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Last Chance To Save 20% On Big Brother 16 Feeds


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I said a few days ago that I would only remind you guys one more time about the Big Brother 16 live feed savings, so here it is!  Today is the last day you’ll be able to save 20%, so click here to sign up.

Typically the live feeds would start tonight after the show, but due to the two-night premiere, they are starting tomorrow night.  Kind of a bummer, so it better be worth it. I am a little nervous about this two HoH twist and the early spoilers of groups. It is sounding more and more Survivor’ish and no matter how they do it, there is likely no way it can last very long.  I will probably get into that shortly, but this is just a reminder to sign up before the sale ends.  I’m not going to create any more threads begging for live feed sales.  I still may end up begging for donations because I have no pride and love my coffee  😉

Click here to sign up to the feeds now!

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    This is my first season having the feeds….can I watch them from my phone or ipad?

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