a different feed if you see Brendon and Rachel fighting yet again, and they’re free for 3 days so pick them up here!

Adam Wearing A Dominic Backpack

big brother 13 dominic backpackTonight’s episode was the nomination ceremony, food competition, and a challenge to all the viewers to see if you can watch the whole thing without feeling the need to throw a remote at the tv whenever Rachel spoke, especially in the diary room.   She has to be the most annoying houseguest they’ve had in many seasons? Right?  I mean is that even for debate at this point?  The least CBS could do is turn her mic down whenever she enters the diary room.    I’m pretty sure I heard my neighbor yell “We get it Rachel, you have sex with Brandon” when she talked about being on the bottom.

Shelly and Kalia continue their gift to the vets by joining their alliance, and not even telling anyone so it’s causing a lot of distrust with the newbies.    As much as it pains me to say (because they’re helping Brendon and Rachel advance in the game), but Shelly is playing a good game so far.  She still has the trust of the newbies, who have no clue that she’s completely betraying them while massively kissing Jeff and Jordan’s ass.   I suppose I could say the same about Kalia too, but I won’t.

Another thing, what’s the big deal about the HoH room?  Do you think it eats away at the souls of houseguests who have to put on a fake face and pretend going up and checking out the new sheets of that room is somehow exciting?  I think a little piece of me would die if I were playing that game right now and had to pretend like I gave a shit about what the HoH room looked like.   It probably takes the show like 10 minutes to come in, throw the basket down with photos and a note, and change the sheets.  I seem to recall them actually putting effort into really redecorating that room a few years ago.

Food competition, I was a little disappointed how they handled it.   Brendon and Rachel won, but Adam and Dominic were clearly poised to finish 2nd, yet they decided to allow the first place team pick the “have nots” for the week.  I understand stuff like that causes drama, which is good for ratings, good for live feeds and good for everyone except those actually involved in the drama, but man, that was rough.

To add the insult to injury, when the stream of people lined up to give Jordan’s ass a nice french kiss came to an end, it was time for her to figure out who put the most effort in, and who just went through the motions like a married couple of 30 years.   It was very clear that Dominic’s effort was there, but his heart was set on Daniele and Jordan saw right through that.   This resulted in Jordan choosing Adam and Dominic for nomination, and according to Shelly, they should feel honored someone as amazing as Jordan picked them.    *puke*

Dr Bookey, We Have An Eviction! (Spoilers)

keith and porsche up for eviction big brother 13Welcome to the first live eviction recap of the season for Big Brother 13… wait, I sound too much like Julie Chen.  Let me start over my way…

So tonight’s episode focused on two major things this week:

1. Dr Bookey acting like an insecure douchebag and making me actually feel bad for Rachel.

2. Dick finally getting his chance to not explain (again) why he left the show, and the awkward moment with Daniele following.

big brother 13 dominic

Let's Party

I guess there was also some game play with the veterans asking a few people to flip, once they were done with the sob fest after Dick left, but that clearly took a back story to the major news that Rachel has a pet name for Brendon.  Little did he realize, fighting about it only turned it into a major thing, and I’m going to call him Dr. Bookey from now on.   Had he let it go, most would have just ignored it because I don’t think many actually listen to Rachel when she speaks.   So thank you for the ammo, Dr.Bookey!

Oh that Lawon

As far as Dick goes, I went over it in a recent post.  That topic is dead to me, and I don’t really care why he left the house at this point.

It was now time for the evictions after the jump….

» Read more..

The Missing Dick

Yea, my thoughts exactly

Tonight’s episode was supposed to clear up what happened to Dick, but instead they made some huge drama about him getting called to the diary room and nobody hearing anything for two hours before giving Rachel a note to tell the rest of the house he left due to an “Urgent Personal Matter”.   Note, pretty much exactly what I said they’d do

So I take it everyone is happy now that the most entertaining person on the show is gone for no apparent reason and we’re left with Rachel yelling into the camera during diary room sessions, Jeff making ignorant statements, and Cassi saying y’all 15 times a minute?

The most entertaining part of the episode tonight was how clueless both Porsche and Keith are in this game, and they somehow got paired up together because Keith got a stiff one the first night he saw her.   Both were throwing the veto competition because apparently being in the final 10 is somehow better than the 50% chance they’re going to leave the house tomorrow.    Both think they have the votes, but it’s clear neither person has watched the game because you don’t count on anything until the votes are actually cast.

