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Big Brother 14 – Dan’s DR Session Leaked – Conspiracy Theories Fly

dan and boogie at table

Talk about an eviction day surprise for the Big Brother 14 houseguests.  This morning they were hanging around, waiting for the big night tonight, when Dan was called into the DR.   A few moments later, his DR session was piped in to the house so certain rooms could hear.   You can see it at 10:09am bbt on the flashbacks, and for some reason it was heard in the shoe room but nobody in the kitchen was aware of it.   Wil and Jenn continued to talk normally while Ian and Boogie were mentioning how Dan’s conversation was leaking.

I know production has their hand in twisting the game, as does every reality show from Survivor to Hell’s Kitchen, so that part is nothing new.  However, when you factor in a popular player ready to be evicted, and whispers all week about production being adamant on players not revealing who they’re voting for, conspiracy theories started flying.   Word eventually got around to the rest of the house as Joe chased down Dan after to talk about a rumored final 3 deal he had with Frank and Boogie.  Needless to say, a lot of what went on in the DR today didn’t stay in the DR.

It’s extremely unfair to Dan, and it certainly looks fishy (literally, that’s what you saw most of the morning because of the audio problems in the house), I don’t think this was malicious by production.  They were clearly having audio problems throughout the day, though people will simply say they had to in order to make the DR leak look real.  The thing that I don’t understand is why they allowed the DR session to continue to the point of revealing some key information like final 3 deals the “The Silent 6″.  Audio problems happen, that’s understandable, and if you can’t fix it, just stop the DR session.  The only way I can see this as completely accidental is if an audio problem really happened and there is a sign on the DR door that says If you interrupt the DR session, your balls will be cut off and hung from a string on Allison Grodner’s rear-view mirror“.

Who knows, it is possible this was entirely accidental, but it doesn’t add up.   If Janelle is saved tonight, it was probably due to this slip and you can likely turn off the season because you know who will be sitting in the winners chair at the end.

Sign up to the live feeds and do a flashback to 10:09pm and tell me what you think.  Intentional or Accidental.

Either way, if he did mention a final 3 deal with Frank and Boogie, you can expect “The Silent 6″ to live less time in the house than Jodi did this season.

Watch the live feeds, things could get crazy


Side note, if this screw up my Evict-O-Meter predictions, I’m going to be mad!