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Big Brother 13 Commercial Featuring New Cast

Big Brother 13 BunchCBS started playing commercials for Big Brother (which starts in less than a week!), and this time they feature the new cast acting all crazy jumping around and doing weird poses.   It also drops a clue about the remaining 6 houseguests, but we all know what that is right now.   There is even a poll on the cbs site to vote for who you’d like to see return to the house, but it’s a fluff poll considering the cast has likely already been picked.   Anyway, if you care, here are the current poll results:

Jeff and Jordan – 39%
Brendon and Rachel – 24%
Will and Boogie – 15%
Evil Dick and Daniele – 15%
Hayden and Enzo – 6%
Jessie and Natalie – 1%

Based on those results, I’m expecting Jessie and Natalie to definitely walk through the door, and my other guesses are Brendon and Rachel, and a toss up between Jeff/Jordan and Will/Boogie.

Don’t rush to the site to vote though, like I said, the poll is irrelevant.  Instead, take advantage of the last few days of the discount season pass for live feeds!

Anyway, here is the commercial:

Video Tour Inside The Big Brother House

So Julie Chen released a video on with a tour of the house, and right away cleared up the reason for the grass and bikes inside the house

We always say expect the unexpected,” says Julie. “So this year, things you would expect to find outside, you’re going to find inside, and things you would expect to see inside, you’ll going to find outside.

Oh ok.  And the surfboards?  Well that’s because they’re in California and it’s a Venice beach theme!   Not the most creative theme, but it looks nice regardless….

Then Julie shows us the “whisper room” as I’ll call it which features a really nice big couch/bed that I’d totally love to have in my place.   It looks like someone stitched purple fabric around a giant stuffed ice cream sandwich.

She then takes a tour of the outside and reveals the pool, but then I remembered back to the beginning… Hey Julie, where is the indoor pool and jacuzzi?  Where are the outdoor bathrooms and beds?   Throwing some bikes and fake grass inside doesn’t swap the roles, I want my money back!  Wait, I didn’t pay anything.

Not to be completely cynical, the house is actually really nice looking, the designers did do a great job and the houseguests are pretty lucky to be spending their summer there.     I think Big Brother is the perfect show for me to be on.. a place where you don’t leave the house.  Although, no computer access would drive me nuts.

Anyway, cast members will be revealed tomorrow morning, so I’ll have my first post up as soon as I can!  See you then!

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