Wait..... Wait.... What?

There was one person who finally had a logical head once she calmed down from the veteran’s little meltdown in the HOH room, and that is Daniele.    She was dealt a blow by losing one of her alliance members, but she’s going to play the social game and make friends with all sides until she is back in the game.  She’s been doing a solid job at it so far, based on the live feeds.

While I’m on the subject of that meltdown, was that the most pathetic thing you’ve seen in a competitive reality show ever?  That has to be, right?  I mean four people who have been in the game before, one of them being a former winner suddenly thinking they’re going to get picked off one by one because you’re going against eight new players to the game…  They were just acting scared, right?   Did Boston Rob suddenly sneak in the house and put a strict gag order on all eight players?  The last time I checked, an alliance of eight without someone like Rob running it is one of the most vulnerable things in these competitions, and they should know that by now.  It was pathetic to watch really.  They’re not real players if they can’t convert this..

keith and dominicOh, and before I forget.  I rambled on about the side parts of the house, I forgot to even tell people who don’t have the spoilers what happened tonight.   It was pretty simple, Jeff and Jordan were picked to do the veto with Porsche/Keith + Brendon/Rachel and looked worse than the pair throwing the challenge.  Needless to say, Brendon and Rachel won easy, Rachel used that to soak up as much attention as she could get for herself, but ended up not using it.

Now that my rant is over, I may hit up the live feeds and post about them on twitter to see what’s going on in the house.

Remember, live eviction is tomorrow night at 9pm EST

And The Nominees Are….

It’s Sunday night, and you know what that means!  We get to (officially) find out who the pair nominated for eviction this week are!    We also get to see Dick’s last actions in the house before he mysteriously disappears, and after watching tonight, the show is really going to miss him this summer.

The episode started with some basic strategy talk, and the newbies looking cute trying to form their own alliance.  Dominic gets a boner when he even names themselves “The Regulators”.  There really is nothing worse than a forced alliance, and you can always spot one when they give themselves a name 2 minutes after agreeing to be one.

Gooooo Fail Alliance!

In addition, tonight’s episode was all about Rachel.  Whether she was doing her annoying laugh in the diary room, showing off the HoH room nobody cared about, talking about plastic surgery, trying out her acting chops by (horribly) reading from a card, or announcing the nominations at the end.  If you’re a fan of Rachel (why?), this was definitely an episode for you.

As I touched on earlier, this episode was also about Dick basically doing what he does best, playing the game.  Right away he started pulling people to the side and instantly created dissension among the noobs.  First he got into Porsche’s head, then worked on Adam, both played it off cool but deep down got a little turned on being pulled aside by the great Dick… that sounds wrong. Again, I hate that he left the game, I really do.  There is nothing more refreshing than someone who says the things I think about like “Who cares about the HOH room?”.  I always hate when they pile around the door to kiss the head of households ass.

Keith looks like he's done this before. Dominic too

Tonight was all about the “haves” and “have nots”.  This is a competition where the losers become “have nots” for the week, and are forced to sleep in a white padded room with light on 24/7, while living off of slop, and the “haves” get to eat well, sleep well, and pretty much have a damn good week in the house.   The competition was fun, and kind of creepy to watch as half the time we watched as Keith basically dry humped both Adam and Dominic.    All the “fuck me eyes” paid off for that team, however, as they were the second team to finish forcing Kalia, Lawon, Cassi and Shelly to enjoy a fine sleepless week of slop.

Finally, it was time for the nominations, and if you’ve been following the spoilers on this blog, or the live feeds, you already knew what was happening, but for those who didn’t, team Keith and Porsche were officially nominated for eviction with the intent of sending Mr Dry Humper home while giving Porsche the golden key.

Who will be going home this week?

The show on CBS resumes this Wednesday at 8pm est, and they will likely give a brief explanation of Dick’s departure, but we will probably hear the better reason by Dick as he also gets to promote his website in the process.   Speaking of, based on his title, should I walk around calling myself “Website CEO”?

If you want to find out exactly why Dick did leave, make sure you follow me on Twitter or Facebook because I’ll be posting it as soon as I hear something.